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A Lost Young Practitioner Embraces Dafa Again

August 08, 2013 |   By a young Dafa Practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am 14 years old. I started practicing Falun Gong with my single mother when I was 10. Last summer, my mom was arrested by the police, and without her guidance and care, I fell into the ways of everyday people and got lost in the human world. I didn't study the Fa for a long time.

Running Wild

My 70-plus-year-old grandmother had her hands full trying to take care of my hospitalized grandfather and me. I got bored and started to play computer games. Seeing that I was spending too much time playing games, my grandmother limited my playing time, so I started skipping school to play games away from home. I have a lot of regret about hurting my grandparents so much.

I went to a smoke filled Internet cafe every day and sometimes I would sleep there and go back there day after day. I was acquainted with a few boys my age that also went to the cafe. They taught me how to play free games online. I followed them around and they would steal merchandise from stores. I didn't steal anything because I understood from practicing Dafa that stealing meant that I would get karma. However, I ate stolen food when I was really hungry. I spent a lot of time in the game rooms. I made a fake coin so that I could take the bus. I would pick the money thrown by tourists out of water fountains. I also ate free food samples displayed in the stores for customers.

Seeing that I was running wild, my grandmother allowed me to play computer games at home. I also went back to school again. At that time, my mother was released and I cried when I saw her. Her hair looked terrible and her skin was very dark. Although she had endured severe hardships, she never gave up Dafa cultivation. I thought that my mother was amazing. She was deeply hurt when she learned that I was obsessed with playing video games and had given up practicing Dafa.

Mother Returns Home

After my mother was released, she took back her computer and printer from the police with the power of her righteous thoughts. She traded in the old computer for a new one for use in doing work on Dafa projects to save sentient beings.

Unfortunately, I used it to play games. I spent almost all of my time playing games after school. I would often play games until midnight, then I would fall asleep during class the next day. I would feel anxious if I didn't play the games. As a result, my grades fell sharply until I was at the bottom of my class.

I threatened to quit school when my mother tried to keep me from playing the games. I was cold and rude to my relatives who would try to talk to me about my behavior. My mother would follow me and pull me out of the game shops. She told me that this behavior was not the real me and I was being controlled by the addictions of an old force that was behind the games.

She worked very hard to get me to remember who I was. She would send righteous thoughts for me, read me the Fa as well as other young practitioners' experience sharing articles, play Dafa music, and play DVDs about Chinese traditional culture and Shen Yun performances. She retaught me the principles of Dafa until I finally realized that killing the lives in the computer games also had karmic consequences. I began to remember and know how precious Dafa cultivation is.

Returning to Dafa

After three months of encouragement, I said to my mother one night: “I am ready to start my cultivation in Dafa again and I will no longer play computer games.” After a whole year of doing whatever I wanted, I finally returned to Dafa.

Now, I send righteous thoughts at 6 a.m. every morning and practice the exercises for thirty minutes before I go to school. After school, I study the Fa before doing homework. My grades have also gradually improved.

I told my grandparents that I was a good kid again because I was cultivating Dafa again. The old forces used some of my classmates to try and tempt me to play the games that would ultimately destroy me. I told them to stop. I also told them it was harmful to play computer games.

When I really looked inward, I realized that I was still attached to fun and comfort. I am currently seriously working on that. I decided that every day during the summer break, I would practice the five sets of exercises, read one Lecture of Zhuan Falun and other Fa lectures, recite Hong Yin, watch experience-sharing DVDs, and participate with my mother in truth-clarification efforts.

I thank merciful Master for not giving up on me. Reincarnation goes on and in this lifetime I was born to help Master rectify the Fa.

Time waits for no one. I am sharing my experience with the hope that all young and adult practitioners that are lost can resume cultivation. They should cherish this unprecedented chance to improve themselves and go home with Master.