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Chinese Tourists Visiting Attractions in Europe Take Advantage of the Unexpected Opportunity to Quit the CCP

August 05, 2013 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Europe

(Minghui.org) Summer is the peak vacation season in Europe. Falun Gong practitioners across the continent have used this opportunity to set up informational displays at famous attraction sites. They've done so to expose the brutal persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese communist regime and encourage Chinese tourists to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The 14-year-long persecution of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) has been covered up in China, and false propaganda demonizing the peaceful spiritual practice has blanketed the country since 1999.

Practitioners have been encouraging Chinese people to quit the CCP as a way of supporting Falun Gong, believing that symbolic separation from the regime's bloody terror will help bring these people a brighter future.

Many Chinese tourists condemned the CCP, eagerly taking practitioners' advice to quit the Party and its affiliated youth leagues. At one location, 71 people quit the CCP in merely two hours. At another, 86 people quit the Party in just one and a half hours.

Upon being reminded of the regime's 60-plus years of human rights abuses since coming to power, one tourist summed up the feelings of many: “It would be best if the CCP fell from power before July of next year!”

“With Falun Gong in China, China Will Have Hope!”

Upon arrival at one site and seeing Falun Gong practitioners, some tourists shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” In China, people can get arrested simply for saying these words.

After looking at the informational displays, one tourist said to practitioners, “You have something to look forward to soon. The CCP will not jump for long!”

An elderly man said: “I see that Falun Gong is really good! They [practitioners] speak the truth and are a group of good people. The CCP has persecuted Falun Gong for so many years, but Falun Gong is not afraid of it. They [practitioners] have done nothing wrong and are upright. With Falun Gong in China, China will have hope!”

Everyday, there are tourists who request that practitioners convey their greetings to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong; they express hope that Master Li could return to China as soon as possible.

“The CCP Is So Wicked!”

When a young man heard practitioners talking about the Chinese regime's atrocious crime of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, he asked, “Are there some materials about it?” Upon receiving a brochure, he immediately asked for an extra copy to bring to his friends. “The CCP is finished!” he concluded.

Three people traveling with this young man had known a little about organ harvesting prior to meeting practitioners, as they had been able to bypass the Internet blockage in China at times. They were glad to receive additional materials to read more about the issue.

One of them commented, “The CCP is so wicked!” The volunteer asked, “Do you know about withdrawing from the Party?” They said they knew and asked, “Are you able to help us quit?” All four registered to quit the Party.

Chinese Regime Is “the Worst and the Darkest”

Practitioners informed people about the recent problem of counterfeit notes being dispensed from ATM machines in China. They also clarified the facts about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax staged by the regime to frame and incite hatred toward Falun Gong.

A middle-aged man said: “Isn't it enough that there is no money in the banks? They even give out counterfeit notes! The CCP is really evil! I definitely believe that the CCP spread rumors to frame Falun Gong. When it comes to forgery, nobody can compare to the CCP. It has spoken too many lies.”

Another elderly man said: “I have personally experienced receiving the counterfeit notes. Recently, I went to the market to buy groceries and took 100 yuan. A few grocery stalls said they did not have any change. When I walked up to the fourth stall, someone said that nobody wanted to sell to me because my money was fake. When I went back to the bank, they refused to admit it and even said that I was spreading rumors. There is no place to reason now!”

Another tourist chimed in: “The issue of banks giving counterfeit notes has been happening for a long time; it's just that recently there is an increase.”

The elderly man replied: “The bank purposely gave counterfeit notes. Can China still be saved? I have seen through the CCP. They are a bunch of liars. If someone says they lied about Falun Gong, I believe it. Just now the issue of organ harvesting was mentioned. The CCP is capable of doing such things. It is the worst and the darkest. I will not be fooled!”

The middle-aged man, the elderly man and a group of others gladly withdrew from the Party at the site. They also asked for copies of informational materials about Falun Gong before boarding the coach.

“The CCP Lies and Persecutes Falun Gong”

Five high school students, two boys and three girls, read the Chinese Epoch Times newspaper with great interest. One of the boys pointed at the pink telephone number below the number of people who quit the CCP and asked a practitioner, “Can we get through to Germany's 'Quit the CCP' hotline?” The practitioner replied, “I can help you quit here.”

One of the students asked, “Why should we quit?”

The practitioner replied: “Do you know who the founders of communism are? Aren't they Marx and Lenin? One was German and the other Russian. We are people of Chinese descent. Our Chinese nation has a 5,000-year history. Why should we listen to their doctrine? Quitting the CCP is to take a stand not to be descendents of Marxism, but to be good sons and daughters of China.”

One boy replied, “Yes, what you said makes sense.”

The other boy in the group chimed in: “We always listen to adults criticizing the CCP. After traveling outside the mainland, I can see that there is a difference between here and back home.”

The practitioner asked, “How is it different?”

The boy exclaimed: “Freedom! For instance, you are distributing these materials. Who would allow you to distribute them in China? You would be arrested. What's more, you practice Falun Gong. This is simply not allowed [in China]. The police only know how to beat and scold people.”

The other boy added: “There is no freedom in China. Isn't it because of the CCP? Just now you mentioned that the CCP lies and persecutes Falun Gong. We have heard adults mentioning this at home, but they did not go into as much detail as you.”

Upon hearing that withdrawing from the Party was safe, both boys agreed to quit the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers.

The three girls stood by eating ice cream. The volunteer said, “Rest assured, the ice cream that you are eating is a safe product. The ground here does not have chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the milk contains no melamine [unlike in China].” One of the girls said, “Yes, the taste is different, really different!”

She then prompted her friends, “Let's quit, too!”