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A Young Practitioner's Understanding

July 28, 2013 |   By a practitioner from Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa when I was a teenager. My cultivation journey has been bumpy, but Master has been protecting me all along. Recently, through diligent genuine cultivation practice, I realized that I had thought that cultivation was simply reading books and helping practitioners in my family clarify the truth. I indulged in empty talk during experience sharing.

When I was among non-practitioners, I submerged myself in human notions, and my mind became clouded. I got lost in conflicts, happiness, anger, grief, and pleasure, and I often thought I was better than others.

I have recently spent much time studying the Fa, and have seen what Dafa cultivation is really about. I have now more concretely experienced that everything Master says is really happening.

A Sacred Hint

One day the practitioners in my family were sitting around a computer, and my father suggested that we watch the video of Master's Fa Lecture to Australian Practitioners . Although I don't normally see with my celestial eye, right after my father spoke, I saw golden light shining on the nearby white wall. It was the golden shadows of several gods. They instantly sat in the lotus position around the computer and waited to hear Master's lecture. My physical eyes could only see their shadows, but I saw their contours clearly, even the contours of their dresses and headpieces. Master mentioned that higher-level gods were also listening to his lecture. I understood that Master was giving me a hint that I should study the Fa seriously, study the Fa a lot, and read the Fa a lot.

The "Check Engine" Light

The "check engine" light in my car recently came on. My mechanic said it was an engine balance problem, and was not a big deal, but fixing it would require a lot of work. He recommended that it was better to wait for the next service to do it. I took the easy way out. I simply ignored the light whenever I drove the car. At that time, I had a few grievances in my mind about others. I thought that I had done a lot for others, but I hadn't gained much, and I felt quite unsettled.

I realized that I had this problem while sharing with the practitioners in my family, and my mind suddenly became calm. When I started my car the next time, the check engine light was off. I sensed that the engine was the heart of the car, and the check engine light was warning me that I had a xinxing problem. More interestingly, it was a balance problem. Wasn't it indicating that I was disturbed? I understood that I should always check my xinxing when something happens around me, whether it's major or minor.

It's easy to say, but not to do. Several days later, the light was on again. I thought about why it came on again. I did not find any problems with myself. Maybe the last time was a reminder, and this time was a real engine problem. I was blocked by the notion.

My girlfriend and her mother are both practitioners. Yesterday they had an argument about the content of an experience sharing article. Observing their argument, I realized that neither my girlfriend nor I could tolerate other's shortcomings. Poisoned by the communist culture, we showed others no respect, had combative attitudes in debating with others, and were attached to our own ideas. My girlfriend's expressions and body language were the same as mine. Weren't my problems being played out for me? Afterwards, I calmly shared my understanding and kindly pointed out the shortcomings we both had. Sharing with her didn't cause a problem since I had looked inward, and my starting point was right.

When I later started my car, the check engine light was off again. I then understood that I should no longer be influenced by ordinary notions. I should change my notions. Everything surrounding me exists for cultivation practice. The process of cultivation has only the inevitable, not the coincidental. We should wholeheartedly have faith in Master, fully trust Master, trust the Fa.


I just mentioned my girlfriend. This is a big thing for me this year. I had previously wanted to have a girlfriend. For a while, my female colleague spent a lot of time with me. Other practitioners worried that if I had a non-practitioner girlfriend, I might not be able to maintain my xinxing, and would ruin myself. They were also concerned about my cultivation environment, so they wanted to introduce me to a female practitioner.

I was hesitant about whether or not I should meet her. I knew my attachment to emotion and lust were strong. Did I enlarge my attachment by looking for a date when I knew I had such attachments? If the result was that I dragged another practitioner downward, it would be even worse. Was the whole thing a trap arranged by the old forces? At the same time, I was still lured by ordinary life. I thought that if I dated a female practitioner, we would just study the Fa instead of watching movies or going out. I thought it would be boring to have a practitioner girlfriend.

With all of these complicated thoughts, I went to meet her, and I changed my mind the same day. While we were sitting inside the car to send righteous thoughts, my arm near her felt warm. We sent righteous thoughts for half an hour. I was shocked. Before that, I hadn't been diligent with sending righteous thoughts. I could now feel the power of sending righteous thoughts. I have since stopped slacking, and earnestly send righteous thoughts. I send righteous thoughts as much as I can now.

When we studied the Fa together in the following days, I found a tacit agreement between us. We were enlightened by the same sentence in the Fa. When we shared our understandings, we said exactly what the other was trying to say. Such “happiness” was much stronger than that from ordinary human entertainment.

We drew a lotus picture together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Falun Dafa to the public. I think the picture is very beautiful. Many practitioners posted it online. I understood that Master was encouraging us. If we strive forward diligently, that's icing on the cake. If we live an ordinary life, that's self destruction. I have written this article to remind myself again that the true wish of this life is to obtain the Fa, and to not get lost in love that is like flowers floating on water.

Perceiving Master's Grace While Sending Righteous Thoughts

I once reached a very good state while sending righteous thoughts. I was in a very deep tranquil state, and even felt that my body had disappeared, even though I was sitting straight. I could not move my hands, and my legs were folded on top of each other very comfortably. I reached such a good state because I suddenly saw the words “Help Master rectify the Fa” in my mind.

I was not in a good state at first. After I saw these words, a thought came to me, "I came to help Master rectify the Fa. Sending righteous thoughts is one part of that. I must do it well." Because of this thought, Master strengthened me.

When I had sent forth righteous thoughts for 50 minutes, I was very excited--it's hard to explain the feeling. My knowing side knew that Master had sacrificed so much for me. I was just sitting there and sending righteous thoughts, but I wanted to do something for Master in return. But there was nothing I could do. I was very anxious. My only thought was to return Master's favor. I could give anything, even my life, for Master. But at the same time I knew that anything I did would be negligible compared with Master's infinite grace. My human side started to well up with tears. When I finished an hour of sending righteous thoughts, my face was covered in tears.

“Master, I definitely will do well.”

One sentence from my girlfriend's mother opened my deep memory. I felt that in the distant past I heard Master say to me that he trusted me and believed that I would do well when he first laid eyes on me.

Master, I definitely will do well.

Thank you, Master.