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I Know You've Come to Wake Me Up

July 24, 2013 |   By a practitioner from Dalian, Liaoning Province, China


1. I Know, You've Come to Wake Me Up

I have been away from my hometown for many years. I returned in October 2012 to attend a high school reunion. One classmate who organized the event was very tired, and had to leave early. I walked out with him and thanked him for his effort. As he left, I couldn't help but cry because I felt that I did not have enough time to tell him the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. He was moved and grateful for my understanding. He told me that he was very busy at work and exhausted after arranging the reunion. He said that he had to leave early and rest. I offered to walk home with him.

In the course of our conversation, he talked about his personal life and his career setbacks. I attempted to use the principles of Dafa to answer his questions. He asked me many questions, for which he hadn’t found answers in a long time. I explained everything to him, and his comprehension was much better than I'd expected.

He began asking more high level questions as we walked, which I had difficulty answering. I was afraid that he might not understand everything. After a long back and forth conversation, he suddenly paused and said, “I think I get it now. We used to be gods, but are lost here. You have come to wake me up.” I was shocked by his response, which made a deep impression on me. On a dark street under the pale yellow glow of a street lamp, I saw a gaunt figure, who cried and cried. I cried, too. This was the first time I had come across a person who really understood the purpose of life. I felt Master’s great compassion. The pressure at work had left him physically and mentally on the verge of collapse. He could not sleep at night and felt lonely and scared. I encourage him to repeated the words, “Falun Dafa is great! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!”

The next day, he wanted to read the Dafa book, and I regretted not having brought a copy with me. My relative reminded me that I had left her one a few years before. I took her copy of Zhuan Falun to my former classmate and asked him to cherish this predestined relationship and to cherish Master’s painstaking arrangement.

Both my classmate and I live a thousand miles away from our hometown. Master’s compassion arranged for us to meet. Master made this arrangement, because he does not want to leave behind anyone with a predestined relationship with Dafa.

Thinking about my classmate, I remember him with tears in my eyes. I have a tremendous responsibility, and many lives are still waiting to be saved. Master has made great efforts in order to save lives, and made many arrangements for us. If we don’t take our responsibility and mission seriously, many lives could be lost!

2. We Can Accomplish Anything

Before this reunion, I was thinking about a classmate from junior high school, and wondered whether I would run into him, to give him a Shen Yun DVD. I had not seen him for more than twenty years, and we had not been contact, but I wanted to run into him.

One day, I wanted to visit a relative, but since the street layouts had changed over the years, I could not find his home. I took a big detour to find the intersection I was looking for. Suddenly, I saw this classmate riding a motorcycle through this intersection. I shouted his name, and he immediately stopped and was surprised to see me. I was not surprised. After we greeted each other, I gave him a Shen Yun DVD and he gladly took it. To make use of this rare opportunity, I told him the facts and asked him to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but he refused to. I did not want to push him, so I asked him to think about it, and that it could be done later.

I realized that this limited result was caused by my cultivation level. Whenever we are willing to explain the facts, Master will make arrangements for us. I thought about how the two of us had not seen each other for more than twenty years and I was a thousand miles away from my hometown, yet we met at a busy intersection. We could have missed each other had one of us been delayed by even a second. Isn’t this divine power? Isn’t Master compassionate? However, I did not think in advance to have righteous thoughts when I clarified the truth to him and tried to persuade him to quit the CCP. Instead, my only desire was to give him a Shen Yun DVD. In fact, it happened accordingly, and he accepted the DVD, but did not quit the CCP.

I now have a better understanding about the phrase “we can accomplish whatever we want.” As long as we have righteous thoughts, Master will arrange everything for us. When practitioners have strong righteous thoughts and a strong desire, things will happen. Ordinary people talk about “getting what you wish for,” which are just objectives. As Dafa practitioners, we can accomplish whatever we want, because we have our great Master, and he will arrange everything for us.