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A Miracle in Melbourne

June 16, 2013 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner from Melbourne, Australia

(Minghui.org) In celebration of World Falun Dafa Day, Falun Gong practitioners in Melbourne organized activities at City Square in Melbourne's Central Business District on May 11, 2013. The following day, the Divine Land Marching Band, made up entirely of Falun Gong practitioners, performed in Box Hill, a neighborhood in Melbourne's eastern suburbs where many Chinese people live. Crowds of people stopped to appreciate the performance.

A middle-aged woman with a cane listened to the band play from the beginning to the end and cheered enthusiastically. During a pause between pieces, she shouted out, “Bravo! Bravo! Your music is so powerful!” Then she said, “I could not move my leg before, but I can move it now. It's amazing!” As she spoke, she stomped her leg, which had been disabled just a moment before, on the ground with force as she talked. The woman continued, “Three years ago, I had encephalitis, which weakened one of my legs. You played so well, and seeing so many Chinese people perform has made me proud of the Chinese people. I think I can walk normally again.”

One of the musicians was very happy to hear her story and told the woman that she would also benefit if she sincerely recited, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” often. The woman said, “I will remember.” She then inquired about the Falun Gong exercise site in Box Hill and had her picture taken with the flute players in front of the “Falun Dafa Is Good” banner.