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Introducing Falun Dafa at the Military and Sports Forum in Moscow, Russia (Photos)

June 14, 2013 |   By a practitioner in Russia

(Minghui.org) The 9 th Military and Sports Forum, 'Ready for Labour and Defense,' was held in Moscow, Russia, on May 30-June 2, 2013. The event took place in Red Square, right next to the Kremlin, the seat of the Russian government.

More than 70 groups took part in the occasion, including the Moscow Falun Dafa Association. The event promoted healthy living and an active lifestyle.

Practitioners participate in the 9 th Military and Sports Forum held in Red Square, Moscow

Performing the lion dance

Traditional Chinese lotus dance

Practitioners performed the Chinese lion dance and various traditional Chinese dances. They also demonstrated the five gentle Falun Dafa exercises. Audience members applauded and took many photos. Several tables were set up to teach people how to fold paper lotus flowers.

Many people were shocked and outraged when they found out that Falun Dafa is being persecuted in China by the Chinese Communist Party.