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A Practitioner Is Never Alone

June 10, 2013 |   By a practitioner from India

(Minghui.org) Master said in the "Talk in Guangzhou to Some Assistance Center Heads From Around the Country,"

"Everyone comes completely of their own accord, and everyone wants to study this Fa and to enable more people to benefit from it. That’s why you do this work out of your own enthusiasm."

"I’ve said that spreading Dafa brings a person boundless merit and virtue."

I have been spreading the Fa with another practitioner sincerely in our city. He used to come with me wherever I went, even during business hours and to far away places. Recently, however, he began experiencing sickness karma, and because of that and other family reasons, he has been unable to join me as he did before.

I became complacent and started feeling lonely. As a result, I neglected the task of spreading the Fa for some time. I then began to feel that I was missing something very precious. This feeling came from deep within, prompting me to wonder for whose sake had I been spreading the Fa.

During a recent group Fa study, I was reminded of Master's teaching from "Lecture at the First Conference in North America,"

"If when a Fa is made public it doesn’t have its own tribulations and doesn’t leave mighty virtue for future generations, I would call it a wicked way. There would be nothing great about it, nothing to rejoice over, and no mighty virtue left behind for future generations. It would certainly be that way. When you obtain the Fa that I teach and are able to cultivate, you still need to consider how other people will be able to cultivate and how they will be able to obtain the Fa. As I just said, no one in human society has come for the purpose of being human. Yet you shouldn’t feel complacent—if you don’t obtain the Fa, or if you can’t return through cultivation, you are just a human being. You might even drop further and actually become inferior to humans. So you also need to recognize the importance of spreading the Fa. That’s all I will say about this matter."

I have always felt an inner urge to continue spreading the Fa. As I was studying Zhuan Falun recently, I suddenly realized that recent events were probably due to interference from the old forces, and I should not stop such a divine task due to the other practitioner's absence.

During our group Fa study, another practitioner shared how two practitioners were able to bring Shen Yun to their country as a result of their dedicated effort. I immediately realized that this was Master giving me a hint. I decided to commit myself to spreading the Fa, even if I had to do it alone.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"As long as you practice cultivation, you are a practitioner in our school of practice. My fashen know everything—they know everything on your mind, and they can do anything. They will not take care of you if you do not practice cultivation. If you practice cultivation, they will help you all the way to the end."

Once I became clear about it, I felt as if Master had been beside me, supporting and guiding me all along.

Spreading the Fa

I approached the head office of the APSPF (Andhra Pradesh Special Protection Force), which was formed for the protection and security of government-controlled institutions, such as government agencies, power and industrial plants, banks, various temples, etc.

I gained permission to introduce Falun Dafa to the members of the force at the AP State Secretariat, AP High Court, AP State Assembly and training institute.

We first introduced the practice to members of the force at the AP High Court, AP Secretariat, and AP Assembly. We distributed informational fliers to all in attendance and clarified the truth, receiving much positive feedback. Department heads in attendance voiced their appreciation for our efforts in spreading the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

It would not have been easy to gain permission and introduce Falun Dafa to the force without Master's guidance. Through this experience, I realized that I am never alone.

The fellow practitioner mentioned earlier realized what he was missing and once again started joining me to introduce Falun Dafa to people whenever he could.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"What I want to do can all be done by my fashen, such as adjusting the bodies of true practitioners. Because fashen does not carry an everyday person’s body, it manifests itself in other dimensions. Its body is not a fixed one that cannot change; instead, it can become large or small. Sometimes, it becomes very large, so large that one cannot see its entire head. Sometimes, it becomes very tiny, even tinier than a cell."

Many thanks to our Master. Heshi.