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Making Breakthroughs in Australia with the Multifaceted Approach to Fa-rectification Projects

May 27, 2013 |   By a practitioner from Australia

(Minghui.org) Greetings, Honorable Master and fellow practitioners!

There have been some meaningful breakthroughs in Australia recently, particularly in the media and government areas. Upon reflection, each precise arrangement and connection is insightful when mapped out. Connections between the destined paths are similar to the meridians in the body, whereby each point has a function and co-exists, while crossing paths for a reason, no matter how fine the detail or significant the impact may appear.

Some parallel instances will show significant correlations between events and outreach efforts. Two years ago, we had a stalemate with securing the venue for Shen Yun in Sydney. We tried to identify our prominent gaps, which highlighted the inadequacy of our fundamental efforts to reach society. This translated into the key areas of government and media not being properly addressed and somewhat neglected.

Since 1999, there were several years of reasonable coverage in the media. All levels of government had some sympathetic members, with important roles in society, who positioned themselves well. Some practitioners justified the lack of media and government activity to be due to workload issues, changes in government, financial crises and even changes in technology. However, these are ordinary excuses; we knew we had to face reality and look within.

Two years ago, we tried to properly uproot some of the underhanded techniques of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in our country in relation to the government area. We identified the Confucius Institutes to be a focus. The claws of communism are relentless, even trying to reach young children in our education system.

The CCP capitalized on the interest and short-term vision of the education system in Australia. With limited funding in our education system, combined with the popularity of the Mandarin language in our country, this enticed deals to be made with the CCP. Mao’s quotations were distributed on campuses in some universities.

Exposing this perversion appalled the Australian public. We began to gain coverage in the major newspapers, and this awakened government involvement, too. The momentum of truth clarification into mainstream society was reignited.

This important exposure created more scrutiny into the CCP’s propaganda techniques in education, arts, business and many other aspects of the Australian society. This also resulted in Australia being the first Western country to debate the problem of the Confucius Institute in State Parliament.

Truth clarification and the intricate relationships between projects

While the Confucius Institute awareness effort occurred, we simultaneously faced the challenge of securing the venue for Shen Yun performances in Sydney. We faced a very critical situation, as we had almost failed to host Shen Yun in 2012.

The theater would not secure the booking, despite many attempts to contact them and clarify the truth. However, as the Confucius Institute project became prominent and practitioners heightened their efforts to reach out to all levels of government, media and society, we began to make breakthroughs in booking the Shen Yun venue as well.

Clearly, Buddhas, Daos and Gods were helping us to open up opportunities. Boundaries were eliminated when we positioned ourselves and proactively stepped forward to save sentient beings. Everything impossible became possible.

In a short period of time, a miracle happened and we secured the theater in Sydney. Shen Yun was able to return to one of the most prestigious theaters in the country. This was truly an important resolution; it also began to raise the bar for Australian practitioners. The correlation of the two events did not seem accidental.

Perseverance and prioritizing sentient beings

There are various levels of government in Australia, ranging from local and state to federal. As we wholeheartedly attempted government outreach, we faced obstacles and victories. Those familiar with Australian culture may notice that the people are normally relaxed, and the quality of life is reasonable.

Our outreach effort was imperfect at times. Some tribulations became too hard to continue, and at other times, some success seemed like enough achievement and we became lax.

The contact with politicians seemed like a “one-way street” relationship. One very important principle that Master has reminded us of is to think of others first. However, we would often bombard offices with material, send emails or want them to solve our problems.

Clarifying the truth is not formula-based or an auto-pilot button. Just sending information was not necessarily saving anyone. The mere booking of an appointment itself could be clouded by pursuit. Our inappropriate behavior could negate our rapport with the politician and show our lack of understanding for the big picture. To take the time to personally greet the politician or remember his/her name, or the secretary/adviser's name, may seem unimportant, but to genuinely reach out to save a sentient being is not a shallow gesture.

Without a grounded, proper and respectful relationship with the other person, the bond was fragile and the opportunity to meet the VIP was unlikely. Irrespective of his/her name or socioeconomic status, it was passing judgment without a pure heart to save sentient beings. Basically, having any assumptions when saving a sentient being made a difference, depending the use of a human heart or the heart of a cultivator.

For example, there is a politician who is the sole member of a very minor party in our federal government. His political representation almost guaranteed that he would be sympathetic to our cause. Once an appointment with him was booked in the nation’s capital of Canberra, we had to arrange logistics for the long-distance travel.

With many competing tasks and a big workload, a few of us preferred to cancel the appointment for our own convenience. In fact, the appointment had been so easy to make that it really felt like the ordinary expression “easy come, easy go.” There wasn’t really a sense of appreciation of the other person or even prioritizing his salvation over our comfort.

Fortunately, we decided to commit to the appointment. Not only was the meeting incredibly successful, but the politician was moved to tears. This middle-aged man was very touched by our report about the atrocious crime of organ harvesting in China. It was the first time he heard of the issue.

After two appointments, he moved a motion in the Senate that gained government support and addressed the issue of organ harvesting. This marked the first time the national and public arena acknowledged the issue of forced organ harvesting.

Several lessons came to light in this case. Each sentient being has his/her path and duty. They deserve to be saved irrespective of whether they are the prime minister or a secretary. Our short-sightedness could have caused a potential loss for Dafa. It also could have short-changed someone’s virtue and destiny with Dafa.

Background factors also offered enlightenment opportunities, highlighting how the impossible can become possible with the power of the Fa.

The last motion when our federal government formally addressed the persecution of Falun Dafa was six years ago. This is indeed a long time. There was a pattern, whereby important milestones or progress would be prone to interference and interruption from external factors.

The power of righteous thoughts definitely renders all evil, and it is imperative, despite any illusions from this dimension. The determination of cultivators, along with principled ordinary people, can achieve triumphant results. In this case, Australia’s prime minister’s position was challenged, resulting in a leadership rebellion. In spite of this, however, a motion was recently passed with the support of all parties, without any opposition.

There should be caution when we work with political parties, whether they are conservative or left-wing politicians and irrespective of how they are perceived by society. In fact, given the apolitical nature of Dafa teachings and principles, we should not be attached to any individual, group or even the outcome of whatever law is passed, for example.

There was a serious solemn reminder recently, when we relied too heavily on a long-term supportive VIP. Since we had failed to carry the weight of the responsibility at times, this caused some disappointing consequences. If we let our guard down or rely on others to clarify the truth, this may have detrimental effects. We had to take ownership of our mission. Fortunately, once the problem was identified, the situation was remedied with rewarding results.

Basically, we can work closely with ordinary people and use various paths as a vehicle to clarify the truth. For instance, we were able to break the record in New South Wales for the largest petition ever presented in Parliament’s history to urge criminal legislation changes to address organ harvesting. We attained more than 100,000 signatures in a couple of months.

The importance of law changes

Finally, I would like to share about the federal law change. Australia has some changes to the law that have put organ harvesting on the map. I would like to focus on our enlightenment and breakthroughs, rather than dwell on the legal and political technicalities, because there is room for improvement with all aspects on this matter.

Organ harvesting is a criminal offense now in Australia. This change certainly is related to the government work and raising awareness. From a cultivation perspective, inconspicuous events in this dimension had a deeper Dafa implication.

There was a hearing requested by the various members of Parliament last year that called for evidence of organ harvesting. We did not share information about this meeting far and wide, not only due to confidentiality, but also because we felt that we had failed. There were around five politicians and officials who attended the meeting. Even the chair of the meeting had to rush to another appointment 15 minutes into the one-hour session. The extent of our disappointment was contained from the general body of practitioners because we did not want to impact the overall morale.

Also, around eight months ago, we had submitted a report to the same hearing committee. The paperwork should have taken months to produce, but practitioners worked hard, cooperated and put down their personal notions. In the end, the submission was completed in just a few days.

It was an arduous process, but the key cultivation lesson was that anything is possible in Dafa if we are righteous. It was also one of the first times so many practitioners tried to contribute with short notice and from different states.

We had to be committed to the task and be in the Fa.

There was also the first Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren Exhibition and "Free China: The Courage to Believe" movie screening in our National Parliament House, literally days after Shen Yun had finished its last show. However, we were again really disappointed and frustrated with the lack of turnout, and really felt that we had let Master down. Practitioners’ hearts and investment did not appear to be reciprocated with results in these important activities.

However, not everything is as it seems. There were subsequent manifestations worth considering. We recently discovered that the criminal code was amended in our federal law. It was in February 2013, when Shen Yun was still touring in Australia, that organ harvesting was indeed addressed! When analyzing the changes in the law, combined with the timing of the events, one can easily notice that all of the chipping away was part of a bigger picture.

When we investigated the technical process of the law change, there were some interesting findings. We had interactions with many politicians who helped change the law. Some met with us, others canceled an appointment or had RSVP'd to the art exhibition or "Free China" screening but didn't come. These individuals were exposed to truth clarification and the organ harvesting issue one way or another.

Tests come in many forms, not just interference. Ordinary sympathetic politicians have tried to give us advice to test our resilience. Many people have discouraged us, claiming that changing the law was virtually impossible. We were criticized for working with certain politicians. Others claimed that Falun Dafa was not mainstream, and hence our human rights issues would not win elections in terms of votes. This is ordinary feedback. It is up to the cultivator to measure the issue with the Fa.

But on the other hand, the politician who is fighting to change the state law in New South Wales had to strongly encourage us to utilize the famous outreach methods of Falun Dafa. He believed in us and advised us to ensure that the message of criminalizing organ harvesting went beyond the borders of Australia. He claimed he was not fearful of the CCP; therefore, we could share the information and details with the world.

The initial delay of the petition was due to fear, because practitioners like myself were conservative and thought to keep such important matters confidential in fear of the CCP interfering. It goes to show that fear is not in the Fa, and all evil is eliminated when it comes to the righteous field of Dafa.

Another lifeline for truth clarification work is the scope of media work. It is such a gateway of communication to the world. Ordinary media previously failed to cover our stories due to many excuses, such as that the topic was too complex or too global, or just not within the context of the Australian culture.

How did we overcome such obstacles? The media coverage was maximized. The expose included the atrocities of organ harvesting, as well as the historical record of the highest number of petitions in the State Parliament’s history. There was also widespread coverage about Huang Jiefu, the former health deputy minister of China, with the call to revoke his honorary degree from Sydney University. The multiple dimensions of the story gave it depth and breadth.

The story reached one of the largest prime-time programs recently and various multimedia outlets. Stories were broadcast simultaneously, and more news began to generate. Although the key architect for the strategy was the politician who was helping us, ultimately the power of the Fa enables the energy to be unstoppable.

In summary, there was a local angle to the story, the education system was involved, and there were aspects of law and order, policy, and vast responses from the community. The combination of all these angles illustrated the issue of organ harvesting to be relevant to many aspects of society. The volume of government and media drive seemed to match the energy we had years ago.

Nothing is accidental, and we all have affinity with the Fa. The sequence of events discussed shows that many dots can be connected, forming a good example of harmonization of efforts. We had a tight window opportunity to confirm interviewees. At one stage, many were shocked about that Chinese doctor’s honorary university position.

Word spread overseas. A UK radio station, one of the world’s largest media platforms, was interested in covering the story extensively. We were able to locate the key researchers for the interviews. There was a Facebook posting with a photo of them all in Scotland, so we tried calling there.

Working hand-in-hand with practitioners in the UK, more reports were generated. Each process showed intricate details, all with relative importance. One segment covered the Australian angle, and experts in the UK managed to secure a prime-time news story live on air on the above-mentioned UK radio station regarding the parliamentary hearing in London.

This was a very moving experience, because this effort helped reach more sentient beings and made the experience deeper and more meaningful. I also would like to mention that there are many similarities with government and outreach efforts. The benefit of extending coverage that reaches more sentient beings makes the outreach effort more worthwhile.

There is overlap with the government and media work. I found it most rewarding to share and exchange ideas from New York to Ottawa, London and so on. As with all Fa-rectification activities, there are multiple dimensions—not only Master’s arrangement, but also how we approach matters.

In the past, some media outlets were reluctant to report on Falun Gong, and when there were report, they were coupled with multiple knock-backs. Interestingly, different radio stations that had insulted us before, or disheartened us by undermining the Falun Dafa issue, eventually turned around. The same outlets that had specifically said they wouldn't cover the topic of Falun Dafa, or that there wasn't enough proof, later produced detailed reports, documentaries and features. Again, this shows the righteous power of the Fa and the importance of perseverance without being deterred by manifestations in this dimension.

Before I conclude my sharing, I would like to touch upon some personal insights that I found relevant to the Fa-rectification process. I found myself no different to an elderly lady who handed out a flyer. Each person has his or her designated role and duty; the only difference is how it appears on the surface. I sense a strong sense of boundless doors that are opened with the omnipresent help of the Buddhas, Daos and Gods.

The breakthroughs in Australia are related to a collaborative effort. Over the past 14 years, I have transitioned from frontline roles to working in the background. Irrespective of the role I play, or whether or not I have a title, one of the profound lessons is that the principles of Zhen Shan Ren are paramount in planning, thinking and treatment of others, be it internally or externally. Even trying to be nice is not adequate.

The true heart of compassion is essential. I need to sincerely think of the other person and acknowledge what is best for the Fa, rather than focus on my intellectual analysis. Sometimes it seemed easier to go about a project or task alone, to save time or be efficient. But to take the time to think of others, train others and harmonize efforts, which can be the long road, has proven to be the better road. Similarly, regarding the Shen Yun venue-seeking process, I enlightened to the fact that to pursue the venue and evaluate the technical issues are only superficial matters.

I am so blessed to have everything that has enabled me to contribute to Fa- rectification. The benefit and virtue far outweighs the challenges and tough times. There is no language I can use to express my gratitude to our venerable Master—I am forever grateful. Along with my fellow cultivators, I am sure we will continue our path and try to fulfill our vows with diligence and determination. Master, your sacrifice and careful and thoughtful per-arranged paths will not be in vain.