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Outrageous Comments Made by Handan Forced Labor Camp Guards Reflect the True Nature of the CCP

May 18, 2013 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) "I AM a gangster!" "I AM shameless!" "I AM a demon!" Such things can be often heard coming from the mouths of the CCP police as they persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The police are supposed to protect the public, but the police in China do just the opposite.

In fact, people who are familiar with Chinese history know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took hooliganism as its starting point, and its pawns--the officers, judges, and officials--willfully trample the law.

We have collected some of the outrageous things said by some of the officers in Handan City in their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

1. To achieve 100% "transformation,", the Handan City Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province organized a "Special Control Team," where the guards in the camp were encouraged to use violence against practitioners. The head of the labor camp roared during a meeting, "No matter how, they must be 'transformed' 100%!" Since then, the violence against practitioners in the labor camp has became increasingly severe.

2. Cao Zhixia, head of Handan City 610 Office, arranged for Gao Fei, a driver from Handan University, to work for the 610 Office and later at the Handan City Brainwashing Center and the labor camp. Gao Fei openly threatened the practitioners, saying things like: "The troops do the killing, the labor camp does the torturing! You won't be 'transformed?' Okay, we'll use the tiger bench, fastening with ropes, airplane flying, and all the other means of torture we can find in the labor camp, then let's see if you'll remain steadfast! I don't fear any karmic retribution!"

3. Head of the Special Education Team Ge Qingxi once shouted, "If I don't shock you, then what is the electric baton for?!" On September 2, 2010, practitioners Cheng Wendong and Li were severely beaten and injured by Ge Qingxi.

4. Zuo Tao, a guard at Handan Forced Labor Camp, is extremely cruel. He often shouts the following while he is torturing Falun Gong practitioners, "The CCP IS a gang, I AM a gangster; The CCP IS shameless, I AM shameless! So what?"

5. Dang Dianjun, head of the Domestic Security Division in Hanshan District, Handan City, is very heartless and inhumane in persecuting practitioners. When practitioners tried to persuade him to stop his evildoing by telling him about the heavenly rule of karmic retribution, he yelled, "I am a CCP member, I am an atheist, I fear no karmic retribution!" Before long, he was diagnosed with cancer and died. As he lay dying, he expressed his desperate and painful regret for his actions, but it was too late.

6. On August 31, 2002, 68 practitioners were arrested in Cheng'an County. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The head of the Chengan County Police Department, Li Zhide, was irritated and yelled at them, "I AM a demon! I want to swallow you whole!" Then he ordered the officers to beat the practitioners viciously.

7. On the night of January 28, 2004, head of the Yongnian County Police Department Wang Baoshi and many officers arrested practitioner Mr. Cheng Fengxiang. Mr. Cheng was taken to the basement of the First Criminal Team of the County Police Department where, using torture, Wang tried to extract a “confession” from him. When Mr. Cheng was on the brink of death, Wang Baoshi removed 1000 yuan cash from Mr. Cheng's pocket and took it for himself in front of everyone there. He yelled, “No laws protect you Falun Gong practitioners! You can go anywhere and try to sue me!"

8. Officers Yang Qingshe and Chen Jushan at the Yongnian County Police Department are very cruel. They claimed, “No letup on arresting all Falun Gong practitioners, no stopping!" Officers Cheng Xing, Wang Kun, and others from the Domestic Security Division are especially vicious and have repeatedly used extreme violence to torture practitioners. In the second half of 2012, Wang Kun raved when he was persecuting the practitioners. He said, “I have used every excruciating torture described on the Minghui website! Go ahead and sue me!"

9. Wang Feng, the head of the Fifth Division of the Handan Forced Labor Camp, is the main person responsible for the death of practitioner Mr. Ren Mengjun. In the labor camp, Wang Feng often deprived Mr. Ren of sleep and shocked him whenever he got sleepy. Once when the Fifth Division went to do "outside labor" at the gate of the labor camp, Wang Feng suddenly rushed up and viciously beat Ren Mengjun, saying that Ren was "looking around." He punched Mr. Ren in the face and lower back with his fists and shoes. Mr. Ren couldn't breathe, his face swelled, and his internal organs were seriously injured. Wang Feng often curses at and beats Falun Gong practitioners. He once publicly roared, "I AM a head bandit, so what? Send all those hard to 'transform' practitioners to me!"

10. On December 4, 2011, three drunken police officers from Quzhou County, Li Youmin and two others, arrested practitioner Ms. Li Xuemei, who was seven months pregnant. During the arrest Li Youmin shamelessly bragged, "I AM a gangster!"

11. Zhang Lihua, the head of the Domestic Security Division in Wuan County, Handan City, is extremely busy persecuting practitioners and their families. Some practitioners' families were nearly financially ruined by his repeatedly extorting funds from them. Those who had no money to give him were sent to the labor camp or sentenced to imprisonment. He has sent over 100 practitioners to detention centers and over 20 practitioners to labor camps or prison, and many practitioners left home to avoid further persecution because of him. Since July 1999, he has extorted funds from practitioners, from hundreds of yuan to five thousand. He yelled, "Go sue me!"

12. The police deliberately provoked conflicts between Falun Gong practitioners and the criminal detainees. For example, in one class of over 50 in the labor camp, there were several practitioners. If one practitioner refused to be "transformed," everyone in the class would be deprived of sleep. The guards shouted, "Those who beat Falun Gong practitioners to death will not be charged with murder, instead we will report the practitioner as having committed suicide!" This was how they encouraged the detainees to treat practitioners.

Over the 14 years of persecution of Falun Gong, the communist regime has acted more like a bandit than real bandits. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has shown the true face and depth of the CCP's evil to all the Chinese people. Now, over 130 million people have denounced the CCP and its affiliated organizations.