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Liang Dong and His Wife Luo Xiaojuan Unlawfully Sentenced, Subjected to Constant Monitoring in Guangdong

May 11, 2013 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Guangdong Province

(Minghui.org) Mr. Liang Dong and his wife, Ms. Luo Xiaojuan, were illegally arrested on August 21, 2010. Mr. Liang was given a three-year sentence and Ms. Luo two years, suspended for three years. While residing at her mother’s, she is being monitored constantly. Since March 2013, departmental agents have been harassing her. In the middle of the night on April 5, someone entered her mother’s house and stole her personal phone book. Mr. Liang is being held and persecuted at the Sihui Jail.

Illegal Arrest

Mr. Liang Dong, 39, from Kunming, Yunnan Province, worked for the Guangdong Zhihong Information System Monitoring Company Limited of the Guangdong Province Information Center. Ms. Luo Xiaojuan, 31, is from the Haizhu District, Guangzhou. On the evening of August 21, 2010, the couple had dinner at a restaurant. As they left the restaurant, they were arrested by Yuexiu District Police Station officers.

That same evening, the police searched their home and took several computers, electronic books, Dafa books, and other materials. The next day, the couple were taken to the Yuexiu District Detention Center. They refused to cooperate and kept clarifying the truth to the police and the prisoners.

Unlawful Sentence

The authorities defamed the couple, saying they had Falun Gong materials and that they were “very stubborn.” They did what they could to ensure the couple got long sentences. Eventually the Yuexiu District Court sentenced Mr. Liang to three years and Ms. Luo to two years, suspended for three years. Ms. Luo Xiaojuan was charged with having Dafa materials on her, and the couple with having Dafa materials and books at home.

The day before their court appearance, the court demanded that Ms. Luo’s mother write a guarantee letter before they agreed to release her. They day they appeared in court, Ms. Luo was released on bail.

Strict Surveillance

In the detention center for over a year, Ms. Luo was severely persecuted mentally, and when she returned home, she was very confused. In fact, she could hardly recall which direction to go to get to her residence. It took a long time for her to return to normal.

Even then, the authorities did not stop persecuting her and her family and kept her under constant surveillance. When the appeal results were announced, the Haizhu Judicial Bureau made it difficult for her and said that because she was a “suspended individual,” the Judicial Office of the Xingangjie of the Haizhu Police Department had to “accept and supervise” her. The Judicial Office of the Xingangjie Neighborhood Office was afraid “something might happen to her” during the time she would have to serve her suspended sentence, which they would have to shoulder, so they did not want to “accept” her.

Song Yanbo, the police officer directly responsible for this case, deceived Luo Xiaojuan and her mother, saying that since Ms. Luo did not live where she was officially registered (she was then living at her mother’s in Dali County, Nanhai District, Foshan), they needed proof of her residence. They asked her mother to provide a copy the deed to her house and to write a statement saying that Luo Xiaojuan resided there. Mother and daughter later learned from the Haizhu Judicial Bureau and lawyers that they were not required to do this. Song Yanbo had wanted Ms. Luo’s mother use her house as "guarantee" so that the police could go supervise them. Ms. Luo’s mother refused to provide a copy of the deed.

According to the Judicial Office of the Xingang Street Neighborhood Office, she had to report once every two months for the three years of her suspended sentence and to remain in the city. If she wanted to leave the city, she had to get permission. Also, she had to follow other rules related to a suspended sentence. For example, she was not allowed to cultivate Falun Dafa nor have contact with other practitioners, and she was not allowed freedom of speech. Without permission, she was not allowed to do media interviews, meet with foreigners, or give her address, etc. She was told that if she did not abide by these requirements, she would either be put in jail or her sentence would be lengthened – what is called “new and old crimes punished together.” The director threatened her, saying that if they could not contact her at any time within a month, they would report her to the court (and she would be put in jail).

The Xingang Judicial Office tapped her phone conversations with family and friends. They monitored her residence and followed her when she went out. Even her family members who did not reside with her were followed. When Luo Xiaojuan went out, the authorities went into her home and installed monitoring devices. They searched her home and stole personal property. They also monitored her bank account. Her mother’s small store in the neighborhood was monitored. They often told hooligans to go to her mother’s store to make trouble. Ms. Luo and her family could not endure such harassment anymore, so they moved back to Guangzhou. However, the authorities still did not stop persecuting her.

Their Three-year-old Son Devastated

When the couple were arrested, their son, Liang Jinfeng, was only three. Their arrest was a big blow to the little boy, and he was greatly harmed. He was sick and weak. His grandmother, who had no income, took care of him. Every day he cried for her to take him back to their old residence to look for his mom and dad. This once active and innocent child became silent and bad-tempered. He is no long willing to interact with anyone. In kindergarten, he often sits in a chair alone with tears in his eyes. When the teacher asks him what is wrong, he says he misses his mom and dad.

Recent Harassment

In March 2013, although it was not time for her to report to the police, the Judicial Office decided to go to Ms. Luo’s home to do a “family visit” to confirm her address.

Director Feng Qiupei and police officer Song Yanbo went to her home. They took out a camera to take her picture. After she refused to cooperate, they took out a copy of a “Thoughts Report” prepared in advance and told her to sign it. The director indicated that if she did not report to the authorities as required, did not follow the rules, and did not sign, they would report it to the court.

Ms. Luo said that, as government officials, they should treat people fairly. The director was very angry and threatened her again, saying that if she did not do as they said, they would report it to the court.

Recently, Luo Xiaojuan’s mother returned to reside in Dali, Nanhai in Foshan. On the evening on April 5, authorities broke into her mother’s residence when she and her family were asleep and stole her phonebook that she kept in her purse.

Mr. Liang Dong is still being held in Sihui Jail.

Individuals involved in the persecution:

The Xingang Judicial Office, the Neighborhood Committee and police have often harassed Dafa practitioners in this area. They took the practitioners who refused to be "transformed” to the brainwashing center, and helped try to “transform” the practitioners themselves.

Feng Qiupei, director of the Xingangjie Judicature Office: +86-20-34296181 (Office)
Song Yanbo, policeman in charge of supervising Luo Xiaojuan: +86-13535467566 (Cell)

Zou Liang, local policeman: +86-13710615016 (Cell)
Lin Chunhua, director of the Jinya Neighborhood Committee, Xingangjie: +86-20-84048578
Huang Ying, judge, Yuexiu District Court. This judge sentenced both Liang Dong and Luo Xiaojuan: +86-20-83009162, +86-20-83009178 (if they want to report to the court to jail her, they had to go through this judge)
Sihui Jail: +86-758-3301012, +86-758-3302677