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Cultivating While Selling Shen Yun Tickets

April 18, 2013 |   By a Western practitioner in Toronto, Canada

(Minghui.org) I have helped practitioners in Hamilton, Canada, to sell Shen Yun tickets for the past few years. This has been a process of cultivation for me. Hamilton is about a 90-minute drive from Toronto. Selling tickets there is very challenging because of the longer distance to drive, more sites to cover and fewer practitioners available.

I frequently carpooled with other practitioners to lower expenses. We studied the Fa together while driving on the way there and shared our experiences on the way back. By doing so, we were able to improve together. Our sales were much better this year than in the past few years; the performances were sold out. I think this good result is directly attributable to cultivation and good cooperation between fellow practitioners.

Following the Coordinators' Plan

In the past, I was a little bit selfish and nitpicked when an unexpected change occurred. This year, I realized the importance of following schedules planned by the coordinating practitioners. I also looked within more and felt that cooperation improved a lot this year.

It was a challenge for the coordinators to find selling sites, arrange schedules and balance this job with other work; they encountered many difficulties. When an assigned practitioner unexpectedly failed to show up or when we obtained the schedules too late to arrive on time, the coordinators had to rearrange their plans. If nobody else was available, they had to work at the selling sites themselves.

When we can let go of egoism and collaborate well with each other, we will become one body, which will strengthen our ability to save people.

Looking Inward to Improve Xinxing

In the process of selling Shen Yun tickets, my attachments were exposed so that I could improve my xinxing. One time, I sold two tickets to a woman, but realized after she'd left that I only collected the money for one ticket. Shocked at the mistake, I looked inward and found that I had an attachment of affection.

This woman was divorced. She had wanted to see the performance with her son, who lives with his father; however, the father rejected her plan to spend time with her son. She was very emotional, and I felt sad for her. This was the reason I had not been clearheaded and made such a mistake. I felt much more relaxed after I found my attachment. I called her and she came back to pay for the second ticket.

Another day, I was selling tickets at a booth next to Santa Claus. Many kids and their parents waited in line for their turn to talk to Santa. Seeing kids running around, I suddenly felt sad; tears came to my eyes. Once again, I realized that I had a strong attachment of sentimentality toward my son.

On a different occasion, I introduced Shen Yun to some customers while two other people watched on. One of these people seemed interested in the performance, so I showed him the seat map. However, he suddenly became unhappy and left, saying that I was too aggressive in my presentation. I looked inward and found the mentality of showing off and egoism. I was grateful to Master for revealing my attachments and letting me have an opportunity to improve.

Master wrote:

“You may talk cultivation

But you have to discard the attachments
that you hold deep inside

What’s given up is not oneself

But instead the folly of delusion”

(“ Discarding Attachments” from Hong Yin II)

Keeping Righteous Thoughts and Believing in Master and the Fa

When I am not in a very good cultivation state, it is hard for me to keep righteous thoughts. On one occasion, I sold tickets alone in a marketplace. Only a few customers were there that day, and several vendors complained about slow business. Waiting for a long time without any customers, I started having negative thoughts. I even wondered if I should have come that day, especially when I still had many other things to do. Then I started doubting my ability to sell tickets.

Amidst these doubts, Master encouraged me by sending a customer to me. I realized that if I couldn't control my own mind, I could easily have negative thoughts.

Master wrote:

“Secular and sacred, one creek apart
Forward or back: two different realms
Enter the temple in the woods
One step and you've reached heaven”

(“One thought” from Hong Yin III)

Since then, whenever I have any negative thoughts, I recite Master's poems to eliminate the evil and return to righteous thoughts.

Letting Go of Self and Collaborating with Fellow Practitioners

Master has reminded us on different occasions of the importance of good collaboration. I often sold tickets with another practitioner this year, and collaboration became our daily routine.

When I talked to a customer, this practitioner listened, sent forth righteous thoughts, and passed me the information, such as the seating chart, at the right time. When I wrote the purchase order, she processed the credit card. We worked together effectively. We didn't waste time and never kept customers waiting.

During those days, we attracted lines of customers to our booth, like magnets to metal. They came directly to buy tickets, so we didn’t even have to try hard. It was miraculous! I deeply realized the meaning of collaboration and its importance.

When our minds are pure and our thoughts are righteous, we will be focused on saving sentient beings and Master will send the predestined people for us to save. When each of us leaves no gaps, we will become one whole body. The attachments of selfishness, competition, showing off, and jealousy will be completely dissolved.

Thank you, Master, for providing me with the opportunity to carry out my mission through the sales of Shen Yun tickets! Also, many thanks to fellow practitioners for helping me improve in my cultivation.