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Malaysia: Divine Land Marching Band Performs at 2013 Women's Marathon (Photos)

April 17, 2013 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Malaysia

(Minghui.org) On April 7, the 2013 Malaysia Women's Marathon was held in Shah Alam. This was the first women's marathon to be held in Malaysia. The event was organized by Ironman Malaysia Sdn Bhd and received support from the Shah Alam City Council. About 2,000 women participated in this marathon, as well as two other distance running events. The Divine Land Marching Band, consisting of Falun Gong practitioners, was invited to perform at the event. The organizer also gave the Falun Dafa Association a booth to introduce the spiritual practice.


The Divine Land Marching Band was invited to perform at the 2013 Malaysia Women Marathon.


Introducing Falun Dafa to marathon participants and spectators.

On the day of the event, the Divine Land Marching Band performed at Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam from 6a.m. to 8a.m. This is a plaza on the marathon route. Both race participants and spectators seemed very happy to see the band.

Band director, Ms. Su, said the marathon runners heard the music, came close to the band, applauded and thanked the performers. Some runners even stopped to take photos with the band on their cellphones.

At the same time, the organizer assigned the Falun Dafa Association a booth at the event to promote the Falun Dafa exercises. The practitioners demonstrated the exercises and passed out flyers. The practitioners also collected signatures to stop the Chinese Communist Party from harvesting organs from imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners. One gentleman learned the truth through the petition and became aware of the severe crimes happening in China. He said the petition was very meaningful.