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Treatment of Falun Gong Illustrates the Chinese Communist Party’s True Colors

April 17, 2013 |   By Mengxing and Zheng Yan

(Minghui.org) With the installation of the Chinese Communist regime's newest leaders, many people are optimistic that the new generation of the Party will finally bring “rule of law” and “governing by the constitution” to China. These people must have forgotten the relentless persecution of Falun Gong that has been taking place for the past 14 years. The very fact that the torture, live organ harvesting and killing of innocent practitioners is still going on under the new administration clearly illustrates the CCP's evil nature.

We hereby urge people to hold no illusions regarding this regime and we encourage everyone, especially the Chinese people, to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in order to free themselves from the communist specter. When more and more people open their eyes and see the true colors of the CCP, we will see real hope for China.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Law is Reduced to CCP Tool to Impose Totalitarian Rule

3. CCP Justice System is Home to Villains that Violate the Law While Enforcing the Law

4. Treatment of Falun Gong is the Touchstone that Displays the CCP's True Colors

5. Where is Hope?



We have recently found that a lot of people, including some human rights lawyers, are showing strong interest in the Chinese regime’s promise of “rule of law” and “government by constitution.” They are intrigued by the hope stirred up by the CCP and feel that this time it's for real. They hope that the CCP will indeed rule the country by law and constitution and lead China into democracy.

They turn a blind eye to the massive and unforgivable crimes the regime has committed against Falun Gong during the past ten-plus years and feel that whatever has transpired and is still occurring are just isolated incidents committed by a handful of Party members. They are optimistic that a new China ruled by law is soon to come right in front of their eyes.

But can the CCP really bring the “rule of law” and “government by constitution” to China? The answer is right in front of us once people see through the CCP's false colors.

So, how can we see through the CCP’s false colors to the real CCP? Just take a look at how the CCP is treating the peaceful spiritual practice of Falun Gong. As a matter of fact, its treatment of Falun Gong has become a touchstone that exposes the CCP's true nature.

The CCP has been using the cover of the law to impose its totalitarian rule on China since 1949 and its judicial system has been violating the law while allegedly enforcing the law for years. Especially in the persecution of Falun Gong, its leaders have never followed any legal procedures: they simply arrest, detain, torture and kill Falun Gong practitioners however they want.

As such, we should never hold any illusions that the CCP is changing for the better. A wolf will always be a wolf.

We hope that more people can read Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and see through the evil nature of the CCP. When more and more people break free from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, there will be real hope for China.


The Law is Reduced to a CCP Tool to Impose Totalitarian Rule
The law means very different things in the eyes of the CCP and the Western world. The CCP has always considered the law as a manifestation of its will. To put it bluntly, the law has been reduced to a violent tool that the CCP uses to enforce totalitarianism in China. Their view of law is totally opposite to what the international community defines the law to be. The conventional understanding of law is that it's a system of rules that reflect public opinion and is used to govern behavior and safeguard the universal values of morality and conscience.

The CCP tweaks law at will to realize whatever results it wants. Of course, with the economic development and globalization in recent years, the CCP has also begun to play tricks attempting to create the false impression that it is a responsible member of the international community. To hide its true colors, it pretends to be enthusiastic in the promotion of rule of law, human rights and universal values, when in fact behind closed doors, it's still the old, rotten CCP.

Based on a universal understanding of law, the international community has trouble believing that the CCP is a scoundrel that tramples its own laws, violates human rights and harms its own innocent citizens. The CCP’s treatment of Falun Gong is beyond their wildest imagination of behavior for a country.

The CCP in turn cleverly takes advantage of the Western world’s naïve thinking and manages to make them think that even though the persecution of Falun Gong is nothing short of brutal, it must be that Falun Gong has done something wrong to deserve this treatment. After all, in the Western world, one is not prosecuted unless he or she breaks the law. Thus it's no surprise that the Western world accepted the massive lie that it is reasonable and justifiable for the CCP to persecute Falun Gong.

In China, when to use or discard the law all depends on the needs of the CCP. When the CCP sets its mind to intimidate and suppress its citizens, it will claim that “according to law, one should behave in a certain way” and it will also make all kinds of illegal new laws to justify its evolving needs to persecute different groups of people. In this manner it successfully makes the international community believe that the CCP’s oppression of its people is justified by law.

When the victims finally realize that the CCP has never followed any law and begin to seek justice, the CCP immediately changes its attitude and claims there is no law to follow whatsoever.

A certain Mr. Liu, deputy head of the Xichang City Political and Legal Affairs Committee, once said, “Don’t you bring up the subject of law, as we simply don’t follow any law.”

Xie Shinong, from the Fuqin Street Committee 610 Office in Chengdu City, blatantly claimed, “We just don’t care about any law.”

The above examples burst the bubble of the perception of so-called rule of law in China and speak clearly to the rogue nature of CCP officials. Such cases not only reveal the true colors of individual CCP members, but also are an indication of how the unscrupulous CCP culture has made those officials who they are.


CCP Judicial System is Home to Villains that Violate the Law while Enforcing the Law
Many people working in the CCP judicial system (including the Public Security Bureau, the Procuratorate and the courts) appear to be legally illiterate, when in fact they know the applicable law well but just don’t care to follow it.

While dealing with people in the judicial system, Falun Gong practitioners and their lawyers are often taken aback at how rude and lawless those officials are. All they know is to follow orders from higher-ups without any respect for the law. Even though some people still have a conscience and know that what they do is wrong, they still mindlessly plod along at their job using the excuse that they need to make a living. As a result, they keep violating the law while supposedly enforcing the law.

They dare to do so because they are pressured or lured with personal interests by higher-ups (including the 610 Offices and Political and Legal Affairs Committees) who promise to not subject them to any consequences for the orders they carry out. As a result, those in the judicial system have total disregard for the law and don't worry about breaking the law or any reprisals.

Of course the fundamental reason for such behavior is that they live in a country where there is no place for law and nothing follows the law.

Such “legally illiterate” phenomena not only exist in cases related to the persecution of Falun Gong, they also happen frequently in other areas.

The authors of this article once had a chance to talk to lawyers who represented non-practitioners in criminal and civil cases, and these lawyers had the same impression as us. They told us that the law-enforcement personnel only care about policies and orders from higher-ups and have never followed any law. The outcomes of legal cases are determined by power-and-money negotiations behind closed doors and the so-called trials in courts are just a formality and a show to deceive people.

In a country that is truly ruled by laws, no one is above the law. Law in itself is a double-edged sword. The ruler can make the law but is also subject to the law. The CCP of course does not want any of this. Once it got rid of its opponents and solidified its rule, it had no interest in ruling the country by law or constitution.

So keep in mind that the CCP’s insatiable thirst for totalitarianism and power says clearly that it will never put the party itself under the law.

The very fact that the CCP is unwilling to give up its evil nature clearly indicates that it has chosen totalitarianism, not rule of law. After all, what dictator is willing to cage himself using the law he made?

We should see clearly that the evil party itself is the root cause of all human rights disasters and crimes in China. Many rational and knowledgeable people both inside and outside of China have come to see this. The party itself is the enemy of rule of law.

All the tricks the CCP is playing, such as promises to follow the rule of law and government by constitution, are just tactics different factions within the party use to outdo each other in their attempts to hold onto their power. As long as the evil party is still in existence, China can never have rule of law as hoped for by human rights lawyers, and the judicial system will always be home to villains that purposefully violate the law while pretending to enforce the law.


Treatment of Falun Gong is the Touchstone that Displays the CCP's True Colors
The new Chinese leadership has been in place for some time, but nothing has changed for the better when it comes to the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong. Has the brutal persecution stopped for even a brief moment? The arrests, torture, sentencing and even live organ harvesting of law-abiding Falun Gong practitioners is not only going on as usual, but also has intensified in some places. The judicial system is still violating the law and committing crimes against innocent citizens.

The never-ending brutal treatment of Falun Gong practitioners shows clearly that the persecution is not just the isolated behavior of certain factions or individual party members, but is a result of the collective decision by the CCP itself. Those in the party who do not directly participate in the persecution know all too well what is going on and their silence is abetting the crimes. They too cannot escape justice.

Any illusions we have for the evil party are just irrational daydreams and they can only serve to strengthen the party’s energy and prolong its life to continue its oppression and deceit of the Chinese people.

The frontline workers in the judicial system are used by the CCP to trample the law and persecute the innocent. Unbeknown to them is the fact they are also victims. They have no idea that they have long been chosen as scapegoats. Whenever the CCP sees a need to pacify the angry public for its lawless behavior, it will throw those people under the bus without any hesitation.

The CCP will never bring rule of law to China, nor will it follow any law. However, when needed, the Party is expert in using the law to betray and prosecute those who followed its orders but who are no longer considered useful to the Party's objectives.

Article 54 in Chapter 9 of the Chinese Civil Servants Law stipulates, “Civil servants are to bear consequences should they carry out orders that clearly violate the law.” Now, who is this law written for? People in the judicial system will eventually see that it is specifically written for them when it comes time to find scapegoats. We would say to these people: be aware that no matter what the CCP gives you, it's a hopeless dead end.


Where is Hope?
Fortunately there is still hope. As long as a person sees through the CCP's evil nature and breaks free from it, they will be able to secure a bright future. Reading Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party can help one to realize that the CCP is just like the wicked wolf in Little Red Riding Hood and it will never change its evil nature. This evil party is dragging everyone to hell along with it. A clear understanding of the CCP will enable Chinese people to get rid all the fear, hatred and deceit they have been filled with and begin to develop a normal, independent and complete personality and character.

The treatment of Falun Gong is the touchstone that exposes the CCP's true nature. Almost 14 years have passed and this test has a clear answer. The CCP is doomed for its persecution of Falun Gong. Everything the regime is doing now is just an attempt to prolong its numbered days.

We should get rid of any false hopes we have for the CCP and bravely embrace the truth of Falun Gong. Chinese people should break free from the shackles of the CCP culture and work hard to find their true selves. When more and more people withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, then it really will be time for the Chinese nation to leave the nightmare behind and bask in sunshine and hope.

If we think of a country without any morality as a death train, then the CCP is that train's engine. The world needs Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and the people in mainland China need it even more.