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Lao Ge, a Kind Man

March 17, 2013 |   By Ziling from Dan County, Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) Lao Ge is recognized as a kind person. Those who know him have been moved by his kindness, hardworking nature, and honesty.

I had several encounters with Lao Ge some years ago. He was nearly 60 years old then. For various reasons, I haven’t seen him since. However, I often recall his voice and expression. I would like to share some of his kind deeds.

The developer said, “Lao Ge works harder than all of us for our business”

Lao Ge lived in the rural country in Dan County, Shandong Province. He worked on a construction crew for a developer and built houses for villagers all year round. Everyone on the crew picked the easy jobs and did as little as possible. Lao Ge was different. He always chose to do the heavy work and worked longer than anyone else. When everyone was resting, he still worked.

Because this crew had no crane, they had to pile up bricks by hand. This was considered the hardest work. It was so tiring that one didn’t even want to eat after working for a couple of hours. No one wanted to do it. Lao Ge was always the one who took on this job. He had to pile bricks nearly 20 feet high. Although he was nearly 60 years old, he looked much younger. In time Lao Ge took on this job for every house they built. Everyone respected him. The developer liked him very much. It was a rule that the developer provided a pack of cigarettes each day for the workers. However, Lao Ge never accepted. The developer thought that he was different, very kind and honest.

When it was hot, Lao Ge worked while everyone else was taking a break. Knowing that it was not easy for the developer to build the house, he didn’t want to waste any bricks. Out in the hot sun, he would dig out the bricks buried in the dirt. Seeing that he was sweating, the developer asked him to rest. Lao Ge said, “I practice Falun Dafa. Our Teacher asks us to be kind and always think of others. The bricks will go to waste if I don’t retrieve them.” The developer was very touched. He saw how diligent this Falun Gong practitioner was and told others, “This Falun Gong practitioner works harder than we do for our business.”

A young man shouted, “Long live Falun Gong!”

One time when Lao Ge went to a village to build houses, he clarified the truth about Falun Gong to a young man. Influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda, the young man didn’t listen to him and didn’t believe that Falun Gong practitioners were good people.

Although he didn’t believe what Lao Ge told him, he often visited the construction site to observe Lao Ge. In time he saw that Lao Ge never accepted the daily pack of cigarettes and that Lao Ge always chose to do the heaviest jobs. Working as effectively as three people, he rarely took a break. When the developer treated the workers with good food, Lao Ge never sat down and drank. Instead he took some simple food and two steamed buns and ate off to the side.

This young man was convinced by what he saw. He realized that the propaganda broadcast on TV was slander and that the CCP had defamed Falun Gong. One day when the young man saw Lao Ge in town, he shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Long live Falun Gong!” When he got closer, he asked Lao Ge to help him withdraw from the CCP organizations.

A court official said, “I really regret that I didn’t hire you.”

A certain court official owned some land in his hometown in a rural county. One year, he planted yams on his land. When it was time to harvest them, he needed to hire someone to help. The villagers recommended Falun Gong practitioners. Although this official knew that all Falun Gong practitioners were good people, he dared not hire them at a time when Falun Gong was being persecuted by the CCP. Later this village had to get cable wire installed. The homeowners had to be in charge of digging the holes for the poles. This official needed to hire someone to dig holes. Someone recommended Lao Ge and they agreed upon the price. When the official met Lao Ge, he handed him a pack of cigarettes. Lao Ge refused to take it. After Lao Ge finished digging, the official was very satisfied with his work. Lao Ge then clarified the truth to him. He was very touched and said, “I know that you are all kind people. I truly regret that I didn’t hire you in the past. I was not happy with other people’s work.” There are many more kind deeds that Lao Ge has done. The above are just a few examples I know.