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Lack of Respect for Human Life Sets the Stage for Forced Organ Harvesting from Living Falun Gong Practitioners

December 24, 2013 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Although the fact that the Chinese regime is involved in forced organ harvesting has been known for some time, many Chinese people do not believe that the Party has been harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners, political dissidents, and religious activists and selling them on the international market. Below are several accounts by medical professionals which paint a clearer picture of how the gradual degradation of conscience regarding human life has paved the way for this massive crime against humanity to take place in China.

Report 1

“I am a medical professional at a nationally renowned hospital. In 1986, my division superior told me to get a piece of human tissue for lab use.

“I went to a room in the Building No. 1 and saw a young man in his 20s. Judging from his legs, I could tell he was very healthy. As I entered the room, his chest and belly had been cut open by a surgeon, and his liver and kidneys had been removed. An eye surgeon was removing his corneas. As instructed, I asked the chief surgeon for the esophageal tissue. As the surgeon excised the tissue, I suddenly noticed the left leg twitching and realized to my greatest astonishment that the man was still alive. I carefully put the tissue on a piece of gauze. The tissue had a lot of blood and still felt soft and warm.

“Just then the surgeon looked up and asked, 'Anybody else need any tissue? Got to be quick. We are going to close it up.' I was told by someone nearby that the person was a prisoner on death row. I was shocked at the slaughterhouse scene and thought, 'A convict is still a human being. How can the surgeons be so coldblooded?' Personnel from other departments left with their requested tissues, but I stayed a little longer since it was the first time I had ever seen something like this.

“The surgeon sewed up the prisoner's body and left with the assistant. Then a police officer came up, scooped some of the blood with his bare hands, and splashed it on the prisoner's face, making it look like an execution. Another police officer photographed the bloody face and went off to telephone the crematorium to come get the corpse. After the photographs were taken, the police wrapped the corpse in a piece of thick plastic and left it in the corner for someone from the crematorium to come get it.

“I did not see any of the prisoner's family members. I learned later that many hospitals tried to make friends with the court so that they could have access to fresh organs and tissues for transplants and experiments. The court, in turn, got sizable rewards for such profitable deals.

“Such unspeakable deals were taking place over 20 years ago in China. Every time I recall this horrible event, I am deeply saddened. As a medical professional, it is my mission to heal the wounded and save the dying. It is shameful that forced organ harvesting, an act of such utter disrespect for human life, has been so widely and easily accepted by so many of my colleagues in the medical profession. I truly hope they can reflect deeply on the horrible reality, break their ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), restore the dignity of life, and demonstrate the true compassion of a medical professional.”

Report 2

“I work at a prestigious AAA-rated hospital in my city. Due to my medical specialty, I have not participated personally in any forced organ harvesting. However, I know this has been going on in my hospital for a long time, because those who have participated have occasionally and inadvertently mentioned it. Over the years, it has been an open secret.

“I recall that one day near the end of a surgery that I performed, my assistants started chatting with the anesthesiologist. As the topic turned to organ harvesting, the anesthesiologist said, “I often help do that. It's no big deal.” Then he went into detail:

'It starts with the leading participating doctors and assistants from all the hospital departments involved getting all the necessary equipment ready. Everyone is then transported in special vehicles to the execution site.

'We have to wait in a specially designated location while the area is locked down--nobody is allowed to enter or exit. The bailiffs bring in the prisoner, who is injected with an anesthetic by the waiting anesthesiologist. Since everything is ready, the participating doctors start their part of the surgery quickly and skillfully. Some go for the corneas, some for kidneys, others for skin tissue. Afterwards, the bailiffs shoot the prisoner execution-style.'

“The first time I heard this description, I was horrified and thought, 'The prisoner is just like a piece of meat on a chopping block, and the doctors are like butchers. What a horrible way for a prisoner to be executed!'

“I was chatting with several urologists one day after 2006. They complained, 'Nowadays there is so much media pressure from overseas. There have also been more strict regulations domestically. Kidney sources are harder to find. Hospitals now have to search in rural areas like Guizhou City for sources. Bigger cities are more and more sensitive to the issue, while rural areas are a totally different story......'

“Later, I learned that forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners had been reported in the international media. Only then did I realize why they said it was getting harder for them to find sources of organs.

“What an ignominious end for a human life! It is hard to say whether it is the surgeon or the executioner that ends the prisoner's life.

“In Chinese culture, the worst possible end is for someone to die without his or her body intact. The evil CCP regime forces doctors, who are supposed to cure illnesses and save people's lives, to commit such outrageous crimes against humanity. These doctors have completely lost their humanity in the process.

“Today I am reporting what I witnessed in the hope that my colleagues can see through the Party's deceptive propaganda, choose to stand on the side of righteousness and conscience, and renounce the Chinese Communist Party, which has been destroying the nation of China and its people.”

Report 3

“I am a medical professional at a large hospital that is nationally renowned for kidney transplants. My teacher was one of the most famous leading doctors in the field. He had done a lot of clinical research since the 1970s in kidney transplantation, and his research techniques were promoted throughout the country by the government. Most of his experience and expertise came from removing kidneys from death row prisoners.

“When overseas media started reporting on and exposing the Chinese regime's forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale, insiders told me that this doctor was against Falun Gong. Someone joked with him, 'You have done so many transplants. Don't you fear retribution?' He responded, 'I fear no retribution!' Soon afterward, he was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, his colon hemorrhaged and he wound up with a severe infection. After two follow-up surgeries that were unsuccessful, he died a very painful death. His daughter was also later diagnosed with cancer.

"Many hospital coworkers said he had finally 'paid the piper.'"


One time when I chatted with a friend about the government-condoned organ harvesting, he said, “Organ harvesting from prisoners is simply natural. Those prisoners are convicted by the government. What is wrong with using their organs to benefit others?” I found his attitude to be quite similar to others I talked to about the topic. The CCP has launched so many movements in the past several decades that people's standards regarding right and wrong are confused. Because the CCP claims it represents the people, its interest naturally becomes the people's interest. Then, if the CCP wants to take someone's organs, is it doing it on the people's behalf?

Two decades ago, doctors and patients started accepting organ harvesting from prisoners. Today doctors and patients have accepted organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and political activists. What will people be willing to accept two decades from now?

Educated by the CCP, people today have been imbued with distorted concepts and a disrespect for human life. Time and again the basic moral standards have been lowered. People's attitude toward organ harvesting has changed from tolerance to acceptance to support. Such an attitude would have been unimaginable in ancient Chinese culture, not to mention other cultures in the world today.

It is precisely because of people's tolerance and acceptance that organ harvesting has been ongoing in China for decades. The official source of organs started with death row prisoners and changed to Falun Gong practitioners, political dissidents, and human rights activists. And the black market sources of organs range from abductions to murder, putting each and every family in potential danger. It is also precisely because of the blurred bottom line of moral standards that many do not believe that the CCP has been carrying out forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

To each and every one of us, life is precious and should be respected. A doctor's mission is to heal the sick and save the dying. How have doctors been reduced to killing on demand for the CCP? Why have hospitals been transformed into execution grounds?

Look at the reports on the organ harvesting at Sujiatun Hospital in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Organ harvesting is an unprecedented evil, a stain on human history, and an embarrassment to the medical profession. How long can it escape heaven's wrath?

More and more people with a sense of justice have stood up in opposition to this practice. “Disintegrate the CCP” is not just a political slogan but a reality about to come true.

I hope more and more doctors will listen to their conscience and stand up to expose the CCP's evil deeds. I hope doctors will regain their respect for life and their compassion as medical professionals.