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College Lecturer Detained Over 40 Days – Family Sues Police

December 21, 2013 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Jilin Province, China

(Minghui.org) College lecturer Ms. Che Pingping was arrested by plainclothes officers outside of her apartment on the morning of October 18, 2013. She has been illegally detained in the Jilin City Detention Center for more than 40 days. Ms. Che’s family has not been able to see her. Her family has filed a lawsuit against the police.

Ms. Che, who is in her 40s, has a master's degree. Her mother was a doctor and her father was the dean of a college. Ms. Che works hard and is well-regarded by her students. However, because she practices and appeals for the right to practice Falun Gong, she has been arrested, detained, and subjected to brainwashing many times since she was 25 years old. Her parents were so worried about her safety that their health deteriorated and they both passed away.

Police officer Bai Shan from the Beishan Police Station hid outside Ms. Che’s apartment on the morning of October 18. When Ms. Chen left her apartment to shop at a convenience store in the building around 7 a.m., he and two other officers arrested her.

Others in the same building as Ms. Che saw Bai Shan and thought he looked very suspicious. Ms. Che said to the officers, “What right do you have to arrest me? So I practice Falun Gong. The Chinese Constitution guarantees all Chinese citizens the right to freedom of belief. It is illegal to arrest and detain practitioners, and you are committing a crime.”

After Ms. Che was taken to the Beishan Police Station, officers Xi Ming, Pu Jun, and others broke into and ransacked her apartment. The police confiscated all her Falun Gong books, three laptops, one printer, one DVD burner, several cellphones, one electric moped, 10,000 yuan, phone cards, and other personal belongings. Ms. Che’s family was not given a list of the confiscated items. When family members later asked police to provide the list, they refused. So far, the police have only returned the electric moped.

Ms. Che Tortured and Her Family Threatened

Ms. Che was force-fed by the guards who have no medical training. If the force-feeding tube is inserted into the lung by mistake, a person can easily suffocate and die.

The deputy director of the detention center confirmed that Ms. Che was force fed, claiming that she refused to eat. When her family tried to see Gao Xin, the captain of the Domestic Security Division of the Chuanying District Police Department, he refused to meet with them. He did talk to them on the phone and made threats.

Ms. Che’s family has filed a lawsuit against Gao Xin and the Domestic Security Division. The suit states that if any family member encounters any danger, it would be the police seeking revenge.

Although Ms. Che has supposedly been formally arrested, her family has not received any notice to that effect. Ms. Che’s family has not been able to see her for over 40 days. They will continue to seek out the truth about Ms. Chen's unfair treatment.

People will not ignore the fact that a kind woman is being persecuted. We hope officials from Jilin City will be just and release Ms. Che immediately!