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Inspiration and Encouragement from the 10th China Minghui Internet Experience Sharing Conference

December 19, 2013 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) When the 10th China Internet Experience Sharing Conference (Fahui) began, I seized the time to read the sharing articles daily.

I remembered when I read the previous conference articles, I was often moved to tears, but it was different this time when I read the articles. A thought arose from deep within me, “Great Master, great Fa, and magnificent Falun Dafa practitioners!”

The authors are diverse in terms of their gender, age, career and when they obtained Dafa, but they all cultivate in the same Dafa, have one great Master, and have the same mission as a Dafa disciple. Master said:

“The paths of cultivation are varied
But none is outside the Great Law” (“Unimpeded” from Hong Yin Vol. II”)

Despite having read only over 30 articles, I felt greatly inspired and encouraged. Fellow practitioners' selflessness and thinking only of others revealed their higher realms. This can only happen through cultivation in the true universal Fa.

Inspiring Articles

For example the experience sharing articles entitled “When I Abided by the Fa, the Guard Changed,” “Cultivate and Elevate as a Group,” “Race Against Time and the Old Forces in Rescuing Sentient Beings” verified that the new universal law is selflessness and altruism.

There were many fellow practitioners in their 80s and 90s that abide by the requirements set by Master and doing the three things well. A 94 year-old practitioner validates the Fa and saves sentient beings with a light stride, and expressed this in an article titled “I Finally Fulfilled the Dream of Cultivation.”

I was very impressed by the article entitled “Sun Scorching Path,” which discussed the hardship practitioners endured while saving sentient beings. The words and descriptions in the article were simple but vivid, and the way he described his mental state was precise and detail oriented. I could almost sense a compassionate practitioner standing in front of me. But the fellow practitioner began with “I only had an elementary education level...” Such miracles could only happen with true Dafa practitioners.

Practitioners Helped Me Elevate

The energy field from practitioners at the 10th China Fahui Internet Experience Sharing Conference washed away my attachment to leisure and being in a less than diligent state. I saw my shortcomings, and elevated on the basis of the Fa.

I am looking forward to reading more experience sharing articles.