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China Fahui | Calling People to Tell Them the Facts about Falun Gong

December 18, 2013 |   By Sijing, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

 (Minghui.org) I was imprisoned for a total of nine years for practicing Falun Gong. When I was released, I wanted to make up for the time that I lost in my cultivation and saving people. I spent almost all of my time studying the Fa and clarifying the truth.

1. Helping Thousands of People to Quit the CCP Over the Phone

I started to make phone calls and sent recorded messages with my cell phone whenever I had time. After a while, I felt that it was a pity that I couldn't help those people who listened to the recordings about the truth of Falun Dafa and how to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I bought a phone card, and whenever someone had listened to the entire recording, I ran to the nearest phone booth, called that person, and helped him or her to quit the CCP.

A practitioner noticed that I was running around to telephone booths to make calls in all kinds of weather. He contacted me and taught me how to make calls through the Internet. He told me that this was safer. After a while, he told me that of all the practitioners who told people the truth through Internet phones, I was the best and most persistent. I know that other practitioners were a lot more eloquent than me; the difference was that I was persistent and they were not. Some of them quit after they experienced frustrating situations.

I didn't get good results all the time either. Sometimes, no one quit the CCP after I made dozens of calls. It didn't feel good, but I knew that being persistent was part of the process in which I improved with practice.

2. Helping People to Quit the CCP

When I just started to make calls, I was a little scared. I wrote down what I wanted to say and memorized it before I called. I repeatedly read the experience sharing articles on how to make phone calls on Minghui and learned how other practitioners started the conversation and responded to different questions. I made and kept notes.

During the past few years of trial and error, I discovered how to keep people from hanging up quickly. It was to mention that I wanted to help them quit the CCP. Most of them had already heard about it. The moment they picked up the phone, I introduced myself as a volunteer of the Center for Quitting the CCP. I said, “I want to tell you something important. The CCP won't be around much longer. Why? In the past, the political movements, including the Cultural Revolution and the persecution of Falun Dafa, have caused unnatural deaths of 80 million Chinese people. A lot of them believed in gods, and gods will eliminate the CCP.

"In Guizhou is a rock with six naturally formed characters on it that say, 'The CCP will perish.' These characters were formed 270 million years ago. Many Chinese leaders have seen them and everyone knows that it is the will of the gods. When you enrolled in the CCP you swore that you will devote your life to it. When gods eliminate the CCP, won't you go down with it? If you have been a member of the CCP and its affiliates, you must quit and then no catastrophe will harm you. Are you a member?”

I wrote down many names, and once a person wanted to quit, I quickly picked out a name for that person and told him that it was his alias.

3. Improving Xinxing Is the Basis for Doing Dafa Work Well

One time I suggested to a practitioner to not spend so much time watching soaps on NTD Television. He told me it was a positive energy. I told him that it was for ordinary people and the killings and love stories were still interference. He told me I was going to extremes and walked away in anger. I felt a bit wronged and sad and thought that I only told him the Fa principles. I looked within and discovered that I had an attachment to fighting and cared about being right instead of helping him improve.

Because I looked within and my xinxing improved, Master helped me. That day, I made calls for two hours and helped two dozen people quit the Party, the best results thus far.

One time, Practitioner B heard that I had a date. He made fun of me during a sharing session and said that I would become an ordinary person. It wasn't true, and other practitioners felt that B had insulted me. It didn't bother me, and I knew I shouldn't blame fellow practitioners. I gave B money later, which I had saved to make informational materials. During that time, it went really well when I helped others to quit the CCP. It felt like people were lining up on the other end of the phone waiting for me to help them. All I needed to say was “Next, please.” This was a feeling of a true practitioner.

4. Eliminating Interference

In 2010, I had a rash all over my body. It not only looked scary, it hurt so bad that I couldn't even wear clothes. I refused to go to a hospital, and many practitioners came to me to send forth righteous thoughts. I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts more each day and was determined to keep calling, no matter what. It was painful having to wear clothes and difficult to go out to talk to people face to face and to make calls.

I kept looking within and discovered many attachments, but things didn't change for the better. Some practitioners suggested that I shower with a certain kind of water, but I didn't want to treat it like an illness. I didn't know what I had done wrong, but I knew that I needed to do the three things well and eventually I would pass this test.

Master said:

“But there is a point I want to make: No matter what, have righteous thoughts and act righteously, and there will be no test that you cannot pass. Even if things do get very grave and you don't know where your own problem lies, you can't be without righteous thoughts. No matter what the circumstances, your fundamental faith in Dafa cannot waver, because when [your faith remains strong], even if you can't fully understand something or you haven't done something well and didn't pass a major test, or even if you lost your human body and left this world, you will nevertheless achieve Consummation. (Applause) That's because Master does not acknowledge this persecution, and that thing was done to you by the persecution. So you must make sure to heed this. At that moment, if you suddenly switch sides and turn bad in that instant, then everything of yours might be finished. Your righteous thoughts must be strong enough, and even when you haven't passed a test well, you cannot waver on the most fundamental issue.” ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005").

I suffered from this condition for over a year, but kept my faith in Master and Falun Dafa. I passed the test and now my skin is fair and healthy.

5. Calling Whenever Possible

I used to place calls from one phone and help a person quit the CCP with another phone. I asked a practitioner who knew more about computers to help me to only use one phone to tackle both tasks. The practitioner quickly figured out something that worked for me that was simple and effective. Because the person on the phone had heard the recorded message before, it normally took only a few words from me and that person quit the CCP. I quickly recommended this technique to other practitioners who were on the calling project.

I am now able to work on the phone more flexibly. I've called people with my cell phone even while riding on my scooter. Once the person finished listening to the recording, I pulled over and helped him to quit the CCP. I did the same when I did household chores.

Once I came across a person who kept asking me for money no matter what I told him. He said he would do whatever I said if I just gave him money. I raised my voice, “Don't you want to stay alive?” I told this to my family during dinner, and my daughter and mother-in-law told me that I had threatened the person. One of them said, “If I were him, I wouldn't quit the CCP because of what you said.” I argued that they were taking what I said out of context and that wasn't what I meant. I quickly realized that I had an attachment and I needed to improve.

6. Not Giving up Easily

When the person on the other end of the phone refused to listen or to quit the CCP, I believed that there wasn't anything more I could do and went on to the next person. Gradually, I had compassion for those people. I knew that they would have lost the last chance for life if I gave up on them. So I started to call those who had hung up on me again.

One time, a person cursed at me. I remained calm and talked to him about the persecution. He hung up, but I called him back. I knew there was hope for him, because he had listened to the entire recording. I told him, “Please don't miss this opportunity. I don't want anything from you. People lie to you so that they can cheat you for money or other things. Why would I lie and tell you that you could be safe? If you quit, anything that happens in the future will have nothing to do with you. Please sincerely quit the CCP.” I almost cried, and he was moved and agreed to quit. In fact, the possibility that people quit when I called them the second time was quite high.

7. The Immense Grace of Falun Dafa

I raised my daughter alone. In 2002, I was incarcerated because I practiced Falun Dafa. My daughter was 15 at that time. During the same time, a good friend of my daughter was imprisoned for using drugs and prostitution. I worried that my daughter might do bad things without me around.

I wasn't allowed to have any family visits for two years, because I refused to identify myself as a prisoner at roll call. I did not conform because I wasn't a prisoner. I tried my best not to compromise with the evil and not to be swayed by emotions. I kept my righteous thoughts. My sentimentality toward my daughter was my biggest issue, but I was able to make choices based on righteous thoughts and not my emotions. I knew Master would do what was best for me.

Thanks to Master she had not degenerated when I got out of prison seven years later. She had found a good husband from a well educated family and had a lovely daughter. Her father-in-law often told me how sensible she was.

Sometimes my daughter fought with her husband and complained about him to me. I thought about what Master said in Zhuan Falun, Lecture Eight,

"When your friends or family suffer, are you moved? How do you weigh them? This is how difficult it is to be a practitioner!"

Sometimes I went to my daughter and helped her with her baby. When I had time, I made calls to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa. My son-in-law overheard me and often praised me because I spoke good Mandarin. When they had visitors, I told them the facts. Gradually, my daughter's relationship with her husband improved. Her father-in-law bought her a big house and put it in her name. Her salary gradually increased, and she bought me a good computer with which I could clarify the facts. I had plenty of money to work with, and my daughter offered to buy me a car. I knew that I owe everything to Falun Dafa.

If I didn't practice Falun Dafa, I would still be a cancer patient without a husband and any financial means. I would probably have spent the rest of my life in poverty and being ill. Falun Dafa has changed my life, and I am energetic and look young for my age.

Master said:

“To cultivate and return as quickly as possible is the most important thing for you. Don’t think about other things. I, your master, will definitely give you the best. (Applause) For whom is the new universe and everything of the future created? Aren’t they created for all lives? Isn’t that right? Parents always want to give their children the best. They especially want to give them a better future. They all have that intention.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore)

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