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China Fahui | A 72-Year-Old Practitioner Recounts Wonderful Experiences in Her Practice of Falun Dafa

November 27, 2013 |   By a Dafa disciple in Beijing

(Minghui.org) During my 18 years of cultivation, I have had too many wonderful experiences to list, but I would like to share a few.

My Life Gained New Meaning after I Began to Practice Falun Dafa

October 4, 1995, was the most important day in my life. On that fateful day, I went to a park for morning exercise as usual and noticed a group of people meditating. After I learned it was Falun Gong, I had a desire to try it right away. One of the practitioners kindly lent me a copy of Zhuan Falun, and I read for a whole day non-stop. I kept saying to myself, "What a great book!"

Three days into watching Master’s exercise teaching video, I suddenly had a terrible heartache and I worried how I was going to get home. To my surprise, the pain suddenly disappeared as fast as it came, and I felt light all over. While riding my bike home, it felt as if the wind was pushing me forward. When I returned home, I saw little white Faluns spinning on the TV screen.

Reading Zhuan Falun and watching Master's Fa-teaching video, I felt as if I had been rescued from hell. For many years I had been plagued by numerous ailments, including a heart problem, slipped disk, and high blood pressure. I often passed out while out walking. When I came down with a stomach problem, my son cried after seeing the diagnosis. He later told me it was stomach cancer.

My husband became paralyzed when our son was three years old, and I took care of him for more than 20 years until his passing in 1994. I also cared for my disabled mother until her death in 1989. I made so many trips to the hospital that many doctors knew me well. My four brothers tried their best to avoid me since they didn't want to get involved in my family's financial difficulties.

After I began my cultivation, I saw why I had so much hardship in my life. Dafa brought new meaning to my life.

What I Saw with My Third Eye

When I first started trying to do the exercises, Master's Fashen came to demonstrate and teach me all the movements.

On my way home from group exercise, I once saw a giant Buddha with legs crossed in front of me. I recognized it was Master. Interestingly, Master appeared to be really close, but somehow I just couldn't get close to Him. Then I crossed a bridge and suddenly felt very heavy. When I looked around, I saw familiar things and realized I had just returned to the human world.

Another time on my way to the group exercise site, a big boat made of white jade appeared before my eyes. Many gods dressed in white sat on the boat and I could see their faces clearly. The boat seemed to be sailing slowly, but I just couldn't catch up with it.

At the beginning of my cultivation, my primordial spirit would come out of my body every time I sat down to meditate. Once it went under the layer of ice covering the frozen lake and I realized the ice surface was not smooth as it appeared. There were many sharp spikes and I made my way around them. I saw fish swimming next to me and suddenly felt it was really cold. I thought I had to get out, and my primordial spirit soon returned to my body.

Another time during meditation, I saw a creature whose upper body looked like a fish and whose lower body looked human. One of these creatures jumped so high that its head almost touched the flat surface on which we sat for mediation. Its human-form lower body was so long that it extended several dozen feet.

There was also a time when I saw all the Dafa disciples at our group exercise site jump into a lake and come out monks with shaved heads.

Normally when I did the meditation, there were four gods guarding me. Two of them held knives with long handles and the other two had long spears. They stood solemnly by my side. Once a crocodile tried to attack me and one knife-holding god chopped it into pieces. As a matter of fact, these four gods still show up once in a little while. Every time I see them, I smile.

When Master published “An Explicit Reminder” (in Essentials For Further Advancement) , my primordial spirit no longer came out of my body that casually.

About a month into my cultivation, I suddenly froze after finishing the exercises. I managed to sit up, but one side of my body was still stiff. Some people felt nervous for me while others teased me. I said, “Don't you tease me. I'll catch up with you once I cross the bridge.” There was a bridge about ten meters ahead and I indeed was totally fine after crossing the bridge.

One day while doing the meditation at the group exercise site, Master passed by me and asked how long I could sit with my legs crossed. Master's energy field was so strong that it froze me. At that time, Master was about to travel to Atlanta in the U.S. and several Dafa assistants accompanied Him to visit our exercise site. This was not what I saw in other dimensions, but something that really happened.

Clarifying the Facts with No Fear

I was extremely sad when the Chinese Communist Party began to bombard the public with fabricated lies about Master on TV and radio and in the newspapers in July 1999.

One day in 2000 I saw as I was meditating that Master sat with His legs crossed on a mountain and my gut feeling told me it was real. I went to a fellow practitioner and asked her to get online to check. When she turned on her computer, we saw on Minghui the photo of Master quietly watching the world from amidst the mountains after leaving New York following July 20, 1999.

I cried for more than an hour after seeing the picture. When I calmed down, I knew I had to let people know what Falun Gong was really about and why the CCP was persecuting this wonderful practice.

I have distributed numerous copies of truth-clarification materials since 2000, averaging 100-200 copies each week. Master has endured so much for the world's people, and we should work hard to merit the title of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

Most of the materials I handed out personally. I had no fear and I usually told everyone I met that the materials could save their lives. I encountered all kinds of people. Some were very righteous and asked me to help them quit the CCP right away.

When some people cursed at me or tried to stop me from handing the materials out, I was not moved at all and I just went ahead with what I wanted to do. Once a car stopped next to me and the driver threatened to take me to the police station. I asked if he was still a good person and he left without making further fuss.

Though some plainclothes police followed me everywhere beginning in 2000, I was not afraid at all and just clarified the facts as usual. Once after I talked to someone, a plainclothes officer came over to tell him they were keeping an eye on me.

That person was very kind and caught up with me to warn me that someone was following me. I told him I had no worries.

Another time an officer drove a police car behind me, so I decided to stop and talk to him. When he saw me coming toward him, he hid in the car.

The local police stopped shadowing me in 2005.

People who accepted truth-clarification materials from me were all concerned about my safety, but I was not deterred, since every time during meditation I saw the four gods mentioned before guarding me. Everyday people couldn't see them, but I knew they were always there. Moreover, I have Master protecting me.

Once while taking a nap around noontime, I suddenly found myself having fallen into water. In no time the water rose to my waist and my bag containing truth-clarification materials was still on the riverbank. I shouted “Master, please help me!” and soon saw myself getting out of the water.

I covered most districts in Beijing, including Xuanwu, Chongwen, and Chaoyang.

Good Is Rewarded, Evil Is Punished

During all these years of my cultivation, I've seen people blessed for supporting Dafa and punished for committing sins against Dafa.

I was arrested in early 2000 and spent the Chinese New Year in a local detention center. The initial term was 30 days, but a police officer kept me in custody for ten more days. Shortly afterwards, his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Around 2006 an acquaintance turned in the truth-clarification materials I gave him to the local police station. Three officers came to arrest me and complained that I cost them their bonus.

During my ten days of detention, my son went to the police station every day to ask for my release. The tipster died a month after I was set free.

I myself was blessed by my Dafa cultivation. The past few years I've moved quite a few times, each time getting a bigger house. Now I live in a single-family house all by myself. Interestingly, no matter where I've moved, I've always been able to get in touch with local practitioners and get truth-clarification materials from them to distribute.

After graduating from a drama school, my son tried several jobs to make ends meet. Later he opened a printing company with a few partners and made good money. He invested his profits in the stock market and earned even more. A set of furniture he bought for 50,000 yuan has now appreciated to 2 million yuan. Though my son is still into pursuing material interests, his thoughts about Dafa are very righteous.

It is truly “When one person obtains the Fa, the whole family will benefit.” (“Teaching the Fa and Answering Questions in Jinan,” Zhuan Falun Fajie The Law of Zhuan Falun Explained)

Dafa will bring blessings to us after we let go of human attachments. Of course, by that time, we are no longer obsessed with material interests.

Breaking Through Sickness Karma with Righteous Enlightenment

I did pretty well breaking through sickness karma. Once in a little when my heart would ache, I always remembered to ask Master for help. The pain would disappear in no time.

On January 19, 2013, I suddenly had chills all over and soon passed out. When I came to due to a sharp pain in my heart, I found I couldn’t move at all.

I asked Master to please help me and saw Master coming to me in no time. I became clearheaded and realized I was able to move my toes and fingers. I said to Master I wanted to sit up and indeed managed to do so.

I crossed my legs to meditate, but felt a sharp pain in my back and found my entire lower body covered with blisters. Some of the blisters had already broken and were oozing a yellowish fluid.

I thought about calling my son but realized he was out of town and couldn't come back right away. The whole night I asked Master to please help me.

I called a fellow practitioner at 8 o'clock the next morning. She soon came to help me send forth righteous thoughts. After I took a shower, the right side of my body was no longer that sticky from the blisters.

I recalled Master's teachings:

"It’s hard to endure, but you can endure it. It’s hard to do, but you can do it." (Zhuan Falun)

“No matter what big things are happening, pretend nothing is going on and just go about, as usual, doing what a Dafa disciple should do. This is the path you're taking today, and this is the [legacy of] mighty virtue you are leaving.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Washington DC Fa Conference,” Teaching the Fa at the Conference VI)

Soon I was able to move around and figured I must not stop clarifying the facts. So I took a bus as usual to go out and distribute truth-clarification materials. I was super energetic while talking to people, yet became deflated the moment I was done. How to get home when I had lost all my energy? Miraculously, a tricycle taxi stopped right in front me and drove me home.

I did the three things as usual but got worried when my blisters didn't disappear after several days. My human side took over, and I drank a lot of green bean soup hoping to lessen the symptoms. However, my condition worsened and I realized as a cultivator I shouldn't be using a human mindset to treat sickness karma.

Helping Fellow Practitioners Pass the Test of Sickness Karma

Sickness karma is a crucial test for elderly practitioners. Sometimes it really feels like a test of life and death. Many practitioners around me had experiences similar to mine.

The year before last year, a 68-year-old practitioner called me for help. When I got to her house, she held me tightly and cried out. I saw that the skin around her waist has festered and was covered with pus-filled blisters.

I smiled at her and said, “This is a good thing. If you want to elevate your level, you must study the Fa and practice the exercises more. As long as you do the three things well, you will pass this test quickly.”

She listened to my advice and soon got well.

A 78-year-old out-of-town practitioner wanted me to visit her. When I saw her, her daughter-in-law was washing her soiled pants. She told me she had been suffering from vomiting and diarrhea the entire week. She couldn't keep anything down and didn't have any energy to make truth-clarification materials.

I sent forth righteous thoughts for her and asked her to get out of bed. She hesitated, but I urged her to do what she was supposed to do. She managed to sit in a chair. When she asked if I needed more materials, I said of course. I also asked her to deliver a certain amount of materials to a certain place the very next day.

As I expected, she had no trouble delivering the requested materials the next day.

A third practitioner was also 78. When she called me last year, her very first words were: “I'm dying and I'm bidding you farewell.”

Master drank a whole bowl of poison in order to save the life of a sentient being, yet she couldn't stand her trivial sufferings. Since my phone could well be tapped, I didn't spell out everything explicitly. But when I asked if she knew the taste of a whole bowl of poison, she understood right away and stopped complaining. I sent forth righteous thoughts for her for a whole night. When I took a morning bus to see her the next day, she smiled at me. She soon returned to normal.

I am 72, but I move around like a young person. I thank Master for saving me.

My deepest respect and gratitude to our revered Master!