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My Mother-in-law Finally Declares, "Falun Gong Is Really Good!"

November 21, 2013 |  

(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. During the past sixteen years, I've witnessed many miracles as a result of studying the Dafa books and improving my xinxing. I deeply feel Master's benevolence and cannot find any words in human language to express my gratitude toward Master.

Master Saved My Life in Three Car Accidents

On a summer day in 1997, I took my son to the riverside to ride his bicycle. While we took a short break by the road, suddenly I saw a white pickup truck rushing toward us. I was so scared that I felt dizzy and lost consciousness for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I found that we were standing in the grass about a meter away from the road. Due to the low level of my xinxing at the time, I yelled at the vehicle (now speeding away), “You almost killed us!” Then, I scolded my son, “It's all because you wanted to ride your bike! We almost died under that truck's tires.” When we got home, I told my non-practitioner husband what had happened. He said, “Don't complain about it anymore! Thank goodness your Master protected you two. Otherwise, it would've been a tragedy!”

Another time, I took my son to visit my parents. I rode a bicycle, and my son rode on the bike with me. A large truck coming from the opposite direction suddenly lost control from about 10 meters away and headed toward us. I tried to move to the roadside, but there was no more room. Surprisingly, right before we were hit, the truck driver managed to stop the truck right in front of us. Everyone was frightened, and my son was crying. The truck's brakes had failed, and even the driver did not know how the truck was pulled over. The driver was deeply apologetic and didn’t know what to say. I told him, “Never mind. We are fine. I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and my Master protected us.”

A similar event occurred on another night. My husband and I were on our way back from a dinner at my mother-in-law’s place. We walked along the road, since there was no sidewalk. Suddenly, a car came toward us while making strange noises. Since there was a ditch by the road, there was no room for us to yield. My husband yelled, “We're dead!” However, right before it hit us, the car looked as if it was pulled up by someone, with its two outboard tires suspended in the air. It moved this way for over twenty meters until the tires hit the ground again. My husband collected himself and exclaimed, “Oh, that scared me to death. Master saved us once again.”

These examples are just like Master said,

“There are a lot of examples like this, they’re countless, but nobody has experienced any danger. It’s not like all of us have to go through these kinds of things, but some of us will. Whether you run into them or not, I can guarantee that you won’t be in any danger—I can guarantee it. Some students’ actions don’t meet our character requirements, they just do the exercises and they don’t cultivate their character, so you can’t call them practitioners.” (The Third Talk in Zhuan Falun)

Improving Xinxing Through Tribulations

Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I had many incurable diseases. Consequently, I was a hot-tempered woman. I always quarreled with my mother-in-law and my sisters-in-law. In addition, I had some strong attachments, such as to reputation and self-interest, and I worried about personal gain and loss all day.

Before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, I went to a Dafa study group one Sunday. I returned home for dinner, only to discover that my mother-in-law purposely had dinner earlier than usual, and they did not leave any food for me. Moreover, she said, “You beggar-woman couldn't feed yourself outside, and now you come back home with an empty bowl. One day, a gun will be pointing at your head, and we'll see if you'll give up practicing [Falun Dafa].” In the beginning, I endured her insults with tears and thought I had to treat them kindly instead of fighting with them as before, because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.

My mother-in-law's family operated a dormitory and provided meals to over twenty high school students and some working adults. She hired me and my husband to cook and offered us a monthly salary, which was never paid. Just as I prepared to leave for my Fa-study group after work, she gave me a large sack of sheets, including unused ones, and told me to wash them that night and return them to her the next morning. With tears in my eyes, I carried this big package with me to attend the study group. Other practitioners encouraged me and said, “This is a good opportunity to improve your xinxing. Do not resent your mother-in-law. As a practitioner, you cannot fight back or quarrel with her.” After Fa-study, I washed all of the sheets calmly.

Once, I had no money and needed to buy shampoo. Before leaving work, I stole a one yuan bill in order to buy shampoo for myself. When I came back home, I felt so guilty I could not fall sleep at the thought of that bill. The next day, I returned the bill to her and said, “As a practitioner, I cannot take anything that does not belong to me.” She took the bill and said, “Don't pretend to be a good woman. I'm sure a fox will reveal its tail eventually.”

Once, more than ten students and other customers were eating dinner at my table. My son was sick and did not want to eat. I might have said something that somehow irritated my father-in-law, because he rudely took away my bowl in front of everybody. Embarrassed, I complained, “Dad, I worked a long day, and I'm starving now. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why can’t I eat?” He became angrier because I talked back to him and threw my bowl on the ground, shouting, “If you keep eating, I'll flip this table over so no one can eat.”

I thought that I’d better leave so everyone else could have dinner in peace. When I walked out, I could not control my emotions and burst into tears. I said to myself, “Why is it so hard for me? Why did he insult me like this? If I weren't a practitioner, I might have flipped the table myself. I lost face in front of so many people! How can I live like this?” I was pushed to the brink, but I remembered that Dafa's teachings forbid suicide. Then, a section of the Fa flashed in my mind,

“When you’re going through an awful tribulation, or maybe a critical juncture, give it a try. When it’s hard to endure, try to endure it. When it seems impossible to do, or just hard to do, give it a try and see just what you can do. And when you can really do it, just like that worn and weary traveler, you’ll see, ‘the shade of willows, the blooms of flowers, a place to rest my head’!” (The Ninth Talk in Zhuan Falun)

In 2010, my mother-in-law received three new apartments as compensation for the demolition of her old house. She wanted us to buy one of them from her so she would have money to renovate the other two. To do that, we had to sell our own apartment. My husband wanted to use the money to buy a better apartment somewhere else. As a practitioner, I thought of other people first, so I disagreed with him because my in-laws needed the money to renovate their new apartments.

My husband said angrily, “Are you a fool? My mother gave each of my other brothers an apartment and wants to spend our money to renovate the apartment for my youngest brother. She did not give us anything. Is that fair?” I replied, “My Master said, 'If something is yours, nobody will take it away, and if something isn’t yours, you won’t be able to get it even by fighting for it.'” (The Seventh Talk in Zhuan Falun)

We moved into the new apartment and stayed for several months. Later, we sold this apartment easily and gained from the transaction. By this time, my mother-in-law had changed completely. She asked me, “Could you play Master’s lecture recordings for me?” I said, “Why have you changed your mind? You refused to listen to it when I recommended it many times before.” She answered, “Falun Gong is really good. I thought you were pretending to be good and waited to see you reveal your fox tail one day. But over the past decade, you only became better and better.” I said, “I still have a lot of shortcomings, and I will improve myself according to the standards of the Fa. I will do even better.”

Seeing both of my in-laws sitting there listening to the Fa, I said in my heart, “As you can listen to the Fa, you have chosen a bright future for yourselves.”

Amid Persecution, My Family Stands on Dafa's Side

At midnight on September 9, 2002, over twenty armed police officers led by police chief Zhang and deputy head Guo, broke into my house. Guo pointed a handgun at me, while Gao pointed a submachine gun at my husband. I was illegally arrested. I felt sad for the officers, since they were involved in persecuting Dafa. Guo did not accept my advice to stop participating in the persecution and said, “The Communist Party pays me and feeds me, so I have to arrest you even if I know you're a good person.” I later learned that Guo later had two car accidents and was dismissed on charges of bribery.

Over the years, my whole family supported me whenever I was arrested, since they had witnessed a lot of miracles. For example, my husband had back problems. One day, he said, “My lower back is not as painful as usual. Can you take a look at it?” My son said he saw a lotus flower growing around his lower back. This flower then faded away over many days. Since then, his lower back was not painful anymore.

As a practitioner, I know we have experienced innumerable miracles during our cultivation. Remembering my sixteen years of cultivation, I feel so fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period!