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China Fahui | Witnessing the Mighty Power of Dafa

November 17, 2013 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Hubei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am over 60 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1998.

In January 1975, a day after my son was born, I went outside in wind and rain to wash diapers in a pond. When I came back home, I felt like an icicle. After that, I was afraid of the cold. Even on a hot summer day, I wore long sleeves.

Doctors told me that I had rheumatism. For more than 20 years, I took medicine and shots, but to no avail. I also tried massage and qigong, without any improvement. My husband got tired of my many attempts at healing, as money was spent with no tangible results. He had to work away from home quite a bit, and I had to work on a farm and take care of two children. Life was so tough that I often felt sad and cried.

In 1997, a relative suggested that I try Falun Gong. I thought it was too difficult for me to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, because I had a bad temper. Hence, I did not follow his advice.

By the end of 1997, a physical checkup revealed that I had a kidney infection. In February 1998, I also found out that my liver had a large cyst. The hospital required a deposit of 10,000 yuan for surgery. I did not have the money, and my children needed money to go to school.

In my despair, I told my husband to send me to a nearby temple and forget about caring for me.

I found my teacher!

My husband and I were on our way to a temple when we met that relative again. He he said: “Come to my home. I shall teach you how to practice Falun Gong and you will be healed.” We followed him to his home. Normally, I could not stand straight, but when he was telling me how to do the first exercise, I was able to stand straight. For this reason, I was very impressed with the practice. I did not do the sitting meditation until I returned home.

After practicing for about a week, I saw Teacher's fashen descending from the sky and then ascending back up. His fashen had blue curly hair and was wearing a yellow kasaya. I didn't know it was Teacher's fashen at that time.

Later, I saw a shining, golden falun turning and flying in front of me. I didn't understand what was happening. One day, another practitioner brought me to a practice site. I saw a picture of Teacher and a picture of falun. At that moment, I understood that I found my Teacher. I put my hands in the heshi position to thank Teacher for looking after me.

After I began cultivation in Falun Dafa, I did not give up taking medicine. I decided not to buy any more medicine, but I thought I should finish taking what I had. One day, I took my medicine and my entire body immediately froze. I was unable to speak. I saw Teacher's fashen looking at me with a solemn face, and there were lotus flowers moving upward around him. I understood that I should discard all of my medicine.

After that, my health improved steadily. After about three months, I was able to work on the farm again. People in my area were surprised to see me back on the farm. It was the power of Falun Dafa that helped me.

I saw that Teacher's fashen was always with me. When I rode on a bike, I saw that I was on horseback and Teacher's fashen was guiding me up a hill. When I rode down the hill, I saw that I was on my bike again. While walking along a road, I saw that I was on a boat and Teacher's fashen was steering the boat. I realized that Teacher's fashen was always protecting me.

One day while lying on my bed, I saw many falun raising my body up and Teacher's fashen was purifying my body. After cultivating for about six months, my health was completely restored. In fact, I felt quite energetic.

Discard the television set

On the afternoon of July 20, 1999, I saw that Falun Dafa was being slandered on television. I thought to myself: “What should I do? Not allowing people to cultivate in Falun Dafa will hurt a lot of people, including me.” In an agitated state, I asked my daughter to get rid of the television set. My daughter said: “This is a nationwide affair. We can discard our television set, but other people still have theirs.” When I calmed down, I felt really bad about the news.

The next day, the local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary, along with three police officers, came to my home and said: “You are a Falun Gong practitioner. You need to quit practicing now.”

I replied: “You all know that I was seriously ill and it is through practicing Falun Gong that my health has improved. If I stop practicing Falun Gong and my health deteriorates, who could help me?” They replied, “You can practice at home, but you must get rid of all Falun Gong-related pictures and books.” I said: “I am illiterate and don't have any books. I shall put away the pictures.”

They came again a day after. I said to them, “I know what is good and what is bad. I don't need you to tell me.” They said nothing and left. On the evening of the third day, the secretary came again and asked me to sign a document. I said: “I am illiterate. I don't know how to write. You can leave now.”

Teacher is taking care of me

One evening in 2004, I went to visit my uncle and was bitten by his dog. It was quite serious. My pants had a big hole and my foot was swollen. My son and many relatives wanted me to get vaccinated, but I refused. I told them that Teacher purified my body before and I had no doubt that I would be fine. That evening the pain was quite severe. I just recited the Fa. Gradually, the pain went away.

My grandson needed to get vaccinated at the local hospital. My son did not want me to go with him, but I insisted on going. Inside the hospital, we had to go down an escalator. As I stepped onto it, I slipped, fell and dislocated my knee.

I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts, thinking, “I am a Dafa practitioner. Teacher will look after me.” People nearby asked me to roll off the escalator, but I did not. It carried me down anyway. I got up slowly and limped to a long bench. There, I continued to send forth righteous thoughts and told people around me about Dafa.

After returning home, my son asked me whether I needed care. I said: “I am fine. My Teacher is caring for me. If you accept this fact, you are helping me.” When my children were around me, I tried to show them that I was fine. Actually, I had to crawl to get upstairs because I could not walk. I regretted that I was emotionally attached to my grandson, which had led to this problem. By insisting on reciting the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, my leg fully recovered in four days.

Cultivation is a serious matter

Last year around the New Year's time, I was not mindful of my xinxing. I was concerned about the bonus my husband got. I also quarreled with my daughter-in-law and was not able to calm down while doing the exercises. This state of mind invited disaster.

One night I had a dream. I saw a group of young vicious people with steel poles in their hands. They were beating whoever went by them. I hid to the side and saw a car drive by me, pulling a load of lotus roots. I jumped onto the load and it carried me through a dark tunnel. As I emerged from the tunnel, I saw a river up front and there was no road to go any further.

At this point, I heard a voice say, “There is a road above you.” As I looked up, indeed, there was a road. Then I woke up. At first, I interpreted this dream to mean that the evil people were in the process of hurting ordinary people, and saving sentient beings was of urgent priority. Later, I thought that Teacher was telling me that a disaster was coming and there was a way out.

The next day, I had an opportunity in the morning to tell people about Dafa. In the afternoon, I participated in a group study. After returning home, I felt dizzy and could not walk steadily. I recited the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. After dinner, I had a serious headache, wanted to vomit and needed to use the bathroom repeatedly.

After 9 o'clock in the evening I called several practitioners to come help me. They surrounded me and sent forth righteous thoughts to fend off the dark minions. I felt much better. The next morning, however, the headache returned and it was worse than before. I kept reciting the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Later, I felt cold and shivered. I was also unable to speak. My husband put me to bed and called my son and daughter to come home. I was not thinking of them. I wanted to call some practitioners to come over and help me, but was unable to speak.

Finally, my husband sensed my wish and called some practitioners for me. They came and sent forth righteous thoughts and read the Fa out loud for me. After some time, my body began to warm up. After another hour, I was able to eat a bowl of porridge and felt normal again. Again, the miraculous power of Dafa was displayed through this event.

My relatives were not convinced that I had recovered. They carried me to a hospital for a checkup and forced me to go through tests such as CT scan, ultrasound, etc. It turned out that I was, indeed, healthy.

Patients sharing the same room with me said, “How come you recovered so quickly?” I gave them Dafa amulets and said: “I am a Dafa practitioner. I don't get sick. I am ready to go home now.” I explained the facts about Falun Gong to one of them. They saw what happened to me and thus believed what I told them.

My husband was convinced of the power of Dafa through this incident. He now supports me to go out to save sentient beings.

From this incident I learned that cultivation is a serious matter. It is important to keep every thought righteous.

Strong wind blew off an evil board

I have benefited so much from cultivating in Dafa. Hence, I want to tell people about it. Teacher also wants us to save more sentient beings. When the persecution started, I visited all of my relatives and told them about my own experiences to show them why Dafa is so great. Later, I went to more distant villages to distribute truth-clarification materials, put up posters and tell people about Dafa whenever there was an opportunity.

While I was visiting a village, I saw a factory where artificial flowers were made. I went in there with the intent to distribute information about Dafa. One person said to me: “Did you see the posted statements on that board? Those negative statements are about Falun Gong.”

A board on the wall in the courtyard had slanderous statements about Dafa. I told them not to read those statements because it was bad for them. I thought to myself that it was important to remove this board, so I asked them for tools. They said to me, “This board was put up here by the police department. You can't remove it.”

I asked to speak to their boss. They said, “His name is Wang and he is in the office.” I went to the office and said to Mr. Wang: “This is an important matter. Your factory has this board slandering Dafa. By insulting Buddha you will lose Buddha's protection and your business will be hurt. The person who posted this board did not understand the damaging effect. If you let me take it down, it will bring good fortune to you.” The boss replied: “You don't need to do it. I can send someone to do it.”

I went to the factory again the following week. The board was still there. I was told that the boss did send two people to remove it, but they did not want to offend the police. I sent forth righteous thoughts: “The Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated.” Then, I told them that the evil minions had been eliminated and that they could remove the board now. They replied, “All right. You don't need to worry about it.”

I went to the factory again the following week and found that the board was gone. They told me: “On the second day after you came here, we were ready to remove the board. However, we found that it was not easy to remove it, because it was very firmly attached. Then, suddenly a fierce gust of wind came and blew it down.” I told them this was Teacher's power.

A life is wasted!

The police station on my street added three officers who were university graduates. Their job was to remove Dafa posters in our area. I explained to them why it was harmful for them to do that. Not long after, two of the officers quit the job. The third one did not. I was concerned about his well-being.

One night he was on duty at the office and felt dizzy. He spat blood. Other police officers wanted to send him to the hospital. He passed away before reaching the hospital. He was on this job for less than six months. His uncle lives across the street from me and told me about the incident.

It is clear to me that good and evil are always compensated accordingly.

I can remember many more incidents about the power of Dafa, but I could not include all of them here.

I am grateful to Teacher for the salvation offered to me, and I want to thank fellow practitioners for their support.

(10th China Fahui on Minghui.org)