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Three Practitioners' Experiences in Cultivation

November 16, 2013 |  


My Understanding about Compassion

By a Dafa practitioner in China

I remember a sentence Master said, “When you encounter a tribulation, that great compassion will help you overcome it.” (Falun Gong) Several times, especially in difficult situations, I always remember this sentence and truly feel that compassion has immeasurable power.

During the personal cultivation stage prior to the beginning of the persecution, I gained a lot of understanding about compassion. When I was very diligent and felt I cultivated well, I felt that every single cell in my body was filled with compassion and I could have an effect on others. When I spoke to people, my words were able to touch them deeply. When I was going through tribulations and had a lot of compassion, I felt that I was beyond the reach of the evil or even if it could reach me, it wasn't able to do anything. Master helped me resolve many difficulties and I could feel my cultivation level elevating rapidly. I maintained a good cultivation state at work as well, so my work environment was also well-balanced, which played a positive role after the persecution started. I hardly felt any pressure at work, and my colleagues and superiors also helped me to a certain extent.

Later, when the persecution became severe, the power of compassion displayed its enormous strength.

In 2008 when I was being persecuted in a forced labor camp, I had to share a room with the most vicious group leader at the time. He forced me to stand under the scorching sun at midday and beat me the next evening. He kept asking me questions, and each time I gave him a positive answer, he slapped my face ferociously. He hit me so hard that I fell off the chair several times. He hit me over 20 times, and my gums were bleeding.

I wasn't scared, nor was I angry or resentful. I thought that, although he appeared to be very vicious, he was a human being and also had a kind side. I kept being sincerely nice to him, thinking that as long as I had enough compassion, I'd be able to touch his heart and he would change.

Later I learned that when these pawns were first chosen to serve in the “division under special control,” they were trained by police in charge of brainwashing with slanderous and evil lies about Falun Gong, and they had to pass tests.

No matter how he verbally abused me or tortured me, I always tried to clarify the facts to him whenever I had an opportunity. I found that he still had some kindness deep inside. When other people were present, he didn't dare to listen to me (for fear of being reported). When there were only the two of us, I would tell him in detail about Falun Gong and how I had changed both physically and spiritually. After he heard the facts, he no longer had that evil look on his face and said, “So, Falun Gong is pretty good. I don't dare to listen to you anymore. If I do, you'll transform me instead of the other way around.”

Later, he never hit me again, and I always talked to him about righteous principles. Gradually, he stopped doing what the police ordered him to do, and he only shouted at me to sit properly when the police came for inspection. After a while, he was transferred to a different group, where other Dafa practitioners also clarified the facts to him. He changed from being the most vicious hatchet-man in the camp to someone who stopped doing anything bad. A fellow practitioner told me he once made a promise to a Dafa practitioner he was sharing a room with that he would never behave the way he used to.

For a while, each time he saw me, he would ask, “You hate me, don't you?” I said, “Why should I hate you? I only hope you have a good future.” He witnessed the fine behavior of steadfast Dafa practitioners. A fellow practitioner later told me that before he left, he said, “On this floor (where the 'division under special control' was located) someone will truly reach consummation in the future.” This vicious person who had been brainwashed by the evil CCP and acted as a hatchet-man had this positive thought thanks to compassion demonstrated by Dafa practitioners.

On the surface, practitioners seem to have nothing or appear to be weak. However, since we follow the principles, we have the compassion that we have cultivated, and it has the power to dissolve all negative things.

I deeply feel that compassion has immense strength, possessed by righteous gods.

My Understanding on “Doing with No Pursuit”

By a Dafa practitioner in China

A couple of days ago, after we resolved an important problem and had good results at work, our supervisor praised us. However I felt rather uneasy and felt uncomfortable the whole day, but I couldn't figure out why I felt that way.

For a long time, my direct superior never recognized my work and I took this to heart. Due to the nature of my work, my direct superior seldom mentioned my work when he reported to the leaders above him. So I thought others might think I was not doing anything and felt a loss of face. I felt I was not given the opportunity to fully demonstrate my ability and therefore I wasn't taken seriously. At the same time, I felt that as a practitioner, if I wasn't doing well, it would have a negative effect and it would affect my truth-clarification to colleagues. Because of all this I've always felt a bit depressed inside. However this time when my achievement was acknowledged, I felt somewhat uneasy.

I felt there was something wrong in my way of thinking and realized that I was concerned about personal gain and loss. I remembered something I often said in the past: “I always feel very calm when others criticize me, but it disturbs me to have others praise me.” But do I really feel calm and unmoved when someone criticizes me? Yes, I can feel that way about things I don't care about, but for things I do mind, I react quite differently. I still care about “fame and recognition.” The reason it upsets me when others praise me is because I want to keep this superficial honor and don't want others to take it away.

Looking back, I found that I'd developed a very bad habit because I was constantly praised as a child. Sometimes I was embarrassed to do things that went against those words of praise, and I always tried to behave in a way that earned that praise. This had become part of my character and it was hard to detect.

I read a sharing today by a fellow practitioner that said that feeling inferior or arrogant are the same in nature, that both have to do with utilitarian concerns. Then why do I still weigh and compare the two? I felt I had such a low enlightenment quality.

In fact, I should just do my job well and thoroughly with a clear conscience instead of being bothered by what others might think or say. After all, one cannot determine the results by pursuing with their own desire.

Worrying whether it would affect truth-clarification is an obstacle in itself. In the past, I always felt rather nervous speaking in public, because I was worried that I might not speak well. Why couldn't I be open and aboveboard? It was because I always wanted to be the best and come out on top. This is a deeply hidden attachment to fame and recognition. It involves concern for fame, gain and jealousy. I was shocked when I examined my attachments.

I remembered what Master said, “Doing, but without pursuit--So constant, abiding in the Dao” (“Abiding in the Dao,” Hong Yin) and suddenly felt clear-minded. In fact there is really no need to feel nervous about or be burdened with those things. Just act with a simple and pure mind, and melt into the Fa at all times. A Great Way is most simple and easy.

My Experience in Reciting the Fa

By a Dafa practitioner in China

While I was reciting the Fa today, suddenly I had a deeper understanding of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual inhibition. Master said, “All of you are already aware of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I understand that matter within the Three Realms always seems to appear in opposites or in pairs and doesn't exist alone. When other people interfere with me, if I don't react and remain unmoved, and if I don't believe the interference exists or acknowledge its existence, and I don't have it in my heart, then I won't encounter such conflicts. When a conflict takes place, there are two parties in the conflict. If one party doesn't get involved, then there won't be a conflict. From the perspective of Fa principles, if a person can truly be unmoved, then nothing is allowed to interfere with him.

I don't have a good impression of a certain leader at work and am always unhappy with the way he handles things, thinking he has too much of the Party culture. I've always held a grudge against him and felt that he was not happy with me either and dislikes me. Isn't this itself causing conflict? As times goes on, this will become more of a reality.

I realized when I was reciting the Fa today that this mentality was very frightening and dangerous. I understand that I should no longer treat others this way. I mustn't treat people this way, and I need to forget their shortcomings. When I truly let go of these grudges, could he still have any resentment towards me? If I truly let go of such things completely, he may not even think that he dislikes me. If I'm kind and compassionate towards him, then as time goes on he will be in a field of kindness and assimilated to the kindness. He will then become kind and friendly. This should be the case, as the Fa principles control everything.

I used to have a bad habit of trying to figure out what others were thinking and how they felt. Even though I didn't do it intentionally or seriously, I still behaved that way, and sometimes I would be affected by other people's emotions. This is indeed a very bad habit. I should always maintain a pure heart to brighten my environment and other people's hearts.

There's a man at work who is incapable of doing anything properly and lacks a sense of responsibility. He cannot cooperate well with anyone, and no one seems to feel comfortable with him either. Even though we get along fine, I also find him hard to tolerate, and sometimes I complain about him in public and feel there is nothing wrong in doing so, feeling he is indeed pretty hopeless. Although I helped him quit the CCP organizations, I feel he still has many CCP elements, and I still feel resentful towards him.

Looking back, I feel I have done really poorly in cultivation. Why does he always turn up near me? To cultivate to become an enlightened being, one must be immeasurably broadminded and aboveboard. I need to help him with sincerity and I need more tolerance and compassion.

I didn't enlighten to this until I recited the Fa. Only by keeping the Fa in mind, can we be free from the interference of everyday people's ways of thinking and their emotions, and not unwittingly follow suit.