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Fellow Practitioners, Don't Neglect Morning Exercise

November 15, 2013 |   By a Mainland Dafa practitioner

(Minghui.org) I obtained Dafa in1999. Soon afterwards, the evil persecution began. Looking back I can see that I was not a diligent practitioner in the beginning. There were many barriers I did not overcome until 2004. I would like to share my experience.

With the help of fellow practitioners, I decided to begin my cultivation anew and become a true practitioner. I have been paying much closer attention to xinxing. I have set strict requirements for myself. Most of my illness karma passed smoothly, with the worst case lasting only a few days. Though without realizing it, I was not paying any attention to morning exercise. Sometimes I would fit in an exercise session during the day, but was not regular about it. I had an attachment to comfort.

In September of 2013, I developed a cough. I sent forth righteous thoughts, and looked within for shortcomings in my xinxing. However, my cough only got worse. It was interfering with my work, sleep and Fa study. This went on for more than a month.

One day, fellow practitioner A told me: “Look within.” I said: “I did, I even sent forth righteous thoughts, but it did not work.” Then she said: “Maybe it has something to do with your actions. Have you ever joined others to do morning exercises? The energy field is good when many practitioners are together. This can help you eliminate your attachment to comfort, and reinforce your energy.” I agreed. It would be good to join a group for morning exercise, but I was not one to ever get up so early. In fact, my attachment to comfort was much larger than I thought.

The next morning, I did not get up for morning exercise, and my cough continued. Practitioner A came over around 9 a.m. and wanted me to go with her to practitioner B's place. I was reluctant, but I went. Practitioner B also talked about doing morning exercise together, and said that all the fellow practitioners there attended morning exercises. I saw a gap between all of them and myself. Why did I not overcome this strong attachment to comfort. I became determined. I began to show up for morning exercise. The next few days my cough got worse. I had difficulty sleeping. But I knew it was the evil trying to prevent me from morning exercise. I stayed steadfast and told Master I would continue to get up for morning exercise and not allow the evil to interfere. Four days later, my cough was all but gone.

Master knows everything and once we become determined, and ignore the evil, with this firm heart, Master will help us. Fellow practitioners, if you recognize this attachment in you, I encourage you to participate in morning exercises. How can we achieve consummation with the attachment to leisure? Let us truly cultivate from now on!

Thank you, Master, for your care and guidance!

Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your help!