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China Fahui | Improving Myself by Helping Others and “Cultivating with the Heart You Once Had”

November 14, 2013 |   By a practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I'm a practitioner and I am almost 70 years old. In addition to telling people about the persecution, I've been helping other practitioners, especially those in tribulations, with their group Fa study. It has worked out well, and I've also had opportunities to cultivate myself. I'd like to share some examples of how I regained "the heart I once had" by helping my fellow practitioners.

Setting up Fa-study Groups

After noticing many local practitioners were being interfered with by various issues and had trouble remaining diligent, one practitioner suggested we visit them. She felt it would offer us chances to improve together. I agreed with the idea but didn't do anything about it right away.

When studying “Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference,” I noticed the following:

“Often, people say to me things like, 'In the past, when I read the Fa my level rose so quickly. And as I read the book, things that would improve my understanding were constantly revealed to me. How come I don’t experience that anymore?' Then think about this: are you 'cultivating with the heart you once had'?”

Touched by these words, I realized this was a requirement for us set by Master. I need to help to other practitioners achieve this.

Shortly after I read this lecture, I began visiting practitioners, reading the Fa with them and sharing understandings. Many were interfered by illness tribulations or other old force factors, but they all recalled clearly the early days when they started to practice.

One practitioner said she spent lots of time studying the Fa and doing the exercises back then, and never felt tired or hungry. Another practitioner said that, when she was looking after her grandson and someone told her about an event introducing Falun Gong to others, she had her husband take care of their grandson and went to help out right away. An elderly practitioner shared an experience of clarifying the truth after the persecution started. When he and another practitioner went out to put up posters, someone reported them to the police. The practitioner removed his coat, put it in a bag, and hid it in the shrubs. They then left safely right under police surveillance.

Practitioners were moved by these stories, and we decided to start Fa-study groups. But where should we meet and how to get books? Since some practitioners had individual Dafa books in addition to the entire set, I collected the individual books. We sorted them, printed missing ones, and, in the end, assembled 18 complete sets of Dafa books. This way, 18 of us formed 7 Fa-study groups.

Breaking through Illness Tribulation

Practitioner A is 78 years old. Her husband died when she was 29, and she raised three children alone and suffered a lot in the past. After practicing Falun Gong, she remained determined in both cultivation and truth-clarification. However, two practitioners near her—who both did the three things well—died due to sickness karma. She was confused and became worried about herself. Because she couldn't attend group Fa-study anymore, she gradually lost her righteous thoughts. Her health deteriorated, and she became weak: someone could knock her down just by touching her.

After the Fa-study groups were set up, Practitioner A came to join us. But her expression was dull and she was too weak to read. She told me about her concerns, and I asked if she was frightened. She said she wasn't and then said, “I would be happy if Teacher could save me back to the place where I came from.” I said that thought wasn't proper. In Essentials for Further Advancement II , Teacher said, “The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” As long as we keep studying the Fa, and guide our words and actions with it, Teacher will help. She agreed with my understanding.

As we talked further, she said that, due to her poor health, her youngest daughter-in-law had to help her eat. I pointed out that, since she had suffered so much as an everyday person before cultivation, why wasn't she was able to eat by herself? Plus, what would her daughter-in-law think of Falun Gong because of this? She said she would stop doing that.

Little by little, Practitioner A improved in Fa-study. To avoid being late, she usually comes in advance. Her xinxing elevated quickly, and she regained her health. Now she walks with a firm step, reads clearly, and looks very energetic. She's grateful that group Fa study helped her break through the illness karma. She now distributes Shen Yun DVDs to people every day so that they can know the truth about Falun Gong.

Helping a Blind Practitioner

Practitioner B attended Teacher’s lecture classes in 1994. He used to hold a Fa-study group at his home and I often went there. After the persecution started, he was tortured and lost sight in both eyes. He is now blind. Nonetheless, he kept listening to Fa lectures and submitting articles to Minghui and sent letters to friends and relatives telling them about Falun Gong. He also traveled to his hometown twice to clarify the truth to people. What he did was really outstanding.

I decided to help him and told him about Teacher's 44 lecture books. I offered to read the books with him once a week, and he gladly accepted my offer. The first two weeks went well. The third week, however, he complained that my voice was too loud. He also said I read like elementary student— too fast and with no feeling. I was upset since no one had complained about this before. Plus I had to travel three hours back and forth for this Fa-study!

I did as he suggested. But he then said I read too slowly and we couldn't learn much each time. Sitting there in disappointment, I realized this was a cultivation opportunity.

To help other practitioners get good results from Fa study, I have to pay attention to speed, tone, and emotion. Even my sitting position cannot be casual, since it is a reflection of respect for Teacher and the Fa. In addition, I also noticed other attachments of mine, including to showing-off and ego. This way, I not only improved myself, but also shared my experience with other groups so that we can all be considerate of each other and achieve the best results as one body.

Overcoming the Challenge of Illiteracy

Two elderly sisters nearby worked in a factory. After they started to practice, they helped each other in both cultivation and truth-clarification. Because of them, every year about 10,000 people have learned the truth about Falun Gong.

However, the older sister never went to school and could barely read. Some chapters of Zhuan Falun could take her four hours to read and some even longer. She didn't know what to do and was very sad. Seeing her situation, practitioners intentionally let her read the short paragraphs, especially those with only two or three sentences. This embarrassed her and made her even more frustrated.

To solve the problem, the three of us have now formed a separate group, studying two and half hours each time. Either we read first and the older sister follows, or she tries first and we then read again to correct her. Although this seems slow, it has worked well and we have made progress. The older sister said that, no matter how difficult it is, she'll learn to read all of Teacher's lectures, otherwise, she'll feel bad. I was deeply touched by her words and righteous thoughts.


I am fortunate to be able to help other practitioners with their Fa study. Other than truth-clarification, I now spend lots of time helping other practitioners, regardless of how far it is or what the weather. Through this, I have regained the feeling of “cultivating with the heart you once had.” In addition to doing the exercises consistently, I am also enlightened to many principles during the Fa studies.

Right now, local practitioners are doing better and better with Fa study. Some hold it twice a week, some do it more often and even have it daily. A few young practitioners have also joined us, and the number of Fa-study groups is increasing.

Someone asked if I was a coordinator because I've been helping other practitioners with Fa study. I don't know the answer--it really doesn't matter. After all, I'm one of Teacher's students, and I need to do the things I am supposed to do.