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Casually Asking Master for Help Is Disrespectful

November 01, 2013 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) A practitioner can't be blamed if he/she asks Master for help when faced with tribulations due to being unsure about how to deal with a problem. From my point of view, this action is a manifestation of faith in Master and the Fa. However, some practitioners appear to be perfunctory when asking for help. They also ask Master for minor things, even for things that they should enlighten to from the Fa.

For instance, one senior practitioner couldn't pass the illness karma test. Her family, who are also practitioners, told her, “Study the Fa and improve fast, then the illness karma will disappear.” However, that practitioner murmured continuously, “Master, help me. Master, help me ...” She murmured while sitting in bed, and even in the restroom. She took asking for Master's help very casually. This is disrespectful of Master! Should we ask Master like that? When asking Master for help, we should have a heart of reverence and respect. Master is the Lord of Buddhas. Master is saving us. Should we behave so casually and call His name so casually?

Asking For Help When Involved in Mundane Affairs

One practitioner asked for Master's help when looking for a housekeeper. Another practitioner who owns a store asked Master for help when looking for shop assistants. He asked, “Master, help me find a capable and reliable person.” A third practitioner held the attachment of fear. He asked Master before a business trip, “Let me leave safely and return safely.” There is also a practitioner who is overweight, and had difficulties in doing the sitting meditation. She asked Teacher to help her slim down.

In my opinion, as practitioners, we should not ask Master for help so casually, as this is disrespectful of Teacher. We also shouldn't think, “Master is saving us. Master is compassionate. We ask Master for help whenever we encounter difficulties, big or small.” I think this is a manifestation of poor enlightenment. Are you so lazy that you don't want to enlighten to things on your own? Are you asking Master for everything? Then what mighty power do you have in cultivation? If Master tells us everything, then does it count as cultivation?

If we just can't enlighten during a tribulation and can't pass the test, then it seems fine to ask Master for a hint. But this needs to be done with a heart of reverence and respect. But it's not right to do so frequently and casually.

When we are unable to enlighten at times, then Master may give us a hint, even though we haven't asked Master for help. However, when it's something that a practitioner needs to enlighten to without help, even if he asks Master, he will not be given a hint.

Erasing an Incorrect Thought

I once had a thought, “If I have an opportunity to meet Master, I will definitely raise several questions and ask Master to answer them. If my question is answered by Master, perhaps that means I'm extraordinary.” I then realized that this was not in the Fa, and once I got rid of that understanding I felt guilty for a long time. This was the attachment to showing off and validating myself! Master is great. Master is just like a father! Master's grace can never be repaid. We should revere Master always with sincere hearts!

A fellow practitioner recently said, “Regarding a local issue, let's submit a note to Master.” I responded, “How can you submit a note to Master so casually? Isn't that disrespectful of Master? If you really study the Fa well, then everything can be resolved.”

This is just my understanding about sharing with fellow practitioners. Please point out compassionately if you find anything inappropriate.