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Australia: Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference in Australia Held in Sydney (Photos)

October 03, 2013 |  

(Minghui.org) On September 29, a Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference in Australia was held on the campus of University of New South Wales. More than 1,000 Falun Gong practitioners attended the conference.

The conference received 150 papers, and 24 selected papers by Chinese and Western practitioners were read. Many attendees expressed that the quality of the papers at this conference was the best compared to past years.

Practitioners sharing their experiences

Several Chinese practitioners shared their experiences of how to convince Chinese people to quit the communist party at tourist spots or over the phone, as well as using the RTC online service.

A Western practitioner from Sydney talked about how he overcame the fear of public speaking and joined the efforts to promote Shen Yun. He said that he had had fear of talking to strangers since he was little. He had to memorize what to say before talking to post office workers. Even so, he still stammered. When he started practicing Falun Gong, he was fearful when it was his turn to read Zhuan Falun at group Fa study. Since the Shen Yun promotion team was short of manpower, especially those who speak English, he realized that he needed to help the fellow practitioners. He thought about it for a few days, and then told himself if he made up his mind to overcome the fear, he can do it. He passed the test and joined the team. So far he has given many speeches at different occasions to promote Shen Yun.

Another practitioner from the Shen Yun team talked about collaborating with fellow practitioners. She said: “The unrighteous thoughts of selfishness turn me against other people when their ideas do not fit mine, and therefore make us unable to validate the Fa as a whole body. It is not enough that we refrain from criticizing others. We should look inward carefully and get rid of the selfishness which may be hidden deeply.”

A few young practitioners shared their experiences. One boy said that he became lazy in cultivation due to distractions from society. With practitioners' help, he resumed Fa study. He said: “Reading the Fa, I see the path that I should walk. I see that the purpose of life is not to enjoy the everyday person stuff. Using fellow practitioners' words, Master gave me hints, and helped me to come back to the Fa again. I know clearly now what to do and what not to do. I should not only cultivate myself, but also save sentient beings. With the Fa in my heart, nothing can stop me.” He cried: “Master, I won't let you down. I am back. I know where my true home is, and I know my path home.”

A Western practitioner from Queensland shared her story. She was a model. After obtaining the Fa, she gave up many attachments in everyday life, and she was quite diligent in cultivation. After getting married and having a baby, she slacked off. She had sickness karma and encountered several life-death tests. With practitioners' help, she overcame the tribulations. Now she is actively involved in promoting Shen Yun and exposing the CCP's organ harvesting to local government officials. She cried several times while reading her paper. Her speech deeply touched the audience.

Many practitioners expressed that they have benefited from the conference. Morgan from Canberra said: “The Fa conference helped me see my shortcomings, and helped us form a whole body to validate the Fa. This is a cultivation environment given by Master. I came to Australia not long ago. In China, we didn't have such an environment. So I really cherish it.”

Shar Adams from Sydney said that every speech was touching. He was glad to hear practitioners sharing from their hearts. To him, the best speeches were those which talked about how to overcome challenges in personal cultivation and how to face all kinds of fear, attachments, and interference.

Dao from Wollongong was born in Thailand. She has lived in Australia for 10 years. She said: “The speeches let me know that I am not the only practitioner who has tests and tribulations. It is helpful to hear how others face and overcome difficulties.”

The conference concluded at 5 pm.