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Elevating Oneself While Clarifying the Truth

October 17, 2013 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Australia

(Minghui.org) Greetings venerable Master, greetings fellow practitioners.

1. Experiencing the Importance of Saving Sentient Beings Through Quitting the CCP

I’ve been involved with helping Chinese people to Quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) since 2005 and have been doing this at tourist spots since arriving in Australia. When my cultivation state was good, the pamphlets were well-received and more tourists would quit; when my state was poor, it felt like a chore, following a normal routine. Once, when sharing with a practitioner who worked as a reporter, I felt that she was genuinely concerned about the disasters happening in Mainland China, that sentient beings there were accumulating karma due to being influenced by the lies of the CCP, hence bringing about more and more natural disasters, leaving less sentient beings behind to be saved. I was touched and saw my own apathy and lack of compassion. How much heart had I put into the urgent cause of saving people? I couldn’t sleep at night, and reflected on what I hadn’t done well, realizing I was not doing enough to save sentient beings.

Recently, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Australia has reached over 600,000 per year, with the government suggesting a possible increase to 1 million within the next three years. Being outside the Party's atheistic environment, going abroad is their chance to learn the truth and be saved. With so many Chinese tourists arriving in Australia, how many of them have heard the truth and quit the CCP? In reality, the gap is too huge. In contrast, the impressive atmosphere that Hong Kong practitioners have created at each tourist spot has overwhelmed many Chinese people. A father of one of my student's told me on the phone about his experience in Hong Kong. He described how he and a group of high ranking officials in law enforcement passed some truth clarification spots on their trip to Hong Kong, they were all deeply impressed, and quit the CCP on their return and had a fundamental change of attitude toward Dafa. Have we been able to achieve that in Australia? I found that I was not doing enough.

I realized that I must first cultivate myself, so that I could be more compassionate and have a greater sense of urgency. If I could find the crux of what’s holding the Chinese people back, then they would quit more easily. I found some common problems among mainland Chinese people. First, they have been indoctrinated and cannot distinguish that the CCP itself doesn't equate to China, and that loving China shouldn't mean loving the CCP. Next is to awaken them to the fact that the CCP’s corruption is beyond redemption, and this is to allow them to realize there's nothing good about the CCP. From there, I talk about what the CCP has done to the Chinese people – tyranny, falsehood, butchery, destruction…

I noticed that Sydney’s truth clarification poster boards and materials have not been updated for a while. Most tourist places are maintained by elderly practitioners for whom large billboards are hard to carry. So along with a few practitioners, I designed truth clarification banners targeting frequently asked questions from Chinese people, including about how Dafa has spread around the globe, about the CCP selling Chinese land, about CCP high ranking officials escaping overseas with large sums of embezzled funds, about the live organ harvesting, and about Jiang and other officials being sued, etc. Once the banners went up, many Chinese tourists stopped by to read, and used phones or cameras to take pictures so they could show their friends and family back in China. Many tourists came forward asking for information, and the effort to convince someone to quit the CCP seems to have halved. Tour guides remarked that the banners were finally updated and the effect was remarkable.

A student group led by a few teachers came, and the teachers saw the display boards and agreed with them. I asked them if they understood and wished to quit the CCP. They said they did, so I gave them an alias. I then asked, “Do the students want to quit the Young Pioneers too?” The teachers said loudly, “Yes!” The students all around him said, “Yes!” Some said, “I'll quit.” So I gave each of them an alias. It took only a few minutes for all these lives to be saved. Watching their joyous smiles, I was very happy for them, and felt that it was such a blessing as Dafa disciples to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Previously, pamphlets were not unified and did not have content that interested Chinese people. I ran across a special issue of the Epoch Times, and felt that this special edition would be better received by ordinary people and have better results in helping Chinese to quit the CCP. But my computer skills are poor, so it was difficult to make it on my own. When I shared my idea with Epoch Times practitioners, everyone was very cooperative. If I gave them the titles of the appropriate articles, they would find the article and matching pictures and create the page layout. This was how the Epoch Times special edition of Quitting the CCP came about. I appreciated the cooperation of practitioners as a whole, the strength in saving sentient beings was greater. Many tourists and tour guides initially refused our materials, but once we showed them the contents, they all asked for a copy. Some even returned for more information after reading it. Once, when all the newspapers were handed out, a tour guide finished reading it and came down to say, “This is very good, leave it for the other tourists.” At this point, a few tourists came and asked whether they could have a copy. I said, “Then you must treasure it, there’s only this issue left.” They said, “We’ll definitely treasure it, we want to take it back.”

2. Letting Go of Human Notions and Attachments, and Attaining a Higher Level in Cultivation

I will share two experiences.

(1). Dafa disciples must maintain a divine state. Every Tuesday and Friday I go to tourist spots to clarify the truth. I remember on one occasion I was scheduled to work at 4 a.m., and when I finished work, I thought I would be tired, and I had more work at night. I thought that if I went to the tourist spot in the afternoon and stood for several hours, it might make me unbearably tired. I thought, “How about I don’t go to the tourist spot today and have a rest?” Then I thought, “There are only two practitioners that go there regularly, if I don’t go, then they have to take a lot of the burden.” So I encouraged myself to go. When I arrived at the tourist spot, my fatigue vanished at the sight of so many Chinese tourists. Smiling, I handed out the pamphlets and began to clarify the truth, and became more and more energetic as the afternoon went by. We handed out a lot of pamphlets that day and had an unusually good result in the number of people who had quit the CCP. A whole busload of officials all withdrew from the CCP, and I even took a photo for them in remembrance. Another practitioner said, “If you didn’t come today, wouldn’t that be a loss?” I felt that this was Master using her mouth to encourage me. I realized that a lot of my concerns were human notions tying me down. When I disregarded those thoughts, I experienced a harmonization with the Fa and my realm's ascension.

(2). Showing compassion towards sentient beings includes being compassionate to practitioners. I experienced through a recent event the different result between a human mentality and a compassionate mentality. A practitioner from another state joined us at a tourist spot. I was shocked when I saw her: her back was hunched, her bottom was sticking out and she limped when she walked. I wondered if she would affect Dafa’s image at the tourist spot. I felt even more nervous when I listened to her clarify the truth. She would start off with lofty concepts, causing several groups of tourists to jeer. I wanted to ask her to stop coming, but didn’t know how to tell her, so my expression was unfriendly.

Slowly I noticed her admirable points. She had a pure heart towards Dafa and gave up a lot. She lives very far away, and despite taking more than an hour she came every day to the site. With limited mobility, she brought a cart with a lot of display boards, and was unafraid of other people’s jeers and abuses. These were things I couldn’t do, and I was so touched. I could not say anything to make her feel unwelcome.

Through clarifying the truth, this elderly practitioner gradually changed. One day I suddenly noticed that her back was straight and her walking was sprightlier. A month later, she was miraculously a different person. I was stunned by the miracle Dafa brought to her body. I remembered that Master said in Zhuan Falun :

“Because nobody is more precious than a cultivator. He wants to cultivate, and that’s the most precious thought. In Buddhism they talk about Buddha-nature, and that when a person’s Buddha-nature comes out the Enlightened Beings can help him.”

Master sees cultivators as the most precious. On the surface I wanted to protect the Fa, but in fact I nearly negated another practitioner and nearly pushed her away. When I realized this, I became teary. I should look at practitioners’ strengths more, and help to make up for the deficiency. So I suggested this practitioner to record “Why quit the CCP” and “Truth about Dafa” onto a portable speaker, and I helped find someone to do this for her, solving her temporary inadequacy with clarifying the truth, allowing everyone to better cooperate.

3. Using Mobile Phones to Clarify the Truth

When practitioners first introduced truth-clarification using mobile phones, I felt indifferent to the idea. As I was unfamiliar with technology I thought it would be hard to learn, and I was already busy enough with my job and with face-to-face truth clarification. Later a coordinator somehow gave me a mobile phone, so I went tentatively to a half-day training session, and gave it a try when I got home. It began with some detours, but as I made contact with more and more Chinese people, I felt they were all waiting to hear the truth. Every time I logged on, there were dozens of sentient beings awaiting the truth. So I grasped the time and sent text messages containing information about Falun Dafa to every sentient being who was online, some of whom would reply. Some kind ones would immediately send their approval, and I would help them quit the CCP and its affiliations with an alias. These sentient beings who understood the truth not only quit the CCP themselves, they became live media. Every time I sent good articles to them, they would repost them to their friends. Slowly, my faithful internet friends increased.

Some people are willing to listen to the truth, but have a lot of notions to be corrected along with some poisoned roots that need to be cleared. Once, I gave someone some truth clarification materials online, he said, “I’m baffled by you.” I said, “It’s very easy to quit. Why don’t I use ‘Clever’ as a name to help you quit, it works as long as you agree.” He said, “I’m not in the CCP,” then he asked me, “How old are you?” I answered “A woman’s age is a secret.” He kept asking “Do you hate the CCP?” I answered, “It is the destroyer of the Chinese nation.” He suddenly changed his trend and agreed, “Yes.” I said, “You seem like a Chinese person with a clear mind.” On receiving such positive encouragement, he instantly said, “Haha, I agree to quit.” A life was set right and saved at that moment. Quitting the CCP is a process of reforming lives by clarifying the truth.

I realized that to better save others, we must rectify ourselves, so that sentient beings could experience Dafa disciples’ lofty virtues and kindness, and let their positive thoughts emerge so that they can correctly position themselves for the future. When I meet friends online who haven't yet agreed to quit, I indirectly clarify the truth, often sending them stories about morality, life, and stories about Buddhas and Gods. As these sentient beings' morals began to reform, they experienced that Dafa disciples are wise people guided by a lofty and virtuous Dafa. When they admire Dafa disciples, it is much easier to advise them to quit. A lot of online friends return and acknowledged me, then agreed to quickly quit the CCP. My mobile phone became my Fa-implement and does not leave my side. I felt busy before, but now this Fa-implement helps me fill my scattered spare time. On the way to work or on my way to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa, on trains or in the car, when I have a moment I take out my mobile phone to clarify the truth and help people to quit the CCP.

My internet skills are very poor, and I only know some basics. However, I can deliver the truth to many Chinese people and help people to quit every day. I believe many practitioners are more skilled in using mobile phones to clarify the truth. With only half an hour each day, you can easily send messages to a few dozen Chinese people, whereas practitioners in China risk their lives to do the same, why would you not do it? I believe it's a great way to make use of one's spare time, to make known the truth everywhere in China and save more Chinese people.

Thank you fellow practitioners! Thank you Master!

(Presented at the 2013 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference)