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Falun Gong Practitioners Maintain Righteous Thoughts in Prison (Part I)

October 15, 2013 |  

(Minghui.org) This article describes real events that happened in prison during the past three years. The writer could only get limited information due to the persecution, but these stories are enough to demonstrate the strong determination of Falun Gong practitioners for cultivation, how miraculous Dafa is and how solid those practitioners' righteous belief in Master and Dafa is. We hope this article will encourage practitioners who are still detained in prison, so that they have confidence and courage to oppose the persecution.

1. Determination

a. Practitioner A kept practicing the Falun Gong exercises every night when she first arrived in prison. The guards and inmates subjected her to brainwashing and torture, yet she endured it with determination. Every night, they tied her limbs to her bed for three years, over one thousand nights, but she didn't give in. In October 2011, one inmate injured her right arm with a rope because she was practicing the exercises. She hasn't recovered since then, but often shouts “Falun Dafa is good.” Thus the guards sealed her mouth with tape. In March 2011, the guards tried to brainwash her for more than twenty days. They sealed her mouth with tape all the time and tied her body up with ropes. Inmates took turns reading the propaganda lies about Falun Gong out loud for seventeen or eighteen hours a day. She was not allowed to sleep at night, and was tortured with various methods, but she didn't give in nor did she give up.

b. In February 2012, Practitioner B refused to wear a prison badge or do hard labor. The guards adopted an implication policy and punished all inmates in the cell and made them sit on a plank for a long time. They did not allow them to wash so as to incite hatred against Falun Gong among the inmates. Several days later, she was taken to a solitary cell with no heat. It was extremely cold, the temperature was minus twenty degrees. She practiced the exercises. When the guards discovered this, they watched her and didn't allow her to practice any more. She wrote on the cell wall: “Falun Dafa is good. The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good. Heaven will eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), please withdraw from the CCP in order to be safe.” Thirty days later, she was transferred to a more strict division. Because she didn't cooperate, she was put back in the regular cell twenty days later. A guard took her to the office and tried to forcibly put a prison badge on her, but she resisted. Guards and inmates jumped on her and pinned her down to the ground. The guards stomped on her shoulder with leather shoes and inmates twisted her arms behind her back and tied them with tape. She struggled and kept shouting “Falun Dafa is good. It is a crime to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.” She shouted this for two hours. During the next eleven months she was tied up for fourteen or fifteen hours a day and not allowed to wash herself except for once a month. She was not allowed to buy any food either. Yet, she didn't give in no matter how mad the evil beings were toward her, until she was set free.

c. Practitioner C was a new practitioner. Soon after she started practicing Falun Gong, two of her relatives who were practitioners died due to severe torture. Because she refused to sign the documents for cremating her relatives, she was charged with the crime of “extortion” and put in jail. In prison, she had the wish to study the Fa. One day in October 2012 a practitioner wrote down several articles of Master on a piece of paper and gave it to her. She dropped it on the ground when she finished her work, but didn't notice it. An inmate found it and gave it to the team leader. Several guards interrogated her and tried to find out who gave her the paper, but she refused to say anything. The guards jumped onto her and beat her simultaneously. They hurt the wound in her neck, where she had two laryngeal surgeries. No matter how much pain they inflicted upon her, she didn't betray that practitioner. The guards kept beating her until she fainted. Afterward, they were afraid that she could die and took her to a hospital. She was not afraid even after this incident and still asked practitioners for Master's articles. She said jokingly: “This is to test my will.”

d. Practitioner D went on a hunger strike several times in order to protest the persecution. She was being force fed, which was unbearable. Her limbs were tied down to the death bed and she couldn't move at all. She was untied once a week, and it was extremely painful when they changed the tube and tied her down again. She was screaming and sweating heavily. She went on a hunger strike for one month each time. The prison personnel were greatly shocked and afraid when she continued her hunger strikes. Thus, they didn't intensify her abuse no matter what she did to counter her maltreatment or when she refused to work or wear the prison badge. The environment became better and better.

e. Practitioner E was a teacher. She was arrested in 2009 and held in a detention center. One afternoon her verdict was announced. Inmates in her cell who knew the truth hugged her, cried and said: “You worked in a government department and received a high salary. It is not good to lose your job.” The practitioner was not moved and thought: I will still cultivate even if I have to beg for food. She didn't acknowledge in her heart that she could lose her job. That night she ate and slept as usual. Six months later her brother came to see her and told her that the school had kept her position open. She was not moved and didn't have the attachment of complacency. She said calmly: “It should be like that, it is my job.”

2. Miracles

a. Practitioner F was put in prison and subjected to brainwashing in December 2009. The guards handcuffed her and hung her up to a heating pipe with her feet barely touching the ground for 93 hours straight. One night the handcuffs cut into her wrist more and more, and she lost feeling in the left side of her body. At about 2:00 a.m. the left handcuff opened by itself. She slowly put down her left hand and moved her body to the right so as to ease the pressure on her right arm. She felt some relief. Several minutes later, an inmate noticed that and hung her left arm up again. Because of these several minutes of relief, her arms were not injured and she can still move around easily.

b. In December 2009 it was minus 30 degrees outside. The prison workshop was so cold that it was as if it had no heating at all. When the inmates stood for a long time, they had to stomp their feet to warm up. One practitioner couldn't sit or work because of the torture she had been subjected to. The guards ordered inmates to drag her underneath the bench they were working on. She had to lie down on the cement. Another guard ordered another inmate to take off her shoes in order to make her freeze. She sent forth righteous thoughts and recited the Fa while she lay on the ground. She lay there for 12 hours but didn't feel cold, not even her bare feet.

c. In the summer of 2010 one practitioner went on a hunger strike in order to protest her persecution. She was taken to a hospital, where she was force-fed. It was a scorching hot summer day and she was force-fed on the first floor, which contained many mosquitoes at night. Due to these mosquitoes, two inmates who were watching the practitioner could not sleep. They sprayed toilet water into the room, but to no avail, mosquitoes were still biting them. But no mosquitoes or flies were biting the practitioner nor touching her, even though she smelled because she was not able to wash due to her body being tied up all day long. The inmates asked angrily, “Why don't the mosquitoes bite her?”

d. At the beginning of 2011 during the winter, a practitioner was taken to a hospital to be force-fed. The guards and inmates didn't allow her to bring a blanket. They tied her limbs to the cold wooden bed so as to make her stop her hunger strike. Inmates used thick blankets over their clothes, but they still were cold. The practitioner, however, felt warm as though she was lying on a warm bed. One inmate who had diabetes asked her: “Don't you feel cold?” She put her hand on the practitioner's back and said: “You are quite warm.” The practitioner thought: Master has warmed up the bed for me.

e. In the summer of 2012, one practitioner was taken away to be force-fed. The guards handcuffed her hands to the bedside for 21 days and nights, during which she didn't feel any pain but slept rather well. When the handcuffs were removed, her arms recovered within one hour. Inmates thought it was miraculous.

f. In the Autumn of 2012, one practitioner opposed the persecution by not wearing the prison badge and refusing to work. The guards didn't allow her to wash or take a shower for 90 days. Although she was not allowed to clean herself or wash her clothes, she didn't smell, not even her clothes. Sometimes inmates asked her for help, but she did not want to get too close to them because she thought she might smell, but the inmates told her that they couldn't smell anything. She didn't feel itchy either although she hadn't had a shower for three months. One day she took off her shirt, which she had worn for a month. She thought to herself: it must smell terribly, but it was not smelly at all. She thanked Master in her heart.

g. One practitioner refused to work in prison. When inmates saw her sitting there all day with nothing to do, they asked her to help them write the signage attached to the garments. She took this chance and wrote down Master's articles and passed them to fellow practitioners. She also wrote an article entitled “Prison Life”. When she was writing it, she thought of what Master said in Lecture Five in Zhuan Falun: “This body can enter other dimensions”. She imagined that she entered into another dimension and the guards and inmates could not see her. She cut one piece of paper into eight parts and put them underneath the signage cloth. If other people came near her, she wrote on the signage. If no one was near her, she wrote down Master's articles. In her mind she was also dissolving the evil with righteous thoughts. She did this for more than a year. She made three copies of each article of Master that she could recite and passed them on to to the practitioners in different teams via the inmates who had learned the truth. She also wrote them down for the inmates, some of whom could even recite poems from Hong Yin . They said that they would practice Dafa after they were released.

(To be continued)