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Some Understandings of Human Thoughts versus Divine Thoughts

October 11, 2013 |  

(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner recently had some enlightened understandings and he asked me to compile his thoughts and submit them to the Minghui website. Below is his sharing with me. He wanted his sharing to encourage more discussion in this regard.

Human Thoughts vs. Divine Thoughts

Whenever we encounter unexpected events during our truth-clarification activities, we should examine our very first thought. Is it a human thought or a divine thought? If we submit to our human notions, we could then be controlled by others. But if we remember to always use our divine thoughts to evaluate the situation, we will for sure see miracles happen. After all, with so many years of cultivation, Master has given us enough divine power to be in charge of everything. Especially when it comes to dealing with those who persecute Falun Gong, we should use our divine thoughts to suppress their evilness and awaken their kindness. The following incidents attest to the power of divine thoughts.

1. Practitioners Confirm Where Their Friend Is Detained

After one practitioner was arrested while out of town on a business trip, his local practitioners immediately hired a lawyer to deal with the out-of-town police, who soon agreed to let the local police bring him home.

However, the local police flat out denied they had the practitioner in custody when the local practitioners requested his unconditional release. The lawyer guessed that the police had taken the practitioner to the local brainwashing center, but didn't want anyone to know about this.

While most of the local practitioners agreed to go to the brainwashing center the next day, a few practitioners were apprehensive about this approach's effectiveness. They worried how the brainwashing center would respond since the police totally denied everything.

Fortunately, many practitioners still showed up outside the brainwashing center as planned. They circled the facility over and over again while calling out the detained practitioner's name. In the end, they heard him answer them and confirmed his whereabouts.

As long as we have a wish to accomplish something, Master will help us, and no evil can stop us.

2. Police Fail to Prosecute a Practitioner

When police raided a practitioner's home they found many truth-clarification materials, which were turned in to the Intermediate Court. The practitioner's wife had a firm thought, “What he did was the most righteous thing. He is innocent and humans cannot try gods.” In the end, the court twice dismissed the case, citing insufficient evidence.

3. Officer on Duty Sets Two Practitioners Free

Two practitioners kept sending forth righteous thoughts after being arrested. They clarified the facts to the officer on duty at the police station and also told him over and over again, “You are a kind person. You won't do anything bad.” They were trying to awaken his kindness. After a little while, he indeed set them free, and even reminded them to be careful.

4. Police Chief Protects Local Practitioners

The cultivation environment in a certain place was very difficult in the beginning. One coordinator after another was arrested when they stepped forward to organize truth-clarification activities. In the end no one dared to shoulder the responsibility.

After sharing experiences with each other, the local practitioners came to the conclusion that they should be in charge and should never allow the police to decide the outcome. They figured they should clarify the facts to the police chief, but who wanted to take on that difficult task?

A practitioner in his seventies offered to go without any hesitation.

When this practitioner told the police chief what he was there for, he was greeted with a hard punch in the face that knocked him down and broke two of his teeth.

The police chief didn't intend for his punch to cause such damage, and he was taken aback.

The elderly practitioner managed to get up slowly. After wiping away the blood and spitting out the broken teeth, he looked at the police chief and said, “I don't hate you. I'm here to save you. You have no idea of how many bad deeds you have done. If I don't save you, you'll head to hell, and even your family will suffer because of you.”

The chief came to his senses and asked his subordinates to get a chair for the practitioner to sit down. He patiently listened to the practitioner's truth-clarification, and promised to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

The local environment began to improve and got better and better. Whenever higher-ups came to inspect the progress of the persecution of Falun Gong, the police chief always found excuses to send them away. Whenever someone called “110” (equivalent of 911) to report a practitioner clarifying the truth, the police released the practitioner when they were out of sight of other people.

The local practitioners next told the “110” police that they should not even respond to such calls in the first place. In the end whenever tipsters complained about practitioners distributing the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party or Shen Yun DVDs, the “110” police would just ask the tipsters to take a look at the materials without dispatching any agents to the scene. Whenever tipsters reported that Falun Gong practitioners had asked them to recite "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," the “110” police would suggest they just do as they were asked.

With compassion and righteous thoughts, the local practitioners rectified the environment and saved more people.

5. Cell Phones Become Powerful Truth-clarification Tools

For a long period of time, one practitioner used his cell phone to send more than 10,000 text messages every day, without encountering any trouble. Then another practitioner reminded him to see if he had a balance, or had exceeded the quota for text messages.

When he called the cell phone company, he was told that he could no longer send text messages. He came to realize that his human notions had impeded his truth-clarification efforts. He realized that it should be his divine thoughts that were in control. After all, how could humans hinder gods in other dimensions?

With a change of mindset, he was again able to send truth-clarification text messages. He didn't add any more money to his account, yet he was again able to send more than 10,000 messages every day. He had a firm thought that he'd continue text-messaging until the day when the Fa rectifies the human world.

This practitioner feels that some practitioners lacked righteous thoughts when they worried that their cell phones could become tracking devices used against them.

As he sees it, cell phones have played an irreplaceable role in truth-clarification, and they are indeed Dafa disciples' Fa-weapons. Of course, in order to have positive outcomes, we must have divine thoughts while using cell phones.