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The Attachment of Pursuit Generates Hardship While True Cultivation Generates Happiness

January 21, 2013 |   By Mingzheng, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Sichuan Province, China

(Minghui.org) I was the manager at my workplace before I started Dafa cultivation. The attachment of pursuit existed in everything I did. I had so many notions toward things: whether I had or had not reached my goals, and even when an unexpected situation came up, my mind was full of intention. Especially when results were too far from my expectations, I really felt dejected to a degree that I was unable to express. For example, during the year-end annual appraisal at work, I would feel aggrieved when some assessments were not good. I felt that I had made a great effort and had carried a great deal of concern for my work unit: How could they treat me like that? My mind was in turmoil, and I kept thinking of who could have done this to me. In short, regardless of whether things were going well or not, I could not be at peace.

After Dafa cultivation, I came to understand many principles and that there is nothing accidental, whether good or bad. Aren't they all of predestined fate? After starting cultivation, it was like living in another world; whatever I encountered, I was no longer incapable of understanding or unable to see through things. I no longer feel bitter in my heart. Now, there is more happiness and less bitterness as my cultivation improves. When things come along satisfactorily, I have less complacency. When I encounter unsatisfactory things, I can consider the problem from different angles. I treat those who were intentionally hard on me before with compassion and with a heart filled with happiness. Because I know that I have paid back a debt, I have made some progress in my cultivation. So no matter what happens, I am always happy in my heart.

Of course, when we cultivate within the Fa, we will be happy; when we are pursuing something, we will feel hardship. As we all know, when our every thought is guided by the Fa, we will feel happiness, which ordinary people want but cannot have. Otherwise, if there is a loophole in our cultivation state, the old forces will exploit it and trouble will occur unceasingly. For example, we each take turns reading one paragraph during our small group Fa-study. Some practitioners hope to read longer paragraphs, and when they read short paragraphs successively, they feel a sense of disappointment. Some practitioners always want to read more, and often rush to do so. In fact, if we think about it, that is also a state of pursuit. To study the Fa with a calm mind is to study the Fa well and to improve ourselves. It does not matter who reads more or who reads less: Don't we all study the Fa? The key is to quiet down so that our hearts are in the Fa. When we come to understand this principle, regardless of who reads more or who reads less, we are improving and our hearts will be happy.

In clarifying the truth, some people can accept the truth very easily and understand anything that is said. Some cannot. Some are so poisoned by the lies spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that they even try to intimidate practitioners and say something irrational. Some people simply do not believe what practitioners say. If we do not remember how they acquired such viewpoints, do not reflect on where our truth clarification falls short, and do not deal with the situation with compassion and righteous thoughts, then we will not be able to disintegrate the evil factors behind them. If we only think about their bad attitudes, we will feel that saving sentient beings is hard. If we remember the Fa, do things according to the Fa, and look within to find the crux of the matter, our tone while clarifying the truth will ensure that our benevolence is in place. When we find our own inadequacies, there certainly will not be anger, and our state of mind will be peaceful. We will gain precious experience for future truth clarification, and we will walk more steadily and confidently on our future cultivation paths. Our minds will be right.

Over the years in Dafa cultivation, I have come to realize that when I am not happy or when I feel hardship, then it must be that my cultivation is not on the Fa. Even if I am not overtly pursuing fame, personal gain, and human emotion, there must be a pursuit or purpose. When we find that we are harboring certain mindsets, we should get rid of them. Our hearts will then be peaceful, our lives happy, and our cultivation solid. Feeling hardship means that we are not on the Fa; happiness is the result of true cultivation.