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What I Saw in Other Dimensions While Sending Righteous Thoughts

January 14, 2013 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) On November 10 at 1:00 p.m., our study group sent righteous thoughts together, targeting the 18th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) happening in Beijing. As soon as I uttered the Fa-rectification formula, I immediately saw a god in the image of Nezha (a famous deity in the Chinese novel Apotheosizing Tales) poking a hole in the mask of the evil with implements that looked like long spears. Half a dozen heads of red dragons stuck out of the hole. Then, more Nezha came and cleared out the evil in the surroundings.

I sent out one thought: let all practitioners who are sending righteous thoughts assemble in the Great Hall to eliminate the evil. Looking down from above the Great Hall, I found that the roof of the hall was actually the heads of the evil dragon spitting very sticky poison. Some practitioners sent out a mask to contain the poison, while others used their abilities to stop it from spreading. Still others blocked the channels of the evil. Soon, the evil was cleaned out, leaving only the evil inside the Great Hall. Afraid of being cleared out, the evil beings created a black rubbery cover over themselves. We wanted to open it with our implements but were unable to break through the rubbery substance. Then, Teacher's words flashed in my mind:

“The incense burner gathers in all demons
that seek to wreak havoc on the Fa
Fine tripods incinerate those spirits
who defy the Fa”

(“Buddha Law is Boundless” from Hong Yin II)

Right away I used incense from the burner to burn a hole in the bubble and used the tripod to cover the hole to prevent the evil from escaping. Meanwhile, I sucked up the evil elements. Soon afterwards, the bubble was deflated. We then overturned the bubble, and all practitioners worked together to eliminate the evil. Crying and howling, they tried to escape but only gave off a pungent burning smell. It was a shocking scene.

After we cleared out a great amount of evil, some of us felt tired. At this time, I found that some practitioners could not concentrate any more–even when the evil passed right in front of them, they did not do anything. Not only that, but some practitioners also tried to avoid the evil. Some even pretended to dust off their implements while looking around to see if anybody noticed. Although most of us tried hard to eliminate the evil, some got away.

At this point, I wanted Teacher to help me. Then I saw Teacher's Fashen (law body) appearing in the air: he was wearing a yellow and red robe and had blue, curly hair and a huge body. Behind him were many guardian gods. This was the first time I saw Teacher's Fashen wearing a robe. It was so clear and magnificent that I had no words to describe it. I saw Teacher turning the wheel with his right hand. The wheel sent off tens of thousands of rays, eliminating all the evil elements. Teacher was both compassionate and solemn. I think Teacher was worried for practitioners who did not do well.

I would like to remind those who have not done well to remember our mission and responsibilities. We are one body. Please do not let your negligence lead to losses. We don't have a lot of time. Please do not let Teacher down.