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Scores of Tourists Quitting the Chinese Communist Party at European Tourist Sites

September 21, 2012 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Europe

(Minghui.org) During the 2012 summer—the peak of tourism season—waves of mainland Chinese tourists came to Europe. Many big events occurred this year in China— from the big fire in Tianjin to the heavy street flooding in Beijing, from the unveiling of a corpse processing plant to the murder case involving Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai, Chongqing Communist Party Secretary.

Each one has gotten the attention of the Chinese people. Practitioners at the European scenic spots that Chinese tourists often visit thus had an easy time convincing the tourists to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. The volunteers were able to persuade a whole busload of people to quit the CCP by merely mentioning one of these events.

Chinese People Eager to Quit the CCP

The volunteers at one site said that many tourists were actively looking for truth-clarifying materials. Some people wanted copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and some even asked for multiple copies. When they saw the practitioners so busy distributing materials while registering people's resignations from the CCP, some tourists told the practitioners, “You stay right here. Let them come to you.”

While the practitioners tried to persuade people to quit the CCP, some people shouted, “Here are the practitioners to help you quit the CCP. Come here quickly!” When these practitioners talked about why a person needs to quit the CCP, some people would say, “We already know about it. Please submit our withdrawals for us!”

Often tourists asked these practitioners, “Are you Falun Gong practitioners? I just want some materials. I trust Falun Gong practitioners, because you do not lie.”

Many tourists had brought their children with them. They sent their children to get the informational materials. When the practitioners told them that they were too young to understand, the children pointed to the adults standing some distance away, indicating they had sent the children to get the brochures.

When some adults refused to accept the materials, children in their group asked them, “Do you know about the computer? Do you know how to overcome the Great Firewall?” When the adults shook their heads, these children said, “Then why don't you want to take the brochures? Where are you going to find that information? Don't be foolish!”

When the practitioners saw four young men looking at a map, they knew they were students from abroad. One practitioner asked them whether they knew about the event that happened in Chongqing City. They said, “We know, because we always browse the Internet.” When the practitioner asked them about their opinions, one of them said, “What a disgrace. Chongqing Party secretary Bo Xilai caused his public security director Wang Xiaojun to seek asylum in a U.S. Consulate!” They then began laughing and joking. When the volunteer asked them whether they knew about the trend to quit the CCP, they said they knew about it but not in detail. The volunteer practitioner then told them why it was important to quit the CCP. They said that they had not joined the CCP but they had joined the Youth League, a communist organization for youth. One of them said, “The CCP is very bad in China. Why would anyone want to join it?” The four students were very happy to quit the Youth League.

Leader of a Tour Group Tries to Interfere; Tourists Undisturbed

A group of tourists surrounded the practitioners asking for truth-clarifying material and wanted to register to quit the Communist Party. A man about 50 years old blocked their way and told them not to take the brochures or to quit the Party. But these tourists paid no attention to him and still took the materials and asked the volunteer to help them quit the Party. One person facing the man said loudly, “I want to quit!” Another person said, “Please give me a copy of the Nine Commentaries.” Everyone was smiling and no one paid any attention to the man.

The man got very angry. He tore up the brochure he had and started to take photos of a practitioner. Another practitioner walked over to him to reminded him not to take photos without the subject's consent. When the man wouldn't listen, the practitioner then told him that he would take pictures of him and give them to the police for their records. The man got scared and slipped away immediately. The tourists told the practitioners that the man was the leader of the tourist group, but that he had been very annoying and they simply ignored him!

Tourists Find Out about Corpse Processing Plants

When the practitioners mentioned the exhibitions of human specimens around the world, the tourists said they knew about it and that there were also such exhibitions in China. The practitioners told them that the specimens were all Chinese, that the corpses were provided by the public security, and that several corpse processing plants were established in 2003 in China. These tourists were stunned. A middle-aged woman said in a shaky voice, “It is so sad. It is terrible! They are all devils!” The volunteer said that the CCP was evil and that it would be dangerous if you were affiliated with the evil Party. Another woman said, “It is very dangerous!” The volunteer told them to take it easy, and that as long as they quit the CCP, they would be safe. The two women said in unison, “Let's quit the Party! Thank you, Falun Gong. Thank you!”

The practitioners asked two teenagers next to them whether they had ever joined the Party. They both said, “No. We wouldn't dare join.” The volunteer said to them that if they had every worn a red scarf when they were younger. As part of the Youth League, they would need to quit the organization. Both teenagers said, “Help us withdraw from the Party now. Quick!”

Shady Deals of Chinese Communist Party Make Tourist Want to Quit the Party

When the tourists heard about Gu Kailai being sentenced to death with reprieve, many tourists said they had expected that verdict, that only the CCP could decide the final outcome, and that the court was just going through the motions. “The CCP says it follows the rule of the law, but it has always been the rule of man!”

The practitioners told them that Gu Kailai had murdered British businessman Neil Heywood and that she and her husband, Bo Xilai, had been selling Falun Gong practitioners' organs for profit in Dalian City. The pair also had a joint venture in the United Kingdom with Heywood, and they had a monopoly on the organ and corpse markets overseas. When the couple found out that Heywood was disloyal to them, Gu and then-public security director Zhang Xiaojun in Chongqing killed Heywood with poison, on orders of Bo Xilai. Gu was the mastermind of the organ harvesting and corpse trafficking.

These tourists were with wide eyed with shock. They asked, “Is it true?” They asked whether there was such information in the informational materials. They also asked how to bypass the Great Firewall in order to find the facts on this case. The practitioners told them that they would need to first use certain software to bypass the firewall and then they could access The Epoch Times, NTDTV, or other sites, as overseas media had been tracking the development of the murder case.

These tourists were indignant. Some people said, “The CCP's shady deals are so huge and scary. I want to withdraw from the Party now.” The rest of the tourists present, several dozen of them, all wanted to quit.