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We Must Not Use the CCP's Cultural Concepts to Consider Things

September 19, 2012 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I had an opportunity in June 2012 to be in touch with a fellow practitioner who had just returned to Dafa cultivation. I'll call her practitioner A. Her daughter, also a diligent practitioner before being put into a forced labor camp for many years, was “transformed” not too long ago prior to her release, and is now detained in a mental hospital. When I told practitioner A about my intention of going to visit her daughter, she immediately said, “It's impossible. We're not allowed to see her without an approval letter from the prison.” I said, “Don't worry, we'll be able to see see her for sure. They want this kind of proof or that kind of proof...That has got nothing to do with us; they're all arranged by the old forces, but we don't recognize that kind of arrangement. We only walk on the path that Teacher arranges. Whatever the old forces arranges, we do not accept their arrangements and when we go to see her, we will see her.” Practitioner A said, “It will be great, as you said.”

When I got home, I consulted another fellow practitioner, practitioner B, about going to visit the one detained at the mental hospital and asked her to come with me so that she could send forth righteous thoughts there for me. She also said, “Didn't they say that without a reference letter, you're not allowed to see her?” I had to say the same thing again to her that I said to the other fellow practitioner. And finally I had to inform all other fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts for us before leaving.

We sent forth righteous thoughts all the way to our destination. Originally the security guard would check and inquire about the patient who the visitors would visit, if the patient is Dafa practitioner, visitors would not be allowed to enter. But when we were not even close to him, he immediately hurried us to enter through another route. Practitioner B was muttering, while walking, “Why didn't he question us?” Later, I heard from another fellow practitioner that when practitioner B had gone to see her daughter in prison, she was refused admission. Such a thing as “not permitting a mother to see her own daughter” only exists in a dictatorship like the Chinese Communist Party, it is simply not a normal concept of a human society.

Through many years of cultivation, I have found that when coming across a problem, the first thought of many fellow practitioners, whether they seemed to be more diligent or less so, was not from the righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners, but from everyday people's concepts and experience.

As a matter of fact, our cultivation is to continually get rid of these previously formed concepts and notions, is it not? It enables us to have righteous thoughts whatever we come across at any given moment. Aren't righteous thoughts supernatural powers? When we are capable of utilizing righteous thoughts at any time to handle problems we come across, we then can then instantly use supernatural powers, whereas human notions can only hinder us from assisting in Teacher's Fa-rectification, saving sentient beings and rescuing fellow practitioners.