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Experiences in Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts for Long Periods of Time

September 18, 2012 |   By Meiduo, a practitioner from China


(Minghui.org) I experienced many tribulations for a period of time in early 2011, because I was not diligent in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and saving sentient beings. I read Teacher's article “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa – Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference” a few times, and have come to understand that when one studies the Fa, one needs to put one's heart into it, as opposed to just going through the motions. However, I was still experiencing a lot of interference from thought karma, and I couldn't study the Fa with a calm mind. I became very worried and wondered how I could possibly assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa.

When I talked with a fellow practitioner about my situation, I found out that she had similar feelings, and said that we were shouldering great responsibilities, and that if we didn't do well we would be letting down Teacher. We shared on our understandings from the Fa and tried to find our attachments. We also talked about the situation in our local area. A few practitioners were soon persecuted, and some veteran practitioners manifested symptoms of sickness karma to varying degrees. Some of them had been in this situation for a long time.

It appeared that practitioners were not cooperating well with one another, and some even refused to work together. Many attachments surfaced, including not being able to let go of attachments to ego, jealousy, lust, etc., which had created gaps among us and affected our overall cooperation and the saving of sentient beings. The practitioner I initially talked to has her celestial eye open, and she had seen some things that made her very worried. At the final leg of the Fa-rectification, how could we still be progressing so slowly?

When I talked to this practitioner, I said that I would study the Fa diligently and pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. I agreed to do that for at least 30 minutes at the four set times for globally sending forth righteous thoughts. I later realized that we also needed to eliminate the old forces in our area, so we decided that on every Sunday at 2:00-4:00 p.m., we would send forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the old force factors behind the 610 Office, police stations, Procuratorate, and juridicial departments in every village and township in our local area. We would eliminate all the dark minions, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) evil specters, and meddling deities interfering with the Fa-rectification.

I'd like to share what fellow practitioners saw through their celestial eyes, and what they felt while sending forth righteous thoughts for two hours. I hope practitioners can take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously and truly believe in the power of righteous thoughts.

August 7, 2011

Practitioners with their celestial eye open saw our images in other dimensions. It was very dark and we couldn't see the end. With Teacher's law body with us, we used our Fa net to set up a cover and spent the first thirty minutes cleaning up our own dimensional fields. At first, the old forces didn't pay much attention to us. However, when we began sending forth righteous thoughts, they began to interfere with us in this dimension. This included making the phone ring, knocks at the door, a practitioner's child coming home, and after a short while, a practitioner's mother coming home. We had been sending forth righteous thoughts for nearly two hours when we heard thunder in other dimensions. Then we heard thunder in this dimension as well. After a loud clap of thunder, we eliminated the old forces. It had been a cloudy day, and after the thunder, it started to drizzle, which we understood to be cleaning up everything in the human world.

August 14, 2011

After cleaning up our own dimensional fields for forty minutes, the same things happened as the previous time – a phone started to ring, etc. After I held my palm erect, the image of other dimensions from my celestial eye became fuzzy. All I could see was a person giving a practitioner a string of white substance. This practitioner waved it in front me and said, “Someone gave this to us.” I then replied, “This is a crystal necklace,” and knew that it was our Fa weapon.

This practitioner saw that after my energy was sent out, it appeared to cover the top of the building to the police bureau. There was a tube leading down from the cover, and on the other end was a dark dragon spitting out layers of black smoke onto the cover. This black smoke was full of old force elements. The practitioner used her erect palm to send out energy towards the dragon. As soon as her energy reached one old force element or a cluster of old force elements, it was eliminated. But there were still many old force elements left.

At this time, the practitioner's child came knocking at the door. After she let her child in, she continued to send forth righteous thoughts. She asked me if I could see it, but I couldn’t. Then she said, “Their headquarters is on top of the police bureau.” So I sent forth very powerful energy to that area. I then had a thought and wanted to check with this practitioner to see if Teacher had really given us a crystal necklace as a Fa weapon. I couldn't believe what I had seen was true. She replied, “Yes.”

The practitioner noticed cinnabar colored prayer beads around her left wrist. She wasn't sure how to use them, and so just threw them out. It turned out that the prayer beads captured all of the old forces on top of the police bureau, so that none of them could escape. The prayer beads could separate into different pieces and magnify or shrink itself, and every piece could go inside the cover to destroy the old force elements, or group together to surround them and then eliminate them. Perhaps Teacher had seen that there was no way for the two of us to eliminate the large amount of old forces without help, and so we were handed the Fa weapon. We also sent out a big Falun to eliminate the old forces.

After I asked the other practitioner about the necklace, I suddenly had an unrighteous thought. Why did Teacher only give it to her and not to me? I thought that this was unfair, and couldn't calm myself down. Even though I was trying to eliminate this thought, I couldn't completely let it go. I realized that it was interference from the old forces, and I wondered why I was still being interfered with by it. I looked inward and realized that I had the attachments of pursuing supernatural capabilities, the mentality of showing off, and competitiveness.

Teacher said:

“The paths of cultivation are varied
But none is outside the Great Law
When one is attached to nothing
The path underfoot is naturally smooth”
(“Unimpeded” from Hong Yin Volume II)

I should not allow the old forces to interfere with me, and must eliminate my attachments by strengthening my main consciousness. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts with a calm mind.

August 21, 2011

Two more practitioners joined us this time in sending righteous thoughts. After we cleaned up our own dimensional fields for half an hour, I held my palm erect and then felt that my leg was hurting. I tried to use my supernatural capability to transfer the pain over to the old forces, but it didn't work. My wrist also began to hurt, and I couldn't sit still. One time I was leaning forward, another time I was learning backward, and after an hour and 45 minutes I had to stop.

Another practitioner put her legs down from the full lotus position and said that she couldn't keep them up any longer. This time, the old forces' interference had been tremendous. At the beginning, we couldn't see how many old force elements there were, as our view was blocked. We could only see that the police bureau was a cemetery and that there was a white flag floating on top of it. There was a big battle going on in other dimensions, and one couldn't tell who was fighting whom. All I could see was warriors in white wearing silver armor rushing to the front, one row after another. Teacher's law body was up in the air watching, not doing anything, as Teacher wanted to leave the mighty virtue to us.

During the battle the practitioners present had a hard time displaying their supernatural capabilities. They felt that they were suppressed, not being able to move, and couldn't hold their palms erect or open up their palms fully in the lotus flower position. Their hands were being suppressed by some kind of force. Some practitioners' views were blocked and some were having their attachments seized upon. At one point, I felt cold and then hot, then I felt numb. I felt terrible and wanted to throw up. I couldn't keep it up any longer and begged in my heart for help from Teacher and the righteous gods. Then another practitioner stopped sending righteous thoughts. We were all being interfered with to varying degrees by the old forces. I almost collapsed and didn't recover for a few days.

August 28, 2011

Before I began sending forth righteous thoughts, I asked another practitioner if we should find a few more practitioners to join us. She agreed and we got in touch with a few of them. When we began to send forth righteous thoughts, five more practitioners' images appeared in other dimensions. The cover was getting bigger and bigger. It was transparent and kept the old forces inside, as practitioners were surrounding them. Teacher's law body was also under the cover, and there was a plate spinning and sucking in the old forces. We were in control of this field, and were using god-like thunder and Fa-rectification missiles to track down the meddling deities. We used all kinds of Fa instruments to track down the old forces and eliminate them. The entire field was sparkling because of the energy we had sent out. This time, we didn't have to go inside the cover, and could eliminate the old forces from the outside. We were working well with each other, and the entire field was covered with righteous thoughts. These words kept showing up in the dimensional field:

“True thoughts dissolve all,
The whole sky is clear.”
(“Stirred by Reflection”)

“One sail is hoisted,
one hundred million follow”
(“Self-Evident is the Heart” from Hong Yin Volume II)

September 4, 2011

A veteran practitioner started sending righteous thoughts first, sending out very powerful energy in other dimensions. When another practitioner and I joined her, we kept strengthening the power of the cover mechanisms and eliminating the old forces. Teacher was watching and made sure that nothing interfered with us. It was compassionate, magnificent, and harmonized. We cleaned up the field and eliminated all of the old forces. We felt as if we had just finished the battle.

After sending forth righteous thoughts like this a few more times, we were able to see our shortcomings. We realized that had not diligent enough in Fa-study and doing the exercises. Some practitioners did not have a good understanding of sending forth righteous thoughts and didn’t pay enough attention to it, and they had just been going through the motions. They couldn't keep up with sending forth righteous thoughts. Some had complaints towards other practitioners. They didn't send their energy towards the old forces, but rather kept adding a black substance onto other practitioners. Some couldn't stay focused, and some were not very conscious.

As soon as one has a thought, it's clearly seen in other dimensions. The old forces are focused on us and use all means to try to interfere with us. If our thoughts are not righteous, they will take advantage of us. One veteran practitioner's body was being interfered with, and in other dimensions, her body appeared to be covered with black substances, and she kept coughing. Even though this practitioner could not keep up to the very end, the thoughts she sent out were righteous and pure.

No matter what, we need to eliminate the old force interference. As Teacher said:

“If thoughts are righteous,
evil will collapse”
(“What's to Fear?” from Hong Yin Volume II)

“Do you realize something? My Dafa disciples, your righteous thoughts do have an effect. And the combined effect of each of you together is powerful beyond compare. The reason you can’t achieve such an effect is that your faith is lacking, and your righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough.”

“Under the illusion here, you cannot perceive your own power, but that’s not of great consequence. When you are not cooperating well together, and your righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough, this will cause your mind to, while sending righteous thoughts, dwell on attachments that lead you to look outward, rather than inward, in cultivation. It can even lead you to feel indignant, and get mad whenever you think about someone. Then tell me, what’s the point of your sending righteous thoughts? They are not going to achieve a positive effect, and you will be revealing all of your thoughts, opinions, and attachments to the gods of the entire cosmos. When that thought goes out, all of that gets put on display for the entire cosmos to see—for all to see how you are.” (“What is a Dafa Disciple”)

The above is an account of our experiences while sending forth righteous thoughts, seen from my own level. I'd like to remind practitioners who do not pay enough attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, or who are in doubt about one's supernatural abilities, that we must believe in Teacher and Dafa, and follow Teacher's requirements to do the three things well. What Teacher has given us is the best. We should not give up our mission, and should shoulder our historic responsibilities. Let's learn from each other, cultivate diligently, be true Dafa practitioners, and harmonize with Teacher's requirements.