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From Peeling the Skin from Living People to the Plastination of Human Bodies

September 15, 2012 |   By Fei Yu

(Minghui.org) Along with Wang Lijun's having fled to the American Embassy, Bo Xilai's stepping down, and Gu Kailai's open trial, the crime of harvesting organs from live Falun Gong practitioners and the production of human specimens has been gradually exposed.

When the von Hagens Plastination Company was founded in Dalian in August 1999, the German businessman obtained special approval from Dalian Mayor Bo Xilai. In September of that year, Bo Xilai also personally granted von Hagens the “Xinghai Friendship Award” certificate and medal. Bo also personally awarded von Hagens the title of “Honorary Dalian Citizen.” Sui Hongjin, a student of von Hagens', is a professor at Dalian Medical University who established the Plastination Company of Dalian Medical University in 2000.

It has been alleged that Gu Kailai is the main participant in trading Dalian's human specimens and the sale of human organs. Gu Kailai is responsible for planning and coordinating the financial management, online publicity in China and abroad, import and export of human bodies, and management of payment from overseas recipients of organ transplantation.

The so-called plastination is, in fact, production of human specimens. The process replaces the fluids within the body with polymers, such as silicone rubber and epoxy resin, through a special vacuum impregnation process. This process can maintain the overall state of the body, including the cells, without distortion. Von Hagens' human specimens are then produced for commercial exhibitions.

The lure of huge profits made the participants discard their bottom-line ethics. “New Beijing News” reported that Von Hagens' online store opened in November 2010. Here, a complete human specimen is sold for 69,615 Euros.

Besides selling human bodies and human organ specimens, Von Hagens and Sui Hongjin have also produced human specimens in different postures and exhibited the human specimens around the world to earn vast amounts of money. It is reported that Hagens' human body exhibitions around the world have been seen by more than twenty million visitors. According to independent estimates, he has earned more than one billion U.S. dollars.

Von Hagens told reporters that the reasons why Dalian was chosen for the location of the plant were very simple: the government's support, the preferential policies, abundant labor, low wages, as well as a rich source of human bodies. Why are there so many human bodies in Dalian? There is a Chinese tradition of preserving the full body after death to put it to rest. Where are the bodies coming from? People have questioned whether the human processing plant was involved in the slaughter of specific groups.

The headquarters of Premier Exhibitions Inc., the American agent for Sui Hongjin's Plastination Company in Dalian Medical University is in Atlanta, Georgia. The New York Times reported on May 29, 2008 that Premier Exhibitions Inc. warned visitors during the human body exhibitions that “what you're going to see may come from prisoners persecuted and executed in China.” It directly pointed out that the source of the bodies was from Chinese police.

While people visit these human body exhibitions, it is hard for them to imagine the torture these human bodies experienced before they died. People want to believe that these bodies were donated by volunteers. However, under the influence of traditional Chinese culture, very few Chinese people are willing to make such donations, not to mention there has been no such reporting on how to acquire or make donations of human bodies for such purposes. So what is the source for the many human bodies? We must understand that the thousands of organ transplantations in the psychological research center established when Wang Lijun was head of the Jinzhou Police Department was all targeted towards Falun Gong practitioners. Could those bodies, after removal of their organs, have been transported to the “human body processing plant” through special channels by police?

Of course, all of this needs to be further confirmed. We know that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been cruel for a long time. Any unimaginable slaughter of Chinese people and abuse of human bodies by the CCP can easily be a reality.

The following was from “Enemy Within” by Father Raymond J. de Jaegher, cited in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party:

“... a CCP member in Shanxi Province invented a terrible torture. One day when he was wandering in the city, he stopped in front of a restaurant and stared at a big boiling vat. Later he purchased several giant vats and immediately arrested some people who were against the Communist Party. During the hasty trial, the vats were filled with water and heated to boiling. Three victims were stripped naked and thrown into the vats to boil to death after the trial. At Pingshan, de Jaegher witnessed a father being skinned alive. The CCP members forced the son to watch and participate in the inhumane torture, to see his father die in excruciating pain and listen to his father’s screams. The CCP members poured vinegar and acid onto the father’s body and then quickly peeled off all his skin. They started from the back, then up to the shoulders, and soon the skin from his whole body was peeled off, leaving only the skin on the head intact. His father died in minutes.”

This was witnessed by Father Raymond J. de Jaegher during the war. The CCP's cruelty can not be overstated. Why did the CCP members peel off the father's skin in front of the son? Could it be only the father who was suffering? While the CCP is venting its bestial nature, it wants to deeply implant its oppressive nature in people's memory.

Included in the plasticized human body exhibition, there was such a specimen: a flayed body raising his right hand holding a complete human skin, which had been peeled off his own body.

This distorted “body art” has concealed the crime cleverly.

The CCP today puts on a facade of civilization in front of the world. Not only has its oppressive cruelty not changed at all, but it has reached an unscrupulous level. The former CCP casts its atrocities recklessly in front of the Chinese people for the purpose of intimidating them. The CCP today has learned to camouflage them in order to avoid accusations by the international community and to avoid domestic public discontent. While deceiving the world, it puts its enemies in jail and murders them.

Harvesting organs for transplantation already gave them huge profits. After the organ transplantation, what happened to the bodies? Sending the bodies to the crematorium not only requires a death certificate, but there is also a likelihood that someone could spill the beans. How about sending them to a plastination company? It not only provides a solution in procedures, but it also helps them earn additional huge amounts of money.

Although there has been evidence to prove that the Psychology Research Center of the Jinzhou Public Security Bureau targeted Falun Gong practitioners for its human organ transplantations, there is no evidence to confirm where the bodies went after the organ harvesting. However, regardless of whether the source of bodies was Falun Gong practitioners, the mere behavior of using human bodies to make human specimens for profit by the two plastination companies in Dalian, is sufficient to demonstrate the participants' cruelty.

From peeling off live human skin to murdering people and plastinating bodies in a variety of positions for profit, the CCP's brutality and viciousness is extreme.