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Comparing the Chinese Communist Party and the German Nazi Party (Part 3) - The Sound of the Killer’s Piano and the Perpetrator’s Laughter

August 23, 2012 |   By Han Mei


(Continued from “Comparing the Chinese Communist Party and the German Nazi Party (Part 2), http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2012/8/22/135101.html”)

There is an unforgettable scene in the movie “Schindler’s List,” directed by the famous Hollywood director Steve Spielberg: On Kristallnacht or The Night of Broken Glass, the Nazis searched everywhere for Jews. Fully-armed soldiers used stethoscopes to look for the elderly and the young who hid behind walls and under stairways. Finally they found Jews who had been undetected by hiding in these places, as well as inside pianos. With a few rounds of gunshots, they perished. While this was going on, from a dark room inside the building came the sound of a Nazi officer playing an upbeat tune on the piano. Two Nazi soldiers heard the sound of the piano and began to comment at the door, “This is Bach?” “No. It is Mozart.”

This is a very powerful movie. Spielberg brings out the extremely casual attitude of the Nazi soldiers in their killing of innocent people. In the eyes of the Nazis, it appeared that they were merely killing some lowly animals, rather than human beings. They regarded these gruesome killing as an ordinary job, and they even played beautiful music to amuse themselves to ease the boredom of killing people.

It might be difficult for the average person to believe that there were orchestras, quartets, and choruses comprised of inmates in the Nazi concentration camps. The concentration camps often held piano recitals. According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, Josef Mengele, the commander of the concentration camps, often listened to the Women’s Orchestra of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp playing, and he even wept when he listened to a rendition of a nocturne by Clara Schumann.

But the same officer who cried over the purest, nicest, and most beautiful nocturne was also an evil monster, and many concentration camps followed in his footsteps. His main task was to put the Jews to death with gas. He once said, “Upon the closing of the door, they [the naked female prisoners] began to scream. I put in some salt, and then peeped through a small hole to see. These women only struggled for a minute before they fell to the ground.” The British officer who interrogated him asked him about his mindset. He answered, “I felt nothing. I only carried out orders. My training was to do that.” (*)

Some among the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are no different from the Nazis. They are no more than devils with human faces.

During the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong, many practitioners have been cruelly tortured. Not only do the perpetrators have no mercy, but some of them even laugh cheerfully when they torture people. The Minghui article “The Torturer’s Screams, Cries, Laughter, and Singing” [Note: This article was not translated into English] that was published on the web not too long ago describes these scenes.

The article states, “Li Shouwo, 70, a Falun Gong practitioner from Pingshan County in Hebei Province, is an elementary school teacher. On October 10, 2001, he was beaten throughout the day, and his whole body turned black. On October 11, guards cuffed Mr. Li to a tree. The chief of the local 610 Office, Zhang Xingang said, 'We will use fire today.' With each guard holding a cigarette lighter, one guard burned Mr. Li’s hands, another burned his eyebrows and mustache, and yet another burned his hair. Two other people used lit cigarettes to burn him. When they were doing these cruel acts, they taunted, 'You are truly lucky. We shaved your face, did your hair, and washed your hands. We did all this for you for free.' They laughed sadistically while Mr. Li was writhing violently.”

Another example is given, “Nurse Liang Xiulan, 44, from the Qian City Chinese Medicine Hospital, was arrested in May 2008. Officer Pu Yonglai first cuffed each of her hands to a chair, then he and another officer used no discretion while shocking her with an electric baton. Ms. Liang fell and hit her head on the floor, and she was unable to see. They shackled her wrists so tightly that the cuffs dug into her flesh, and her wrists bled. The next afternoon, officer Ha Fulong along with other two guards took Ms. Liang to another location and tortured her. One guard used an electric baton to shock her lower body, her genital area, and the soles of her feet. Another guard electrified her neck and breasts. Ha Fulong laughed hysterically as she was enduring the torture.”

A practitioner described similar scenes in another article, “Persecution I Witnessed and Experienced at the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison.”

“Zheng Jie pointed at practitioner Pu Yingsu and said, ‘Don’t you think that she looks like a big panda?’ A bunch of inmates and prison guards laughed loudly. I saw that as a result of the beating, her eyes were bloodshot, her eyelids had turned black, and the white of the eyes were filled with red spots. Her whole face was distorted.

“Under an officer’s direction, inmate Wang Fengcui pushed me to run. I did not budge. The officer called two other inmates to drag me. Afterward, they cuffed and hung me on a steel rail. A guard named Wang Bing came to me and used an electric baton to shock my face, body, and breasts. She kept slashing my face and would not stop even when my nose and mouth starting bleeding. I still refused to run. Wang held onto the steel rail with both hands and kneed me in my genital area. When she got tired, she called her follower, Huang He, over and asked her to beat me. Huang held a foot-long steel rod and thrust it into my lower body and genital area. Hearing my screams, the guards and their crony inmates all laughed so hard that they were out of breath. Captain Zhang (Zhang Chunhua) mockingly said to me that Huang could cure my back ache.

“The guard’s persecution did not stop even after my ribs were broken. They ordered Wang Fencui to keep beating me. Seeing that I could not turn, and my hand was cuffed, Wang tied my feet up and sat on my legs. She then used a piece of bamboo to slap my feet. Within two to three minutes, my feet began to swell like buns. Then she used a needle to stab my feet. Soon, blood oozed out from all over my feet, and they itched and ached as if thousands of ants were biting me. Their cruelest action was depriving me of sleep. One time, they stopped us from sleeping for 11 days. Four or five practitioners developed mental exhaustion and began speaking nonsense. The inmates kept beating us and just laughing. The whole cell was like hell. The more the practitioners suffered, the more cheerfully the guards laughed.

“Beginning in January 2004, the prison authorities asked each of us to go downstairs to meet with them. As soon as a practitioner would get downstairs, a guard would order a bunch of inmates to beat and torture them. Some undaunted practitioners would yell. After we learned of the situation, we held ourselves all together when they came upstairs to get us. The guards called many other guards and inmates to come and separate us by force. Then they put some of us into solitary confinement and took off our coats. It was damp and cold in the confinement cell. After a while, one would the lose sense of location and time. As a result, practitioner Yu Yu lost her ability to walk, and Zhang Shuzhe kept uncontrollably shaking her head. Those who were not confined were hung by their arms and legs. There were 40 to 50 of us being hung, and all but two collapsed by the evening. The guards all laughed throughout.”

The articles can only express so much. No amount of words can describe this suffering of good, decent people in the face of evil laughter. Even if this were happening to unforgivable crooks, such torture is inhuman and disgraceful of the human condition. Only a devil would laugh obnoxiously under such circumstances.

Such devilish acts are not confined only to the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. They have also existed during persecutions against every sector of society that the CCP has regarded as an enemy.

In 1989, at a news conference held by the newly elected party secretary Jiang Zemin, a French reporter asked about a female college student who was repeatedly raped when she was sent to Sichuan Province to work in the fields because of her involvement in Tiananmen Square student protests of '89. To everyone’s astonishment, Jiang answered, “I don't know if what you said is true or not, but that woman is a violent rioter. Even if it were true, she deserved it.” The act of rape should be condemned in all circumstances. For a CCP secretary to blatantly condone it is callous, at best.

There is an old Chinese saying, “Everyone has mercy.” The Nazis and the communists have not only exhibited no mercy when torturing and killing their enemies, but have taken a certain pleasure in doing so. Other than psychopaths and killers, who else could be like that?

(To be continued)

(*) - Quotes with an asterisk were translated into Chinese for the original article, and then from Chinese to English for this article. Due to limited resources, we are unable to verify the original quotes with complete accuracy.