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A Business Model Based on Morality (Part 1)

August 18, 2012 |   Compiled by Tangfeng

(Minghui.org) Confucius believed that, although people want to be rich and/or famous, benevolence and high moral standards are more important. Many business models exist in our current society. Some stress innovation, ways to compete, utilizing a variety of channels, studying minute details, execution efficiency, proper organization, quickness in handling, etc. The purpose of these models is to quickly build wealth in the face of steep competition. In such environments, can people with high moral standards be successful? The answer is “yes.”

There are four exemplary industrialists in Japan. Kazuo Inamori, founder of the Kyocera Group and current CEO of Japan Airlines, is one of them. Inamori started from scratch and established two Fortune 500 companies—the Kyocera Group and the second largest telecommunications company in Japan, “KDDI.” For 47 years since its founding, the Kyocera Group has never lost money, an astounding achievement.

When asked about the secret of his success, Inamori has an incredibly simple answer. He believes that the most important thing in life is to ask the question: “Why are we here?” His answer is: “We are here to improve our character. We want to be a morally better person than when we were born, and there is no other purpose. In order to understand why we are here, we need to seek a righteous path.” He believes that there is no difference between how to conduct ourselves in our daily lives and how to conduct a business.

Inamori's idea is rooted in the Eastern traditional culture, especially the Buddhist culture. The philosophical views of Confucius and Buddha are the basis of his wisdom. He believes that building a business is done by man, which is why man's character and moral standards are very important. If the man does not have high moral standards, he cannot build a good business. Hence, he must improve his character in order for his business to advance. Therefore, the secret to success is to improve one's character.

Inamori was 27 when he founded the Kyocera Group. He didn't have any experience at the time and did not know how to proceed. He decided to follow his parents and teachers' advice regarding the importance of honesty, humility, trust, gratitude, sincerity, tolerance, patience, integrity, justice, respect, being considerate, industrious, frugal, enduring hardship, not holding grudges or jealousy, remembering that a disadvantage may turn out to be an advantage, etc. These concepts are all basic moral standards. He finds answers to all problems based on whether they are right or wrong, good or evil. In short, his judgment is based entirely on his conscience. He led his company to success by taking a righteous path.

The ancients believed that life, death, riches, and the social status one can reach depended on fate. The foundation of life is being just and moral. Acquired fortune is a measure of one's moral conduct. The ability to accumulate riches is the result of being morally good. While acting in a just and morally correct manner can't guarantee riches in this life, morally bad people do invite poverty and disaster into their lives.

(To be continued)