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The Persecution Inside Heilongjiang Detoxification Labor Camp

July 25, 2012 |   By a Minghui correspondent from Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) Heilongjiang Detoxification Labor Camp is located at 239 Xianfeng Street, Daowai District, Harbin City. It has detained thousands of female Falun Gong practitioners since it was set up. They claim to have humane management in the labor camp, while, in actuality, they use forced brainwashing, physical abuse, and extension of sentences and torture to brutally persecute practitioners.

1. Forced brainwashing

When Falun Gong practitioners first arrive they are held in the No. 4 brigade. The director there is Niu Xiaoyun. This brigade specializes in forced brainwashing and “transforming” Falun Gong practitioners. Everyone has to get up at 5 a.m. and is not allowed to sleep until midnight. There are no breaks during the day. Practitioners have been forced to sit on a small bench and watch TV programs that slander Dafa to pressure them to give up their belief and write the three statements. If anyone refuses to watch, she is physically abused. The guards also force practitioners to write “homework.” Anyone who refuses has her sentence extended. Anyone who refuses to give in is taken to solitary confinement with several inmates monitoring her. She is not allowed to talk to or contact anyone and is beaten and cursed.

2. Physical abuse

Practitioners have been forced to sit on a small bench daily for a long time, which causes back stiffness and pain, leg numbness, and severe pain to the bottom. Some developed sores and bleeding. They were also forced to stand for long periods of time.

3. Extended sentences

If a practitioner refuses to be “transformed,” the guards use all sorts of ways to extend her sentence. In October 2010, Detox legal department director Liang Xuemei and manager Liu Ming formulated a document outlining a plan that if a practitioner didn't “transform” after 6 months, her sentence would be extended by one month. The document was posted on the bulletin board in March 2011. Practitioners Ms. Zhang Linwen, Ms. Zhang Shuying, Ms. Liu Shaohua, and Ms. Chen Min each had their sentences extended by one month. Ms. Gao Shuhua's was extended by 20 days. All those who refused to be “transformed” had their sentences extended.

The guards deliberately order practitioners do things so that they will refuse and have their sentences extended. Such as, practitioners refuse to do “homework,” refuse to memorize the rules and regulations of the detox center, refuse to sing songs eulogizing the CCP, and refuse to watch slanderous programs. In order to instigate other inmates to hate practitioners, the guards also extend their other terms. For example, when Ms. Liu Hui' s Dafa writings were discovered, her sentence was extended for three days, and even those in her group who were not Falun Gong practitioners had their terms extended by one day. Because Ms. Shan Shuqin did the exercises, everyone in her group had her term extended by one day.

4. Torture


Torture re-enactment: “Hang up” torture

When practitioners refused to give up and persisted in doing the exercises, besides physical abuse, they were also tortured. In July of 2010, director Liu Wei from the No. 3 brigade ordered guards to torture practitioners Ms. Ma Shufen, Ms. Meng Qiuyin, Ms. Wang Fengxia, Ms. Liu Shuling, Ms. Dong Yaqin, and Ms. Liu Yanhua. Over ten people were tortured by the “hang up” (arms were extended horizontally and cuffed to upper bed, and their feet barely touching the ground), or locked in an iron chair. It was over 30 degrees Celsius, they were only given two small cups of water and two buns and were not allowed a bathroom break. When Ms. Wang Fengxia could not hold any longer and soiled her pants, the guards cursed her. She was cuffed for over 30 hours, and both of her wrists were bleeding. The cuffs cut into her arm, and her feet turned black and blue. Practitioner Ms. Liu Shuling from Qitaihe was tortured to death. Some could not endure it anymore and gave in, agreeing to write the three statements, although it was against their will.

Documented here is only a small sample of what goes on. Please be aware of the CCP's true nature of evil. Stop the persecution!