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Western Practitioner: Dafa Brings Me Happiness and Health

July 21, 2012 |   By Theresia from Germany

(Minghui.org) In 2009, after a journey to China, I started practicing Falun Dafa. I had my first encounter with a Falun Dafa practitioner on my journey. As I was listening to him tell his own story, a feeling of peace and calm arose within my heart. Then we gave each other our contact information. A golden bridge was connecting us and I often asked him whether I could find genuine Buddhist teachings. He recommended that I read Zhuan Falun, a book that gave me answers to many questions I had in my life.

After beginning to practice cultivation, my physical condition improved dramatically. I used to have problems with my back and I also had a lumbar intervertebral disc disorder. Prior to my cultivation, I once had to stay in the hospital. My job requires labor, thus I was always frustrated with my physical condition. I had to take painkillers, which made me tired and my brain slow to respond.

After practicing Falun Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared without my needing any medical care.

I become more energetic and it was easier for me to finish my work. Since I am always in a good mood now, my work environment has also changed. I have more time to care for others, which I did not have before because I was focused on my physical condition.

Now, I only need to sleep three to four hours a night, but still feel very energetic.

At the beginning, when I was trying to do the meditation, even sitting in the half-lotus position became a big challenge for me. However, I could feel the strong energy field when I was doing the first four exercises. I did not give up. In fact, I have been able to do the meditation in the full-lotus position for one year, and it is getting much easier. The purification that takes place during the exercises makes me feel more relaxed.

From deep down in my heart, I am really grateful that I have had the opportunity to practice Falun Dafa. I would like to help others as well.

My biggest wish is that the practitioners in China could have an environment where they can practice Falun Dafa freely.