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Cancer Patients Get a Second Life by Practicing Falun Dafa

July 17, 2012 |   By Hailou


Pancreatic Cancer Disappears Through Falun Dafa Cultivation Practice

Connie Ji, a lady from China who now lives in Canada, is a survivor of pancreatic cancer. In the autumn of 1995, she was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer by an expert in mainland China. At that time, her whole family panicked. Connie suffered from long-term pain, loneliness and fear. She lost almost all of her hair and her face turned yellow.

One morning at the end of 1996, Connie met an older lady and her destiny changed. The lady introduced her to the Falun Dafa cultivation practice. After that, Connie found her life's purpose. She felt an ease of mind and had great spirit. Gradually, her body also became healthier. After one to two months of cultivation, she changed considerably. During the Spring Festival that year, many of her relatives came to visit her and were surprised at the changes in her health. Connie became stronger and stronger as time went by. Not only the pancreatic cancer, but also her other diseases, such as chronic pharyngitis, gastroenteritis and some other illnesses, all disappeared.

A teacher named Shanyuan in mainland China had a similar experience. In 2001, Shanyuan was diagnosed with having pancreatic cancer by a famous cancer hospital and Xiehe Hospital in Beijing. The doctors warned him that he had only two years to live. At first, he was shocked by the news, because he was only 46 years old. He was a father and a model teacher in the province where he lived. After he returned from the hospital in Beijing, some people suggested that he try practicing Falun Dafa, but he did not take their advice. Later, some friends and community leaders came to visit him. They also advised him to try practicing Falun Dafa .With much doubt, he agreed. After trying it out, he was so pleasantly surprised with his experience that he embraced this cultivation practice with all his heart. He insisted on reading the book Zhuan Falun and practicing the exercises every day. Two months later, he spit up five blood clots and mucus. Afterward, he gradually recovered from cancer and felt very light and without any illness in his body. He experienced the wonder of Falun Dafa.

Connie Ji and Shanyuan both benefited from Falun Dafa and got a second life at a time when they were in great despair..

Personal Story: Recovery from Brain Cancer

The incredible feeling of gaining recovery from terminal disease is hard to fully convey in words. Sun Shufen, from Tieling, Liaoning Province, China, described her experience of recovering from brain cancer:

“In 1986, I was diagnosed with brain cancer by several hospitals. I had surgery in August of that same year. I was told that I could survive for another 3 to11 months. This was a shock to my family and they were extremely sorrowful. No one could find a way to save me at the young age of 30. Since I had a malignancy, I had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy. After radiation therapy, my brain was damaged. Cells in the area of the treatment were damaged, and this led to memory loss. I could not even count to 100. I often could not find the way home or would forget to bring my keys. I locked myself out of my house many times. As a dying person, I sadly looked at my 5-year-old child and my husband, who had just returned from the army and knew nothing about house chores. Half a year later, my condition became even worse. I could not feel my arms and legs, and I could not speak either. I was thinking about what I should do, since I could die at any moment. I was thinking about my little child, my husband, my old mother, etc.

I struggled for 12 years. When I was near death, I was fortunate to learn Falun Dafa. When I read the second lecture of Zhuan Falun, I was so sleepy that I finished it in a state between sleep and wakefulness. I slept little in those days, so it was incredible. Three days after I learned Falun Dafa, I did not feel dizzy any longer. After 10 days, I had a significant improvement. People around me were very surprised. How miraculous Falun Dafa is! All of my family members supported me in my practice of Falun Dafa. My body became stronger and stronger. Even the pain in my knees and shoulders, which I had from the day I had given birth to my child, and the frostbite on my hands and feet all went away. My memory recovered rapidly, too. From the day I began learning Dafa, I never forgot to bring my keys again. I totally recovered.”

Survey: Over 98 Percent Improved Health by Practicing Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, is a cultivation practice in the Buddha School. It follows the most fundamental principles of the universe: Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. It also contains five simple and beautiful meditative exercises.

Falun Dafa was brought to the public by Mr. Li Hongzhi on May 13, 1992, in China. Since that time, it has spread to over 100 countries, attracting millions of people of various races and ethnicities worldwide. Falun Dafa books have been translated into 30 different languages. Mr. Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa have received thousands of awards and recognitions from all over the world.

Falun Gong has an amazing effect on curing diseases and maintaining good health. According to surveys conducted by medical researchers in China in 1998, practitioners' rate of complete recovery from illness was above 72%, and the rate of overall effectiveness of improving health and keeping fit was above 98%.

Examples of the health benefits of Falun Dafa are many. High school student Qu Jianguo in Hebei Province, China, diagnosed with bone cancer, cheated death; elderly man Sun Shuying in Liaoning Province, who endured long-term pain from laryngeal cancer, became pain-free; retired worker Sun Yongfang in Yunnan Province was cured of thyroid cancer; worker Wang Lan in Henan Province, who had cardiovascular disease, no longer needed medicine; Deng Wanhua in Tianjin freed herself from incurable colon cancer; farmer Liu Sheng in Hunan Province, who had a malignancy in the nasal cavity, had no more symptoms of illness.

Doctors were often surprised to see such results. Guan Fenghua in Heilongjiang Province, China, had been diagnosed with lung cancer. When he came to take X-rays after practicing Falun Dafa, the doctors could find no evidence of the disease. Fan Fuzhen, an elderly man from Hebei Province, had suffered from bladder cancer, but became healthy without taking any medicine through practicing Falun Dafa. Lab results of Liao Shuyuan from Taiwan, who had suffered from metastatic breast cancer, showed no sign of the illness. Magdalina, a woman from Sweden diagnosed with lung cancer, also regained her health through the practice of Falun Dafa.