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[Selected Submission] I Witnessed the Sacredness of Teacher's Fa Lectures Eighteen Years Ago in Shijiazhuang City

June 07, 2012 |   By Liuyuehe, a practitioner in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

(Minghui.org) My father read an article featuring Falun Gong and its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi in a Chinese qigong magazine in 1993. He was fascinated by the practice and asked people when the next set of Falun Gong lectures would be held.

My father's determination and persistence finally paid off, when he was informed that Teacher's next Fa lectures would be held in Tianjin. My father was very ill at the time, and coughed and spit up phlegm continuously. He had a high fever and was in tremendous agony. Nevertheless, he insisted on traveling to Tianjin to attend the lectures, and would not let any of us take time off work to go with him. Our family talked at great length about this, yet no one could persuade him to change his mind. All we could do was to see him off at the train station. Watching him sitting on the train leaning against the window, we were overcome with worry. “Is he going to make it? What if...?” We dared not voice our worst fear.

When my father returned home from Teacher's lectures, he looked so much healthier and energetic. He told us about the miraculous health transformation he underwent during the time he was there, and excitedly said that Teacher would soon come to Shijiazhuang to teach the Fa in person.

People traveling far and wide to obtain the Fa

It was the beginning of 1994, and still very cold. Excited about the news that Teacher would come to teach the Fa, we started to let people know and quickly passed the information around. Our relatives who lived in different parts of China made the trip to Shijiazhuang to attend the Fa lectures.

On the morning of the first day of the lectures, several thousand people gathered outside the auditorium of a military base. When a white van pulled up, our eyes lit up in anticipation. A tall, handsome man wearing a khaki jacket stepped out of the van, with a rosy complexion and a kind smile on his face. It was Teacher. He walked into the auditorium, and we immediately followed behind him.

Though there were several thousand people in the auditorium, no one made a noise as Teacher introduced the profound Buddha Fa. The atmosphere was quiet, serene and peaceful. I have never been so amazed as this by anything in my life. While listening to Teacher lecture, I witnessed many miraculous phenomena. I saw that in other dimensions, numerous beings, about one foot tall, in pastel yellow were floating around the auditorium. I later realized that it was Teacher's Law Bodies cleansing practitioners' bodies. Teacher was kind and yet humorous. It was quite refreshing.

Practitioners came from various parts of China, and we were all very polite and accommodating to each other. A young man from Beijing sat next to me. He had come with several other practitioners, and they had all attended Teacher's lectures several times. Yet, they still wanted to come listen to Teacher again. When I told this young man that I didn't have any Falun Gong materials, he lent me Teacher's lecture audiotapes to make a copy, and also gave me information on how to make the Falun emblem. He gave me all of this even though we were complete strangers. I felt that practitioners have a heart of gold, and are not selfish, cunning or deceitful. I thought it was truly wonderful that the practice is capable of improving people's morality.

While Teacher was on stage giving the lecture, I saw a colossal pale yellow column of light penetrating the ceiling of the auditorium and reaching towards the sky, with numerous divine beings in different regalia behind Him. It was a sight to behold! My family members were equally excited.

My niece and nephew also attended the lectures, and my nephew's Celestial Eye was opened on the first day. He saw babies the size of fingers, playing different games all around Teacher. My nephew was not yet six years old. He was startled by what he saw and started to cry. When his father asked why he was crying, my nephew described what he had seen. We listened curiously and reassured him that it was a good thing to be able to see other dimensions with his Celestial Eye. Yet he was still scared after two days. Teacher must have closed his Celestial Eye because he stopped seeing other dimensions after that. He was no longer afraid and no longer in tears.

After the class we sought an opportunity to take our photo with Teacher. Teacher spent half a day taking photos with practitioners in an open square outside the auditorium. I was very touched by Teacher's infinite patience and compassion, as He constantly moved from one group of students to another for them to take photos.

We all wished Teacher would come back to Shijiazhuang and conduct another series of Fa lectures, but our wish never came true due to various reasons.

When the nine days of the Fa lectures had concluded, we felt that we had undergone enormous transformations spiritually and physically. We have searched for a long time and finally found the most righteous path to true cultivation practice!

(From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa’s Introduction.)