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With the Fall of Top Communist Officials Wang, Bo, and Zhou, Police Officers in China Are Changing Their Attitude toward Falun Gong

June 17, 2012 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

(Minghui.org) On February 6, 2012, Wang Lijun, former top police officer of the province-level city of Chongqing, took refuge at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu and provided the U.S. with important documents revealing the upheavals within the communist regime. One month later, his boss, Bo Xilai, Chongqing’s Party head, was removed from his position and placed under house arrest. Soon afterwards, Zhou Yongkang, head of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC), was subjected to investigation and is still being closely monitored.

As more news of the ongoing Chinese communist Party (CCP) infighting continues to break, the CCP’s crimes are being exposed to the world. In Mainland China, more and more police officers are beginning to learn the truth about the brutal, 13-year persecution of Falun Gong, and their attitudes toward Falun Gong are becoming more and more positive. Below are several examples.

Police Officers Use Anti-censorship Software to Access the Epoch Times Website and Officially Quit the CCP

One of my former middle-school classmates, now a police officer, told me that their chief and Party secretary became very nervous after the breaking news regarding Wang, Bo, and Zhou. He was worried about the consequences he might face should Falun Gong be exonerated in the near future. I advised him to stop doing anything bad anymore to Falun Gong practitioners, and he agreed, saying “I’ll find an excuse if I'm ordered to arrest people in the middle of the night. I’ll also turn a blind eye to anyone who reports a Falun Gong practitioner to me.”

Several days later he managed to access the Epoch Times website with software to break through the CCP's Internet blockade and withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He also promised to get this family and friends to quit the party since they hated the CCP more than he did, and he knew that they also would want to break free from the CCP.

I have another friend who is a section chief in a police office in Beijing. Since there was unrestricted access to the Internet in his office, he was able to read timely and uncensored news. He said he panicked after learning of the removal of Bo Xilai from the post of Chongqing CCP chief. In his opinion, it was PLAC Secretary Zhou Yongkang that directed the nation’s police force to commit crimes against Falun Gong. Had all the details regarding live organ harvesting been revealed to the public, the CCP would have already been in serious trouble. If anyone were to be held accountable, Zhou would be the first one to be purged.

My friend said that what he wanted most was his family’s safety, and he now felt that what Falun Gong practitioners have been telling him was truly music to his ears. He had never paid attention to their truth-clarification in the past, but now he understood that it was for his own good. Like my other friend, he also got on the Epoch Times website through anti-censorship software and withdrew from the Party using an alias.

Two Officers in a Supermarket Ask to Quit the CCP

Practitioner Auntie Wang has seen firsthand how people have changed over the course of her truth-clarification efforts. Especially starting in late April and early May, she encountered quite a few police officers who not only had no desire to arrest her but instead took the initiative to quit the CCP. They even openly offered to help her. She shared with me the following stories.

Once, Auntie Wang went to a supermarket and talked to some shoppers about withdrawing from the CCP. Two uniformed policemen came over to her, saying, “Since you’re talking about the 'three withdrawals' [the popular term for withdrawing from the CCP, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers], how about you help us quit the CCP right here?” One of them gave Auntie Wang his real name. She reminded them, “Always remember that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good and Falun Dafa is good. Remember to be good people, since good and evil will receive their due retribution.” One of the officers replied, “Yes, we know. That’s why we wanted to quit the CCP. The CCP is corrupt to its core, and we’re not happy with it.”

Two Officers Look for Opportunities to Meet Practitioners in Order to Quit the CCP

In late April, Auntie Wang noticed two policemen standing by the curbside. She approached them to clarify the facts. One said, “I’m actually waiting for you to come and help us quit the CCP. How about you do it for us right now?” He added, “We know the CCP is corrupt; there’s no hope if we still stick with it. Nobody believes in it anymore.”

Officer in a Farmer’s Market Asks to Quit the CCP

Once Auntie Wang was shopping at a farmer’s market when she ran into a policeman and immediately spoke with him about the three withdrawals. He didn’t hesitate a bit and gave her his real name right away. When Auntie Wang gave him a truth-clarification disc he said happily, “I promise that I’ll watch it when I get home.”

Traffic Officer on Duty Asks to Withdraw

Auntie Wang saw a traffic policeman near a construction site and clarified the facts to him. He immediately asked her to help him quit the CCP. She also gave him a disc of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, upon which he said, “We’re all eager to know more about this book. This is the most powerful weapon against the CCP.”

Non-practitioners Are Eager to Learn the Truth and Accept Copies of the Nine Commentaries

Auntie Wang went out with 12 copies of the Nine Commentaries and easily distributed them. People were extremely glad to take them. Everyone seemed excited and promised to read it carefully. One of these people was a policeman who immediately expressed his eagerness to withdraw from the CCP.

Deceived Navy Personnel Reports Auntie Wang, Police Let Her Go

Auntie Wang once talked to a shopper in line in front of her at a supermarket checkout, but he remained silent. When they both stepped outside the store, the man grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go. He told her that he had already called the 110 (the equivalent of the 911 emergency dispatch number in the U.S.) and the police would arrive shortly. No matter how Auntie Wang talked to him, he just wouldn’t let her go.

The 110 police didn’t come right away, so he kept calling them, until half an hour later a police car showed up. When the man saw the police, he quickly briefed them on what happened and turned around, ready to leave. The police seemed surprised that someone would still report a Falun Gong practitioner these days and asked the man where he worked. He answered, “I’m with Donghai (East Sea) Navy.” It was apparent that the information blockade the CCP imposed on the military did have some effect on the military personnel blinded by the CCP's propaganda.

Of the three police officers, two were all smiles and didn’t seem to have any desire to arrest Auntie Wang. Instead they said, “Look at you. You must be really thirsty since you talked so much. How about we buy you a bottle of water? Or you can get in the car and rest.” Auntie Wang told them that she had to rush home. She held the arm of one policeman and said seriously, “Falun Gong practitioners practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and they’re all good people.” They smiled, “Can we give you a ride home?” As a matter of fact, Auntie Wang was once escorted home safely by other police officers in the past. She said that she could easily take the bus home and thanked them before leaving.