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Eliminating Economic Persecution by Continuously Exposing Evil

May 24, 2012 |   By a practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) For over twelve years, starting under former president Jiang Zemin, the Chinese regime has been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners with the policy of “defame their reputation, crush them financially, eliminate them physically.” Many practitioners have been severely persecuted financially, some have lost thousands of yuan, some have lost tens of thousands of yuan, and others have lost everything. We have been following cases of significant economic persecution, exposing them, and continually clarifying the truth about the persecution in this regard. Fellow practitioners have coordinated as one body and focused on clarifying the facts to some responsible people. As a result, evil conduct was suppressed. The following is our experience in this matter.

In spring 2011, I met practitioners A and B, who had been persecuted financially. After we exchanged our understandings, we published the details of their persecution cases on the Minghui website. The local 610 Office had withheld over 200,000 yuan of their wages over an eight-year period. Officials of the 610 Office had planned to embezzle the money, but could not. They then put out word that they were going to arrest these two practitioners.

Facing this evil, these two practitioners and I discussed the issue and decided that we needed to continue exposing the evil and encouraging good behavior. We decided that we should not allow these people to take away Dafa resources, and that this would not be good for the people at the 610 Office either. Thus, we again exposed the evil deeds of these officials on the Minghui website. This time the officials changed tactics. They went to the home of practitioner A’s daughter and threatened her and her family. We reported on the incident again.

One time, practitioner B went to the relevant government office and requested his money back. The officials told practitioner B that it was not possible to return his money even if he wrote the three statements renouncing his faith in Falun Gong. They would only be willing to pay out basic living expenses. We reported on this incident as well.

After these reports were published, we included them in our local truth-clarification materials and distributed them throughout the entire province. Many practitioners overseas also wrote personal letters to the responsible people. After eight months of efforts, one responsible person finally went to the children of practitioners A and B and gave them 10,000 yuan, asking them to give the money to their parents for the Chinese New Year. We recently called this person and his manner was very good. He told practitioners A and B to go and pick up their wages without bringing up any unreasonable requests.

The opportunities to expose the evil deeds, clarify the truth, and save sentient beings are arranged by Master during Fa-rectification. Practitioners need to coordinate with each other and do well. At the same time, practitioners who are being persecuted must search within and find their attachments that have been taken advantage of by the evil. When practitioners rectify their every thought and behavior, Master will surely resolve everything for them. When we form one body and focus on exposing the evil while encouraging good behavior, the mighty power of Falun Dafa will manifest, eliminating financial persecution and saving sentient beings.

I hope that practitioners who can write well will continue to expose the evil deeds of those who participate in the persecution. As long as evil is not eliminated, we need to continue exposing the evil and encourage the relevant parties to behave well. I would like to thank those practitioners who write one letter after another in this effort.

Hopefully we can join hands and together follow Master’s teaching,

“Master has taught the Dafa to save people
All are using their abilities to end the calamity”
(“Divines Ones in the World,” from Hong Yin III)

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct anything inappropriate.