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Clarifying the Truth with Dignity

May 20, 2012 |   By a practitioner in Beijing

(Minghui.org) Recently, after I finished clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to one of my colleagues, I asked him to keep our conversation confidential. My reasoning was that I'd just arrived at this company and needed to be cautious. However, deep inside I realized that this was due to the attachment of fear and the desire to protect myself. I didn't want to explain the facts about Falun Gong to everyone there, because I was afraid that someone would report me. This thought was weak, but also hidden, and it may have even gone unnoticed if I hadn't dug deeper. Such a thought was controlled by the old forces. My colleague answered, “Do I need to keep it confidential? Don't worry. My relatives and some friends are also practicing Falun Gong. We all know about it.” Upon hearing this, I was ashamed of my concerns. Dafa is so wonderful - yet I was unable to show it because I was hindered by my own thoughts.

Later when I clarified the truth to a taxi driver (as a third party), I found that she had a very clear understanding of the evil nature of the Chinese Community Party (CCP). She must have heard the truth before. She said, “I feel that sometimes Falun Gong practitioners are too afraid and timid. For example, they have written the message 'Falun Dafa is good' on paper money and distributed fliers. Why can't they talk about it openly and with dignity?” Although I don't agree with her that writing messages on bills or distributing pamphlets are not good methods, her words awakened me once again – did I truly believe in Dafa and Teacher when I clarified the truth? Did I truly, wholeheartedly want to show the magnificence of Dafa to other people? Looking inward, the answer to these questions was “No”. Every time, I felt that I hadn't really done my best to wholeheartedly clarify the truth. I was instead controlled by some hidden notions, such as what the other person might think of me. What if he was a bad person? I subconsciously conformed myself to the thoughts that the old forces and evil put into my mind. Since my heart wasn't pure, I always felt that my truth clarification wasn't effective, and that makes a big difference. The key to success is having steadfast belief in Teacher and Dafa.

The receiving party can indeed tell if you're holding back during truth clarification - even a little. His or her knowing side can see it clearly.

Thank you, Teacher, for giving me hints so that I can see my shortcomings. Let us clarify the truth openly and with dignity, and show sentient beings the magnificence of Dafa through our words and actions. Let us save more sentient beings and remain true to our prehistoric vows.

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