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Only When Dafa Disciples Learn the Fa Well, Can We Validate the Fa and Save People

March 14, 2012 |   By Gongzhuling, a Dafa disciple from Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) I want to share some of my experiences of validating the Fa and saving people, based on solid Fa study. If there are any deficiencies, please point them out.

At the beginning of 1999, I had just read through Zhuan Falun five or six times. At that time, I had just started practicing and I did not know much about what cultivation meant. Shortly after, the evil started to persecute Dafa. At the beginning, I only focused on how to get truth-clarification projects done, but I did not cultivate my xinxing or look inwards whenever I encountered difficulty. Thus, I encountered a lot of tribulations and suffered greatly, which I shouldn’t have. This had a negative effect on my efforts to save people.

In retrospect, from the very beginning of my cultivation, I have done a lot of work. But the way I went about doing sacred things was similar to an ordinary person – I was just trying to finish a job. The reason for this is that I did not study the Fa well. After I was released from prison, I increased my Fa study. In one month I read all of Master's lectures.

In the winter of 2003, I started to recite the Fa. Every morning after I finish doing the morning exercises, I would recite the Fa while I cooked breakfast. I also sent forth righteous thoughts at every hour. At that time, it was winter and very cold, when I washed the rice, my hands were frozen and trembling. However, I didn’t feel the pain. As long as I studied the Fa and recited the Fa, I felt so happy being with the Fa. After I finished reciting Zhuan Falun, I started to recite Essentials for Further Advancement and Master's other lectures. Tears frequently ran down my face while I was reciting. Bathed in Master’s abundant graciousness, my cultivation eventually became better and more stable and I was able to validate the Fa and save people.

Throughout all these years, I have never slacked off in studying the Fa. I listen to Dafa recordings while I do the housework. No matter how busy I am with housework, I always make time to recite the Fa, even just one paragraph or several sentences. I have never stopped. I continuously recite Zhuan Falun. I have finished reciting Essentials for Further Advancement several times and recited through all Master’s lectures during the later period, no matter how long the passage is. As soon as Master’s newest lecture is available, after reading through it several times, I start to recite it. Sometimes, I want to give up, “Such a long lecture, when will I finish reciting it?” However, this notion is quickly disintegrated by my righteous thoughts. No matter how long it takes, I'm able to eventually recite it. Sometimes when I become sleepy, I kneel down while reciting. When that no longer works, I double cross my legs. Then I will switch to kneeling down again. For so many years, I have persisted like this. Perhaps because Master saw my heart to save sentient beings, thus under His compassionate care my wisdom was expanded, and I found that I can more easily give up my attachments.

When we have a very solid foundation of Fa study, when we clarify the truth, our words are bestowed with the power of Dafa. The big interference and the threat of persecution loosened its grip on me. By maintaining a good attitude and righteous thoughts, my efforts to validate the Fa and save sentient beings have gone more smoothly. When I go out to clarify the truth face to face, I sometimes encounter scary situations, but I am able to walk away from them. When I attend some weddings, I'm able to persuade people to quit the party by using just a few words and a lot of people who had a predestined relationship with me were saved.

I know I still have inadequacies, but I will continue to look within and strive forward diligently. I know I can reach Master’s requirements, achieving my best state and the enthusiasm I had when I began practicing. I will cultivate myself better and save more sentient beings.