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Busy Saving Sentient Beings During Chinese New Year Celebrations

February 27, 2012 |   By a practitioner from Mainland China

(Clearwisdom.net) During Chinese New Year, ordinary people think mostly about getting together with family and friends. But as practitioners, we think mostly about how to save people. Below are a few true stories that happened during the Chinese New Year time, where practitioners used this good opportunity to do the three things well. (For the practitioners' safety, pseudonyms are used)

1. Busy Saving Sentient Beings During Chinese New Year Celebrations

A week before Chinese New Year, practitioners Meimei, Chunjie, Qiaoqiao and Jiajia had decided: they would have dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve together. When it was time for fireworks, they would go out to distribute truth-clarification materials. They chose residential areas where government officials live. These areas are securely guarded during the daytime and surrounded by army, police and other important government agency offices. It was difficult to distribute materials during daytime hours. However, during the Chinese New Year period, there would be many visitors and security measures would not be as tight.

On Chinese New Year's Eve, they finished their dinner early. Then they sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master to help eliminate all interference so that all lives would be assimilated by the Fa and saved. Every practitioner took a big bag full of truth-clarification materials and left.

When people were setting off fireworks, they went from one building to another, putting the materials into all the mailboxes. There were many people coming in and out of the building, but they were not suspicious of the practitioners at all. Practitioners felt that Master was with them and protecting them. Although the weather was cold, they all felt warm. When they finished distributing the materials, the fireworks reached their peak, as though the fireworks were saying farewell to them.

They went out the next three evenings and covered the whole area. On the night of the third evening, when they finished distributing materials, they went their own ways home. Chunjie suspected that a car was following her. When she slowed down, the car slowed down too. When she walked faster the car followed along. Chunjie calmed down and kept sending righteous thoughts. After she recited the formulas three times, the car turned around and left. This shows:

“If you have fear, they will grab you
Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse
People practicing cultivation, filled with Fa
Sending righteous thoughts, exploding rotten ghosts
Gods are in the world, validating Fa”

(“What’s There to Fear” from Hong Yin II)

The practitioners shared their experience afterward and thought this was their most meaningful Chinese New Year.

2. Time Well Spent During Chinese New Year

In Xinxin's family, all three generations practice Falun Gong. During the Chinese New Year time, they all went out every day to clarify the truth. On the morning of Chinese New Year's Day, the three practitioners from three generations headed to the bookstore after breakfast. At the bus station, they talked to a person and he agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. They also gave him a Dafa amulet. He thanked them sincerely.

After they arrived at the bookstore, they spent two hours putting Dafa bookmarks into all the books. Then they each bought a book and used nine truth-clarification bills. Shortly after they left the bookstore, they met a young couple on the street and they clarified the truth to them. This couple also quit the CCP.

At noon, they went to a restaurant for lunch. They clarified the truth to the manager, three waiters and the cashier, and they all quit the CCP. They paid for their meals with the truth-clarification bills. They also gave the manager a Shen Yun DVD when they left.

On the way back, they talked to two couples on the bus while the little practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts. The four of them quit the CCP too.

Around 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon, they came back home. Then they read a chapter of Zhuan Falun together. The next day, the three practitioners went to a big supermarket to clarify the truth.

On the second day after Chinese New Year day, Xinxin's big family held a reunion. Xinxin's niece's family came after they had not seen each other for a few years. Xinxin talked to her family and all of her family members agreed to withdraw from the CCP. By then, over ten people from Xinxin's extended family had quit.

On the third day after the Chinese New Year, they went to a fair to clarify the truth, and a day later they went to a park.

When I asked her how many people she had helped save last year and how many truth-clarification materials she distributed, she didn't answer directly. She just said, “Master paved the road. I just used my legs and my mouth. No matter how much I did, it was not too much and far from what Master required. I don't have anything to show off. But I can tell you that the Chinese New Year time was well spent.”

3. Truth-Clarification Bills Carry the Will of the Divine

A week before Chinese New Year, Dezhi had make close to 10,000 yuan of truth-clarification bills for a few practitioners nearby. The bills would be used for shopping during the Chinese New Year celebration. Dezhi went shopping and at the same time clarified the truth and persuaded people to withdraw from the CCP.

Two days after the Chinese New Year, he came to the market. He first stopped by a shop where he had shopped before the New Year, and spent more than 500 yuan--dozens of bills having been truth-clarification bills. The owners, a young couple, had many questions about the wording on the truth-clarification bills. Deshi answered them, and talked about the CCP-staged “self-immolation” on Tiananmen Square, Falun Dafa spreading around the world, and how quitting the CCP would keep them safe. The couple and their child happily withdrew from the CCP.

One shop after another, Dezhi greeted them with words of blessing and Dafa amulets. He talked to them about withdrawing from the CCP, and to recite the words on the amulets respectfully every day. The people were very receptive. Dezhi also spent his truth-clarification bills when buying things from shops.

Among the shops Dezhi visited, one of the owners had helped him hide the truth-clarification bills six months ago when some plainclothes police officers were around. He thanked the owner and told him that he would be rewarded. Several shop owners heard their conversation. The shop owners agreed that the truth-clarification bills carried the will of the divine, and that they would accept them. They knew that the people using these bills were good people. Dezhi was very happy that so many people were saved.