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Today's Evil Deeds Will Be Tomorrow's Solid Evidence

February 19, 2012 |   By a Clearwisdom correspondent from Liaoning Province, China


It's the time of the year again when Mr. Kong Xianguo's family from Dalian City, Liaoning Province, feels very sad. It has been a year since Mr. Kong, a Falun Gong practitioner, was arrested and detained in a forced labor camp. During his detention, he was pressured to “confess” under torture and subjected to an unreasonable trial.

On August 1, 2011, Mr. Kong was brought to trial for the first time. At the trial, he said that the police officers had done horrible things to torture him. When Judge Li Tiezheng asked exactly what kind of horrible torture was used on him, Mr. Kong said, "The guards held me down, stuffed a lit cigarette in my nose, and poured liquor into my mouth." Li stopped Mr. Kong and didn't allow him to continue. Prosecutor Sun Min asked, "What's your proof?" Mr. Kong pointed at the scars on his arms to show them. Both the judge and Sun were speechless.

On September 21, Mr. Kong was brought to trial again in Xiguang District Court. Surprisingly, Judge Li Tiezheng presented testimony from the Dalian City Domestic Security Division, where the forced confession using cruel torture was nowhere mentioned, nor was the fact that Mr. Kong had been injured as a result of being tortured. Mr. Kong said that his injuries were already proof. When Li asked Mr. Kong to bring in his witnesses, Mr. Kong said, "I have a witness, Jiang Min. He knows how I was beaten, but he can't be my witness." He said that because Jiang is the deputy team leader of the Domestic Security Division in Dalian City and is in charge of those who tortured him. In addition, he has actively participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners himself, including beating them.

Police officers from the Domestic Security Division secretly pressured Mr. Kong to make a “confession” using cruel and unusual torture. Those at the scene were accomplices. Li, the judge, turned a blind eye to the fact that Mr. Kong was badly injured. Instead, acting more like a rogue than a judge, he continued to ask the victim for evidence and witnesses.

Mr. Kong worked at Luya Home Decoration Ltd in Dalian. On December 18, 2010, officers led by Zhu Xun arrested him and confiscated his personal belongings valued at more than 40,000 yuan. The police officers knew that they had done something shameful, so they not only did not notify his family, but also told his manager to keep his mouth shut. Even when his family members came looking for him, they denied the fact that Mr. Kong was detained and were very rude to them. Not until 33 days after Mr. Kong's arrest was his family notified to pick up the official arrest warrant. However, on the warrant, there was no mention of the name of the person who dealt with Mr. Kong's case, nor the date when he was arrested.

His mother missed him very much, so she called Zhu Xun and asked, "Did you arrest my son?" Instead of replying, Zhu challenged her, saying, "Where did you get my cell number?" His mother said that she got it from Mr. Kong's boss. Zhu then said, "Then you go to his boss to find him." Then he hung up the phone. Two days later, Mr. Kong's parents called up Zhu again and asked, "Was that you who arrested my son?" His answer was a question: "Whom did you give my number to?" Mr. Kong's mother said, "I went all over the place to look for my son. Whoever I ran into, I gave them your number. Are you part of an underground society or a police officer? Why didn't you notify us or allow his manager to notify us. Why did you send us to his manager to seek his release in the first place?" Zhu hung up the phone and didn't pick up anymore.

On January 21, 2011, Zhu called his family members to Mr. Kong's company to get his arrest warrant. However, on the warrant, neither those who handled the case nor the arrest date were mentioned. By then, only because he practices Falun Gong, Mr. Kong had been in custody for 33 days. His sister went to talk to officers at the police inspection department under the police bureau. At the information desk, Mr. Kong's sister called this department. When the call went through, she asked to whom she was speaking, but the person wouldn't answer her. She was only told, "I am number 15. The officer who violated the law was Zhu Xun; his badge number is 200578." When his sister asked, "My brother disappeared 33 days ago. Which department is responsible for his case? And Zhu Xun is from which department? Where can I find him?" The officer on the other end said, "Save your breath. All we can tell you is that Dalian City Police Bureau was responsible for his arrest. Don't bother with worrying about which department is handling his case—that is a secret." His sister said, "The Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I want to see him in person." He replied, "You can't. Even the lawyer cannot see him. Now his case has been handed over to the Dalian City Procuratorate and, under their investigation, nobody can see him."

Even the lawyer himself cannot see Mr. Kong in person. Not only that, Judge Li Tiezheng pretended to ask for witnesses from the victim himself, making people question the legality of what was taking place in the courtroom.

It has now been a year, and Mr. Kong is still in the Dalian Detention Center. Li Tiezheng, Sun Min, and Zhu Xin are still contemplating how to bring him to trial, but they don't know that their evil deeds today will be used as solid evidence in their own coming trial, which will take place sooner than they expect. We advise them to start behaving themselves from now on.

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