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Minghui Fahui | Clarifying the Truth and Saving People with Righteous Thoughts

December 23, 2012 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) When I clarified the truth to the manager of a small supermarket, he became very angry with me and said some things that not only slandered Dafa and Master but also hurt my feelings. Even his family tried to avoid me. However, I was not angry. I knew they had been poisoned by the lies and propaganda. I still tried to approach them, and in time, his entire family quit the Chinese Communist Party. The manager was especially happy to quit and now only says good things about Falun Gong. He is very pleased to accept money with truth clarification phrases written on the bills. He said, “I would like to trade such bills with you, however much you have.” His wife said to me,“We spend it much quicker than you.”

---The author

Greetings, great Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I was detained for many years in prison and would like to share some of my experiences of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings after I was released and also report to Master.

Actively Disintegrating the Evil and Clarifying the Truth to Save Police Officers

After I was released, I stayed at home and read the Fa for a period of time. I then decided to clarify the truth to the police officers who had persecuted me.

I initially went to my local police station and found the one who had arrested me. I asked him with righteous thoughts, “Do you recognize me? With your assistance, I was in prison for years.” This officer explained that even though he had arrested me, it wasn't his own doing, and that he was just following orders. He said the Chinese Communist Party paid him, so he had to do it. I said, “Your wages come from the general public, as does the money for the Communist Party. If the CCP asked you to kill someone, would you kill him? If they asked you to start a fire, would you do it? Can you find people who are better than Falun Gong practitioners? Do you know the consequences of following the CCP? Do you know how many people have been punished by heaven for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners?” This police officer had nothing to say. I continued, “If someone tells me that you are still arresting Falun Gong practitioners, I won't let you off the hook.” He replied,“Thanks, thanks. I won't arrest Falun Gong practitioners anymore.” I have not heard that he has arrested practitioners since then.

I then directly went to my local 610 Office. The staff in the office told me that the person in charge wasn't there. I started clarifying the facts to them as I waited for the person in charge. One staff member wanted to get rid of me, but I wouldn't leave. The deputy head finally appeared, and I asked him, “Which law did I violate that led to me staying in prison for years? My mother passed away during that time, and my daughter suffered from insomnia. Did I kill someone? Did I commit arson? Did I steal anything? I would pay or apologize to the person if you could find anyone I hurt. You must stop doing wrong deeds. Look how many disasters have taken place. It is caused by human beings' lack of virtue.”

I once saw some words slandering Dafa on a utility pole, and I used a cloth to wipe them off. I saw that some words still showed, so I tried to remove the rest of it. Someone was watching me. A motor bike had been following me wherever I went, but I was not afraid. I felt sorry for these people, because they were deluded by the lies. I tried to approach the person, but as soon as I did, they ran away. Later on a car with tinted windows followed me all the time. I could not see who was inside but noticed the license number. The car they used to follow me changed frequently. I know that the evil cannot prevent me from saving sentient beings. I will just listen to Master and do what Master asks us to do, including read the Fa more, send forth righteous thoughts, and save more sentient beings. I clarified the truth to over 700 people during those two months. Wherever I went, there was always a car following me. I looked at the car and smiled at the people inside. I laughed at how silly they were.

Another time I realized I was being followed by two plainclothes officers while I was distributing materials in another city. My fears surfaced when I got home. I could not read or send righteous thoughts properly. My thoughts were filled with where to hide my Falun Gong books and materials. These kinds of thoughts stayed in my head until the next morning when I did the exercises. When I did the second exercise of holding the wheel, I suddenly remembered there was a picture of the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax in the informational materials, and the police could be saved if they read it. In no time, I became happier. I realized that Master had taken away my attachment of fear and worry, like nothing had happened. I then decided to to report to the police that someone was following me.

I first went to the police station located north of the city. A young officer asked if he could help, and I answered, “I have been followed by wicked people.” He said, “Nothing has happened to you yet, but you come and report. I can't be with you and protect you all day long.” I said, “Won't it be too late to report it after something happens to me? You are incapable of catching the bad people, but you arrest Falun Gong practitioners, don't you?” The officer tried to stop me, saying, “Don't mention Falun Gong here, I don't believe in anything.” I said, “I practice Falun Gong and cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It is impossible not to mention Falun Gong.” He said, “The people who practice Buddhist and Christian religions are not like Falun Gong practitioners—you try to show people that Falun Dafa is good. If people don't believe it, you follow them and clarify the truth.” I laughed and replied, “It seems you have a predestined relationship with Falun Gong, and someone told you the truth about it.” He said, “That the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was staged is not a groundless rumor. There must be some reason behind it for the government to suppress Falun Gong.” I replied, “According to your logic, that high-ranking officials were suppressed during the Cultural Revolution is also not a groundless rumor, and there must be a reason behind the Communist Party massacring the students who were protesting corruption on June 4, 1989.” He was silent. I continued, “Apart from what you see on TV, have you ever heard of other Falun Gong practitioners committing self-immolation?” When he said he had not, I carried on, “Do I look like a person who would commit self-immolation?” He smiled and I continued, “In order to pressure me to renounce my belief, the CCP used more than 20 excruciating ways to torture me, but none of them worked. They hung me up by handcuffs, injected me with toxic drugs, drew a rope tightly around my neck, punched me, kicked me, took off all my clothes to humiliate me, etc.” He was shocked to hear all this. I continued, “Even the Japanese never used such tactics when they invaded China during World War II, but the CCP uses them on these good people. How many crimes has the CCP committed? How can heaven forgive them? Are you a member of the Chinese Communist Party?” He nodded. I said, “Hurry up and quit to save your life. Don't go along with them to do evil deeds.” He nodded again.

I went to another police station located in the southern part of the city. I clarified the truth to the officer and helped him quit the CCP as well. In the end, the car that had been monitoring me disappeared.

I found a plainclothes police officer monitoring me when I went out to buy my breakfast on July 20, 2012. He pretended he was doing some exercises. I asked him, “Where do you work?” “Selling second hand cars,” he answered. “But you don't look like a person who would have such a job. What is your name?” I asked. He replied, “I can't tell you.” I continued, “People who are afraid telling their names are spies. Because they do shameful things, they don't dare to tell people their names. Don't do dirty work for a little profit. Look at how many disasters have taken place just because people don't care about virtue.” After my intense questioning, he went into hotel across the street. I ran after him into the hotel, but could not find where he hid. The officer never reappeared.

One day, I wrote on a utility pole: “The Chinese Communist Party is evil and has killed 80 million Chinese people.” Just then I noticed a black car parked in front of me. A man shouted at me from the car, “What are you writing?” I said calmly, “Nothing. Where are you from?” He replied fiercely, “From the police department. Get into the car.” I walked to his car and said, “Don't be so suspicious, keep on going.” He quietly left.

Clarifying the Truth to the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court

Several local practitioners were held in a detention center and facing trial. Fellow practitioners and I decided to clarify the truth to the chief judge of the criminal court. I did not have a clue how to do this, as I didn't know the degree to which the judge was poisoned or how effective the truth clarification letters practitioners had sent had been. I am impatient, so I decided to work with calm practitioners, so we could complement each other.

We targeted the important points when we met him. We clarified the truth from the perspective of the CCP corruption, to natural calamities that have taken place; from the CCP tyranny, to political campaigns in history that have killed 80 million Chinese people; and from the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, to Falun Gong having spread all around the world. The judge listened with concentration and only interrupted when he filled our cups. He said, “Falun Gong is political.” I said, “The CCP claims that whoever opposes the Party today will want to take power tomorrow. What Party did Confucius oppose 2,000 years ago? What political issues was he involved with? But the CCP was still criticizing him in the 1970s.” The judge laughed and nodded, “Yes, Yes.” We asked him to release innocent Falun Gong practitioners. We told him that they were cultivating Buddhahood and that it is a great sin to persecute cultivators. The judge was confused about the situation and said, “Everyone knows that if our superiors didn't pressure us, we wouldn't get involved with the persecution. I don't have the last word, and there are others are involved with this issue.” “At least, you don't actively take part in the persecution and don't help the tyrant to do evil, and that will be good for you,” I said. The judge then nodded. He finally agreed to quit the CCP and also accepted that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Before we left, I gave him some brochures and DVDs, and he joking said, “Look at these—they are all your so called 'criminal evidence.'” He pointed to one of them and said, “I have read this.” I said, “This is a different issue—please read it.” He nodded.

Four Things That Completely Changed the Family of a Supermarket Manager

When I clarified the truth to the manager of a small supermarket, he got very angry with me and said some things that not only slandered Dafa and Master but also hurt my feelings. Even his family tried to avoid me. However, I was not angry. I knew they had been poisoned by the lies and propaganda. I still tried to approach them, and after the four things below took place, the entire family quit the Chinese Communist Party.

1. My father-in-law likes tofu. I have to get up early every morning to go and buy this for him. My father-in-law later moved to the countryside to live, but I still visited him every three or five days with a vacuum flask of tofu. My husband and I had to travel dozens of miles to get there. The supermarket manager's wife praised me as a good daughter-in-law.

2. I was late one time to buy the tofu, and there was only a little bit left when I got there. The manager's wife used one hand to move the big vacuum flask and the other to scoop the tofu. I was thinking about something and forgot to help her. The tofu fell on the floor when she scooped it up. I thought if I had helped her, it would not have fallen on the floor. I apologized and insisted on paying for the loss. However she did not want to take any money and said it was her fault.

3. I went to the same supermarket to buy instant noodles. I bought two packs. One was 2 yuan, and the other was 2.5 yuan. The manager's wife only charged me 4 yuan, so I asked her to re-calculate the price. She said, “Only Falun Gong practitioners are honest. If this happens to other people, they quietly take the noodles.” Just then, some officials from the City Management Office were passing by, and the manager's wife blurted out, “Are you members of the Communist Party? Hurry up and quit from it. Falun Gong is very good.”

4. I found a blouse on the floor with exquisite packaging from the supermarket on the opposite side of the street. I waited for a while, but didn’t see anyone come back to look for it. I gave it to the manager's wife and asked her to look out for anyone looking for it on the opposite side of the street. The manager's wife said, “You are a genuinely good person.” I later heard from the manager's wife that the owner did ask her if she had found an expensive blouse. She then gave it to the owner. The owner was very appreciative and thanked her, but she said, “Don't thank me, it was found by a Falun Gong practitioner and she left it here.”

All the manager's family members have since quit the CCP. The manager was especially happy to quit and now only says good words about Falun Gong. He is very pleased to accept money with truth clarification phrases written on the bills. He said, “I would like to trade bills with you, however much you have.” His wife also said to me, “We spend it much quicker than you.

On another occasion, I forgot to take money with me when I went to their shop. The manager's daughter said, “Bring the money next time.” However, I went home right away and returned with the money. The manager's son-in-law did not count it and put the money in the drawer. I said, “Why don't you count it?” The manager's daughter and son-in-law said, “We would count it if someone else gave it to us, but we don't need to count your money at all.”

My Talisman Miraculously Returned 45 Days after a Car Accident

I was involved in a car accident at around 2:00 p.m. on March 18, 2012. A black car ran right into me while I was clarifying the truth to a young man. I put my hands over my abdomen, which hurt terribly, and asked for Master's help. In just a few seconds, the pain disappeared. I was thrown about five to six meters by the car. The driver, who smelled strongly of alcohol, came over to me and said, “I will take full responsibility for the accident. Let me take you to the hospital.” I saw that he was frightened and said to him with a smile, “I'm all right. I am a Falun Gong practitioner, and my Master protects me.” The driver asked, “Can you stand up? Try to walk and let me see.” “Could you help me pick up my shoes?” I asked him. The driver then walked a few meters away to pick up my shoes. I used this time to quietly pick up my broken watch from the ground (I got it repaired myself). I walked a few steps and said to the driver, “Have you seen the miracle of Falun Gong?” The driver was excited and said, “You don't need to say anything, I understand now. However, I have to give you some money.” He put his hand in his pocket as he spoke. I stopped him, “I won't accept your money. My teacher teaches us to be good people. If a person genuinely practices Falun Gong, he will do exactly what our teacher advises. You are lucky today. If you had hit someone else, you would have had lots of trouble. And besides, why do you drive when you've been drinking?” He carried on, “You are really magnanimous! Can you give me your phone number? I would like to be your friend.” I replied, “I don't want anything from you, I only ask that you say something just, because the CCP is still arresting these good people, and that violates the principles of heaven.” The driver said he understood. I continued, “You can go now. I need to go home and change my clothes.” He immediately said, “Let me take you home.”

He then saw that his bumper was broken, and only the license was still there. There was also a dent in the car. An older man with a cane who was standing nearby pointed at me and said to the driver, “She is a very good person!” I said to the driver, “You will have to spend some money to get your car repaired.” He later told me he was very naughty when he was in school, so his teacher didn't let him join the Youth League. I gave him a talisman with the words, "Falun Dafa Is Good," and said, “You won't have any trouble later on if you wear this.” He took the talisman and thanked me again and again.

When I got home, I noticed that my talisman was missing, and there was only the chain around my neck. I was sad about this. I called my relatives and told them how Master had protected me. To my surprise they all blamed the driver and wanted compensation from him, otherwise they would take him to court. My younger sister said, “Someone in my company had a car accident. It was nothing at the time, but the person died the following day because his organs failed.” She also suggested that I go to the hospital and get looked at. When my husband heard about it, he was very worried about me and said, “If something happens to you, how will I live?” I said, “I am different from them. I have Teacher protecting me, and my Master only protects good people. He does not protect a bad person. If I didn't comply with the requirements of Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance, Master wouldn't protect me, and you would then really have trouble.” My husband murmured, “That guy really met a good person.”

On May 3, I was going to move to a smaller room after my daughter returned to school after the holidays. When I picked up a pillow, I saw my green, transparent talisman with the words "Falun Dafa Is Good" under the pillow. I held it and tears flowed. Master saw my heart and helped me to find it.

I have many stories about clarifying the truth and validating the Fa, but I can't detail them all here. However, I will read the Fa more, cultivate myself well, and save more sentient beings. Let's be worthy of Master's expectations and the expectations of sentient beings.