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Minghui Fahui | Experiencing the Extraordinariness of Falun Dafa

December 23, 2012 |   By practitioner Xiaomei in Northeastern China

(Minghui.org) Greetings, esteemed Master and fellow practitioners!

I want to use this 9th China Fahui on Minghui as an opportunity to share with fellow practitioners my experience of clarifying the truth via voice phone.

Believe in Master and Dafa

I was very happy when I first got my voice phone, allowing me to provide Falun Dafa information in a professional manner to the listener. The truth clarification materials about Falun Dafa were concise and comprehensive. The voice was clear and the tone was soft but strong. It could be accepted by everyone. I wore a headphone and listened, too. I listened to it time after time. Some people picked up the phone, but hung up shortly after. I felt disappointed that they did not hear the truth.

Following security measures, I carried the phone with me as I walked for about 2 to 3 hours and sent forth righteous thoughts so that people would pick up the phone, listen to the truth, and be saved.

I used to stay at home and seldom went out. When I saw the voice phone at home, I felt bad. “Isn’t it a radio? How can I not let it broadcast? A lot of fellow practitioners are losing their lives for clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa. How can I do nothing although I have the tool?” Therefore, I asked Master to give me his blessing and turned on the phone. Since then, this phone has worked hard daily, from morning to night, 12 to 13 hours at a time, broadcasting the truth to everyone. Even when I go out, I don’t need to bring the device with me. I just have to put in a refill card and a new battery, and about 500 people can hear the truth about Falun Dafa daily.

I broke through the danger and could dial the numbers at home safely. Sometimes I have extra phones from fellow practitioners and use them before they are delivered.

According to the safety guidelines, I have to change the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number once in a while. At first, I changed it every 6 or 7 days. In time I realized that it is the safest when I believe in Master and Dafa. So I only turn off the phone to change the IMEI number, download materials, or add phone numbers. I can't remember when I last made any changes, and it keeps working without any problem.

Cooperating as a Whole

I used the phone for about a month, and it cost about 1,000 yuan (approximately $150). I can afford it, but most fellow practitioners can't. I offered my savings to the most active practitioners who are using the phones a lot. At the same time, I compared different IMEI contracts to see which one was the most economical. I found the most suitable cards for voice calls and for sending messages. I shared my research with fellow practitioners and it saved Falun Dafa resources. It also solved the problem of idle phones because of money shortage. More people were able to hear the truth.

One practitioner who is well off didn't understand my frugal ways: “Why are you on such a tight budget when saving people? Will you save him if it costs 200 yuan?” “Of course I will. Don’t say 200 yuan. Even if it costs 2,000 yuan, I will save him. If he is saved, the other lives reflected in other spaces will be saved as well. It is priceless. But the question is, if those 200 yuan can save 100 people, why do we use it to save only one?” I finally got my point across. Later, we found a way to purchase the suitable phone cards from a wholesaler.

When I felt good about myself, Practitioner A said that he was not satisfied with my way of calling all by myself. He counted, “If you use one phone for 3 hours a day, it will take one year to reach all the numbers in the local area using 500 phones at the same time. So, more of us have to use the phones.” I said, “Isn’t Practitioner B doing the phone project?” He said, “Yes, B is doing it. But she is too busy. She has to teach one by one. She cannot take back the phones that she sent. There are a lot of follow-ups to do, such as updating the materials, adding the numbers, etc. We have not established a system that would enable us to work as one body. It will delay dissemination of the truth.” I said, “Good point. What do I need to do?” “Cooperate with Practitioner B.” “I am already doing that. See, I am calling all the time. I recommend the good refill cards. I contact the wholesaler...” Practitioner A waved his hand, “Why does the general have to do the things that his soldiers should do? Would you please let others make the calls and you work on the strategy? Everyone’s mission is different. How will you face Master if you delay the saving of everyday people?” I was speechless.

I had never cooperated with the group since I had been persecuted. Every project was done by different practitioners and was going well. I used to be busy doing things but hadn't caught up with my cultivation. This would help me move forward more diligently. Earlier, one project director came to my home and asked me whether I would like to cooperate with him. I refused, saying, “It’s not convenient for me to show up.” But after listening to Practitioner A, I was moved. I asked myself, “How can I be accountable to Master? Have I ever thought of being responsible for Dafa?”

A, B, and I then cooperated well with the planning of the phone project. Practitioner A wrote the “Usage Guide for Voice Phone.” It lists every single step, from turning the phone on to dialing numbers, in written instructions and with pictures. It was also made into a CD and is easy to learn. It saved Practitioner B plenty of time from the “one-on-one teaching,” and she could then focus on other issues. In order to help Practitioner B, we built a regional network using our internal mail. Thus, every practitioner has his own position in the network. All projects are under control and practitioners cooperate as one body.

We provide the phone numbers, change the IMEI numbers, update the voice messages, purchase refill cards, and so on. If it is not possible for everyone to have one phone, the group will coordinate and assign tasks. Some people make calls and some provide funds.

In order to avoid repeat calls or missing the opportunity to save a sentient being, we contacted neighboring cities and towns to get the numbers. We also found ways to bring the facts about Falun Dafa to those that could not be reached by phone.

To rescue the practitioners who are illegally arrested, we call the jail. We tell the local people the facts and thus are able to reach many people.

Feeling the Extraordinariness of Dafa

I kept my voice phone, as it is a great tool to save sentient beings. I only check it once in a while to see how people respond when listening to the truth. Sometimes I was really convinced by I heard and listened word for word. This provided me with a good source of information for clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa. I gave the materials that produced better results to fellow practitioners. In this way, the information can be spread in the most effective way over the widest area.

I noticed that some of the numbers were missed because they were not answered and the follow-up messages were missed as well. We should keep every phone number. The number itself means nothing, but the owner missed a chance to be saved if we missed calling the number. Out of respect for those lives, I always listen to the phone. I recorded the numbers that were not answered and called them again later.

Someone said that it costs to use the voice phone to save people. That is true. The cost of a voice phone is high. But we are not concerned about the money. I found that it is better to call in the evening than in the day, better in the afternoon than in the morning. In the morning, people are just starting work and they are busy. Calling at that time is not very effective. So I turn on the phone at 9 a.m. Some practitioners can only call for about 2 or 3 hours, so I advise them to call between 7 and 9:30 p.m., or 3 to 5 p.m. to avoid the lunch break.

I know how long a card lasts before it has to be changed. I can also estimate how many phones are answered among the numbers I call, so I know when I need to change the card. Usually I change it in advance, so that I can listen to the voice recording. I want to make sure that the information is well balanced.

One time I estimated it was time to change the card, so I put on the headphone and listened to the message. It was turned on the entire afternoon. That card lasted two more days before it stopped. Later when I checked the account, I knew that it was “overdrawn” by 300 yuan. I knew it must be Master seeing my honest heart and encouraging me. Thanks, Master!

From then on, such “overdraws” have happened frequently. The amount varies from 30 to thousands. One card was bought on January 1, 2012, and lasted for 12 days. It was overdrawn by 1,230 yuan. This card lasted for 12 days and saved me 20 cards. I thought about giving out the cards to fellow practitioners and two to my sister who works in sales and could use them. When I turned on the phone the next day, I was told the balance was insufficient. I realized that it was because my thought was not on the Fa. All lives come for the Fa. Who wastes their time on everyday people?

These extraordinary cards vary. When a normal card reaches a zero balance, it cannot be used anymore. However, extraordinary cards can be used longer, which is closely linked to one's cultivation practice.

On July 30, I had only one card left, not enough for two days. It wouldn’t be enough even for one day. I was busy at that time and had no time to buy a new one. At 1 p.m. that afternoon I checked the balance. It had only 2.8 yuan left. I had to go to the closest convenience store to buy a new card. However, the price of the card was 50% higher for fewer minutes. I hoped that a fellow practitioner would bring me a new card for the next month, but I did not want the phone not to be used for an entire day, so I went back and purchased two long-distance calling cards. After I came home, the phone was still broadcasting. I checked the balance again—it was still 2.8 yuan. I knew it was another extraordinary card. I said “thank you” to it and went on doing what I should do.

Other fellow practitioners have had similar extraordinary experiences. We communicated and encouraged each other. This made me realize that Falun Dafa is extraordinary. We are practicing in Dafa, so all extraordinary things are normal.

I was loath to throw out the used cards. But there were so many. I kept them in envelopes and plastic bags. Later I talked with other practitioners and concluded that it was not good to keep all the cards at home. Some said, “They are lives in the time of Fa-rectification. When the time comes, they will come back.” We came to an agreement. We packed all the used cards together, wrapped them in white paper, and said to them, “Thank you all for saving lives. Please remember ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ Please come to my world in the future.” Sometimes we wrote down some words and put it in the bag and then threw them away. Recently, I found a place to save them in my house.

People Praising Dafa

With the truth is disseminated more widely, more and more people understand. A lot of people knew the calls were from Falun Dafa and they listened silently. I often heard dialogs like this: “Who is it?” “It’s about Falun Dafa.” Sometimes I heard, “Please come and have dinner.” “Later, Falun Dafa is calling.” “Falun Dafa is awesome!” Such a sentiment chooses a bright future for the person who said it. I thought that they would discuss the topic after they hung up. Perhaps they will all be saved.

Some people said, “It’s about Falun Dafa, calling from abroad.”

Some said, “Thanks, but I am in a meeting.” Some were driving and texted back “in class.” I wrote down those numbers and called back later. I would call back all the numbers that sent me messages , whether it was praise or something bad. I had to save them. People will change from cursing and hanging up to listening silently. Master said, “The truth shall free you of your worries.” (Hong Yin III)

I was moved by an honest old man. He knew it was a voice phone, but he kept talking to me, “Hello.” “You are correct. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not good.” “OK, I will quit. I quit.” “Thank you. Bye.” Similar things occurred often. I tried to write down the numbers of those whose listened to the entire message. I called them back to persuade them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. I gave up after two days because I couldn't handle the volume. If someone listens to everything, it shows that they accept the concept. It means that they have chosen their future. Divine beings will know.

Once I received a message: “Could you sent it again?” He must have wanted to hear the truth one more time. I called back immediately. He said, “Thanks!”

One recipient replied, “Falun Dafa is good!” I keep this one in my phone.

One Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) receiver replied, “It’s beautiful, thanks!” All the MMS I send are randomly chosen, but all Dafa materials are awesome. I haven’t seen them. Although I can’t be an expert on MMS as I'm with the voice phone, I have to know about MMS as well. So I sent the MMS to my daughter-in-law, and we looked at the pictures one by one. I had to delete them because they use a lot of memory. We sent, checked, and deleted. Later, I found the picture that was received. It was a big character, Fu (luck). It is really beautiful and joyous.


We have many channels through which to spread the truth. Using phones is the quickest and far-reaching. So far, we have dialed millions of numbers. The practitioners who are clarifying the truth face to face said that it is much easier to tell people the truth now. Many people quit the CCP after they have heard the facts about Falun Dafa. We will keep on dialing numbers and calling again. We will let the truth root in people’s hearts and help them avoid disaster, eliminate the persecution, and bring the beauty of Falun Dafa to the world.

Thank you, Master Li and fellow practitioners!

If there is any shortcoming, please kindly point it out. I hope this will help us reach our goal of improvement as a whole.