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Editorial: Are You a Cultivator? (With a Comment from Master)

Dec. 21, 2012


(Minghui.org) Master teaches disciples in Zhuan Falun to cultivate solidly, study the Fa more, and remove human attachments. Yet for some time now, some people still cannot detach themselves from the mode of doing things with human mindsets and looking at things with human notions; they don’t know how to cultivate, and refuse to change their human thoughts through sincere Fa-study and real cultivation. They often idolize this or envy that, and are attached to this or desire that, with the result that they have brought serious interference to themselves and other Dafa disciples, and done much harm. For example, some students have always admired trivial skills and means, eloquence, knowledge and skills, or prophecies, and they are attached to worldly gains and loss. This has caused them to miss the forest for the trees. They seem to be firm about the Fa normally, but then lose sight of Master’s Fa whenever they meet with adversity, and use that which they cannot let go of as their standard for judging things. They can’t accept even Master’s Fa when it does not meet their own notions. They swallow whatever bait the evil puts out. They side with the wicked CCP, yet still claim they are cultivating or even that they cultivate better than all others, and have enlightened to higher laws. They fail to realize that they are the most susceptible to being targeted by the wicked CCP and pulled down to Hell. Those who the old forces arranged to have go among Dafa disciples and then join the evil CCP’s camp after learning the Fa, taking part in brainwashing efforts, specifically target the attachments that our students have long held onto. They do this to delude our students and destroy those who the old forces think aren’t qualified.

Ever since the CCP began its persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, the CCP has focused its attacks and vilification at Minghui, since it is Falun Gong’s most crucial website. Minghui has been a thorn in the eye for all of the wicked CCP’s brainwashing centers, forced labor camps, propaganda entities, and state security agencies. In the phase following July of 1999, when Dafa disciples were to walk their own paths, Master could not publicly, overtly guide disciples. Dafa disciples were to come to their own understandings and certitude. On January 19, 2000, Master published a photo on Minghui (“Quietly Watching the World From Amidst the Mountains”) so that Dafa disciples could have a trustworthy website; on May 22, he published “The Knowing Heart”—the first new article since July 22, 1999—also on Minghui; and on June 15, the Minghui Editorial Board gave advance notice that a second article was forthcoming. [1]

Over Minghui’s 13 years, the majority of Dafa disciples—and most notably, a large number of new and veteran disciples who have steadily walked the cultivation path of Fa-rectification in China—have been well aware of the website’s importance. They have achieved “a great way without form” and fostered close cooperation with Minghui, and established a cultivation environment with Minghui. Then there are others who have long lagged behind, for various reasons; some have taken a deviant path; some have been converted to the evil’s side; some haven’t been able to step forward on account of longstanding fears; and some have brought demonic interference to their minds on account of their inflated sense of self. Such people have ignored Master’s affirmations of Minghui in his Fa-teachings, and not realized that it is an expression of his compassion toward Dafa disciples who face persecution in China. Though these people may not have been incarcerated, they have not gotten past these attachments in their minds, and they thus remain in a dangerous situation.

It’s in this context that the evil has started parading some alleged “prophet.” This has targeted those students who are drawn to novelty online, and has deceived people in harmful ways online. And it has been spreading among more Chinese students via those who first took the bait. The evil has used this alleged “prophet” to collect money from students in China under the pretense of helping orphans of Dafa disciples some time ago; it has capitalized on students’ attachments to prophecies to fan wild speculations on prophecies; and has recently instigated nonstop attacks on Minghui by students who haven’t understood the Fa’s principles well or have long borne grudges against Minghui on account of its articles not conforming to their notions.

In the Minghui Editorial Board’s June 15, 2000, piece titled, “The Second Authentic New Article by Master Li Since July 22, 1999, Will Be Published in a Few Days,” the Board, at Master’s instruction, relayed openly to Dafa disciples:

Teacher said: “It is not that Minghui does not make mistakes. However, on important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui. The purpose of posting my photo and the article ‘The Knowing Heart’ on Minghui was to build a trustworthy website for practitioners.” In addition, Teacher will publish a new article in one or two days.

Then on June 16, 2000, when falsified new articles by CCP special agents were appearing often and it was hard to make out what was authentic or not, Master published “Towards Consummation”—the second authentic new article since July 22, 1999. In the twelve-plus years since then, Master’s new articles have always been published on Minghui. Some practitioners outside China failed to look at things from the perspective of Master and the Fa, and thus were not able to understand and accept the importance of Minghui. A question was asked in 2009 at the Fa conference marking the 10th anniversary of Minghui’s founding: could Clearharmony publish Master's writings? or, should it just remain Minghui that does so? Master answered: “I only publish them on Minghui because doing that helps to maintain its credibility. Other sites run by Dafa disciples and meant for our own community can republish them, and it will help guard against those fake sites that cause trouble.” [2]

Now that alleged “prophet” is attacking Minghui by quoting out of context its piece, “On Important Matters, Practitioners Must Pay Attention to the Attitude of Minghui”—which announced that same instruction from Master. This show of attacking Minghui, which clearly intends to bring people down together with the CCP, is nothing new. It involves the same set of tricks used for “transforming” people by the 610 Offices, the forced labor camps, and brainwashing sites. How is it that a group of students, who think that they have studied the Fa fairly well, fell into such traps? Have you really taken to heart the Fa that Master has taught? Have you really learned how to cultivate? Or have you treated reading and learning well Master’s new articles like ordinary, intellectual learning? When you meet with problems are you perhaps not truly using the Fa as your basis to cultivate your mind, and to remove notions and attachments?

December 18, 2012


[1] The Minghui Editorial Board's June 15, 2000 article, "A Second Authentic New Article of Master Li Since July 22, 1999 Will Be Published in a Few Days"

[2] "Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding" by Master Li Hongzhi in 2009


Cultivation is about removing human thoughts, and it serves to weed out those who are firmly entrenched in their human thinking and who disrupt things. Whenever something crooked comes about to interfere with practitioners, in each instance it is meant to be a test to remove human thoughts and distinguish between those practitioners who can and those who can’t meet the standard. These things will take on all kinds of appearances, and are able to, if you look at them from the surface, mislead those who have omissions or attachments driven by human thinking. I want to make something clear: It is not only the evil that is attacking Minghui with various means--when practitioners don't remove their human thoughts, they, too, play that damaging role. As for whether you can make it in cultivation or not, as long as the period for cultivation is ongoing there are opportunities for you to make it, but on the other hand, unknowns abound as well.


Li Hongzhi

December 19, 2012